Top 20 Foods of Arunachal Pradesh

20 Foods of Arunachal Pradesh

1 Bamboo Shoot

As curry leaves is a must-have ingredient in every dish, so is bamboo shoot in Arunachal Pradesh. It is healthy and of course very easily available. The boiled salad of bamboo shoot is the specialty of the land of the sun. You should try it atleast once.


2 Pika Pila

This is one of the yummiest pickles in the state. A particular tribe known as Apatani had invented this. They make it using bamboo shoot and pig fat. It has lots of spices and chilies. It goes best with the state’s staple food, rice.


3. Lukter

This is for the beef lovers. A roasted beef slice is called Lukter. Sprinkle dry red chilli seeds on it for better taste. It is crisp and goes perfectly well with rice. If you are visiting Tawang in December and intend to celebrate the New Year, then this snack is perfect for the evening.


4 Pehak

It is the tastiest dish of the state and a popular one. They make it with Soya Beans which are fermented. It is very spicy, and that is what makes it famous. Bhoot Jolokia, the hottest chilli from Assam is added to it which gives its spicy taste.


5 Apong

The favourite drink of Arunachal is this rice. It is the most loved drink of the North Eastern state. It is not that strong and is had by people there on every special occasion. It is cheap and easily available. Snow and car trip makes the perfect beginning of  New Year.


6 Marua

If you are not satisfied with Apong, we have more in store. Tribes make it with millet instead of rice,. It is very easy to make and is pocket-friendly and delicious. Local people drink it on every occasion and love it. Go ahead and grab one.


7 Chura Sabji

It is another one of the most appetizing item on the menu. They make it with the cheese of yak milk and vegetables. What makes it so delicious is not just the cheese but also the added spices especially the chilies. It can be had as a curry and also as soup.


8 Momos

Oh, nothing sounds more awesome than this dish when you are in the hills. You can get it with stuffed vegetables or chicken or yak meat. The flavor, the aroma, the ambience around when you devour momos is the perfect picture of a nice trip. You will not find better momos in any other part of India than the North Eastern states.


9 Meat

People there love yak meat. It is not just best in taste but it is also useful to keep one warm during winters. They cook it in various ways. It tastes best when you roast it in open fire. Gather around the camps and roast them in a camp fire. The smoke, the aroma, the fun, the beauty. Isn’t it just perfect?


10 Dung Po

It is beautiful steamed rice. The locals cook it in brass utensils. The rice is placed in leaves so that they don’t spread. They keep one vessel over the other; One has boiling water and the other one has the rice. The aroma of the leaves will make you hungry, and you just can’t wait for lunch!


11 Nou Kai Noo Som

It is a delectable dish made with chicken and bamboo shoot. Tribes make it with chicken stew marinated with spices. People in hills like it boiled with mixed spices or just salt. It is simple but mouth watering. Instead of chicken, one can use meat or pork. Fish is not so preferable in that area.


12 Laksa Stock

It is a very creative dish. You can make it with noodles, coconut milk, and whatever you like. If you are a vegetarian, add paneer, grated cheese, and other vegetables. If you like non-veg, then add chicken, prawns, and eggs. Make it as much colorful as you like.


13 Koat Pitha

A notable dish in the state is Koat Pitha. Its main ingredients are flour, bananas, jaggery, and mustard oil. Just mix it all and fry it. Whoa! You have the best dish in town! Kids are crazy about it and it make their mums happy as it is healthy. Sweet tooth will like it as it has the natural sweetness.


14 Ngatok

It is a traditional dish which they always make in the old way. They pack fish in leaves, then they cook it on a stone that is hot. Isn’t it unique? Marination of the fish contains all the spices and herbs. Serve it with Dung Po or Apong.


15 Iite

It is nothing but rice cake. Wash rich thoroughly. Make a soft batter and give it a shape. It can be baked or fried. It is full of nutrition. One can eat it with any chutney or curry.


16 Aamin

It is porridge of Arunachal Pradesh. Just pour oats or roasted rice powder in a bowl of  boiling milk. Stir continuously. Add a bit of salt and sugar as one prefers. Cool it for a while before serving it. Mix it with seasonal fruits dressed in honey.


17 Smoked Bamboo Meat with Leaf

It is an ethnic dish which includes roasting meat in a bamboo. Meat is put inside and on large bamboo pieces. Locals keep the meat marinated with spices and herbs and then roast it..


18 Po Cha

It is butter tea. The butter is of yak milk. First, prepare black tea. Then, add salt. Pour milk in the black tea. Boil for a while and add butter. Heat till it’s creamy. Serve it as tea or soup. Goes best with Koat Pitha or Iite.


19 Wungwut Ngam

This is a non-vegetarian dish made of chicken and rice power. Cook spicy chicken in one brass vessel. It is cooked in brass vessel because the locals believe that meals prepared in brass taste even more delicious. Fry rice without oil till its color is light brown. Then using a mixture, make the rice into powder. Add the powdered rice on the cooked chicken. Enjoy it as a snack or rice cake.


20 Pasa

This is a very age-old dish of the state. They make it with raw fish which is smashed and mixed with spices and juice of leaves. It is what soldiers used to have to hide from enemies as they could not light a fire which could alarm their enemies during battles.