Top 20 Snack Places In Amravati Road, Nagpur

Top 20 Snack Places In Amravati Road Nagpur 2
Top 20 Snack Places In Amravati Road Nagpur 2

A snack is also a kind of food that can be eaten at anytime. Like other food items, it has varieties in it as well. Some snacks come in prepackaged form, and some require cooking. A fresh and crispy snack is something that people like to have. Most people prefer snacks while watching movies. There is a myth about snacks that they are unhealthy, but that is not true. Actually, not all the snacks are unhealthy. Some snacks are healthy as well. Snacks are very important because they don’t require much effort in cooking. You can have it before the meal as well, or while preparing for your meal. It boosts the energy in the human body and helps in the proper regulation of glucose as well.

1. Sky Garden

It is one of the best places for grabbing snacks. Along with snacks, it serves delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well. The snacks are very crispy and crunchy. It’s spicy as well. There are so many food items on the menu that it can confuse an individual. The place is also nice and authentic, and the service at the restaurant is top-notch. It is located in Gondkheri, on Amravati Road. Overall, it’s a beautiful place to visit in Nagpur.

Sky Garden

2. Wonders Of World

It is a pyramid-shaped restaurant and is exactly like its name. The specialty of the place is that children can play here because they have a special area that is named the “kids game zone,” but charges are applicable as well. You can have fun at this place while having your snacks. It is located in Ram Nagar, Amravati Road. Overall, it’s a decent place to visit in Nagpur.

Wonders Of World

3. The Nirvana Restaurant

One of the top-notch restaurants beside Seva Auto Mobile on Amravati Road in Nagpur is The Nirvana Restaurant. It serves very fresh and mouth-watering dishes. There are so many variations of food items available on the menu, but one of the items that you must-try here is snacks dal. You can try it with garlic bread. The ambience of the place is nice, and it is crowded mostly on weekends. It’s a nice, cosy place surrounded by lush greenery.

The Nirvana Restaurant

4. Kasbaa Hill Restaurant

One of the finest restaurants that offers such a fresh snack. It is such a great place, with good ambience, delicious food, and well-behaved staff. It is situated on Amravati Road, Chokar Dhani Campus. The venue of the restaurant is beautiful as it is located on a hilltop and has both an inside and an outside sitting area. You can also experience an amazing view while eating at this place.

Kasbaa Hill Restaurant

5. The Carnival Restaurant

One of the best restaurants that offers really delicious snacks to its customers is The Carnival Restaurant. It has different variations as well. But apart from that, this restaurant serves other delicious food items as well. It is situated in Kamla Nagar, Amravati Road, Nagpur. It’s a good restaurant where people can enjoy their meals at a reasonable price, and the most important thing is that it has the best food quality.

The Carnival Restaurant

6. New Highway Glory Restaurant

It’s a good restaurant where you can dine with your family. It’s a warm place that offers different cuisines, and you can order according to your taste and preference. It serves mouth-watering snacks as well. The smell of the food items is so nice that it can make anyone’s mouth water. It is located on Amravati Road, opposite the Octroi Post in Nagpur. Crispy corn is one of the items that you should not miss here.

New Highway Glory Restaurant

7. Kairos Restro

It is one of the top restaurants that has such a nice atmosphere. The prices here are a little high as compared to the other restaurants, but due to their amazing and delicious food, it is worth it. Take note, paneer lovers: you must try its special paneer tikka. It is so soft and mouth-watering that it can easily melt in your mouth. This amazing place is situated on Amravati Road, Nagpur.

Kairos Restro

8. Ambience Garden Restaurant

The specialty of this restaurant is its elevated plates of chicken curry and Chinese fare. It is also famous for its Kolhapuri dishes and Malvani cuisine. While waiting for your order for the meal, you should try some amazing snacks at this place. You can also consider spring rolls, as they taste very delicious and spicy. You can find this amazing restaurant beside the Maruti Seva Showroom in Amravati Road, Nagpur.

Ambience Garden Restaurant

9. Chaat Shaala

Chaat Shaala is a restaurant that offers so many yummy snacks. Some people get confused by its name and think that it only serves chats, but that’s not true. Apart from chats, it has other food items as well. You can try pizza puri, chocolate puri, cheese sevpuri, pizza sandwich, etc. It is an amazing place for having snacks because, along with taste, it has unique items as well that you should not miss. It is located near Law College Square on Amravati Road in Nagpur.

Chaat Shaala

10. Vithal Vrindavan

After Chaat Shaala, this is one of the best places to get some snacks. It has amazing and delicious foods that you should definitely try. It’s an excellent place where people should visit and treat themselves to fantastic food. It is located in Kondhali on Amravati Road. The popular food items on its menu are vada pav, batata wada, poha, vithal vada, veg tiranga, etc. The place is also decent and nice.

Vithal Vrindavan

11. Rajkamal Dhaba- The Family Dhaba

It’s a perfect family restaurant that takes care of the children’s meals as well. It has a special children’s play zone. The restaurant is situated on Amravati Road in Nagpur. It has a perfect sitting area that is surrounded by the traditional gardens. It offers delicious snacks as well, like sambar vada, paneer items, poha, etc. This place is highly recommended because it’s so beautiful to have food at a place that is surrounded by the beauty of nature.

Rajkamal Dhaba The Family Dhaba

12. Rana Punjabi Dhaba

This restaurant offers so many variations in non-vegetarian items, but it is obvious because it is a Punjabi restaurant. But it has several vegetarian items and so many variations on paneer. The specialities of this restaurant are dal snacks and masala roti. It is situated on Amravati Road near Nagpur. It also has a traditional sitting area of khatias. The place is totally worthwhile and will definitely give you a wonderful experience.

Rana Punjabi Dhaba

13. Kathiyawad Restaurant

One of the amazing snack-serving restaurants at Amravati Road. You should definitely visit this place as the prices are affordable and the food is delicious as well. Along with delicious foods, it offers amazing snacks as well. You can order it based on your preference. The service is also nice. So, it’s an amazing place to visit.

Kathiyawad Restaurant

14. BP Dhaba

It offers qualitative food and serves very delicious items to its customers. If you want to try other variations of snacks that are different from the regular ones, then visit here. because it has different variations on snacks such as mushroom tikka, veg kebab, paneer hariyali tikka, shezwan dosa, etc. It is located on Amravati Road, the Nagpur-Aurangabad highway.

BP Dhaba

15. Dakkhan Darbar

One of the best things about this restaurant is its snacks. This place should be on your must-visit list. If you are craving for snacks, then you should definitely visit here. It is situated on Amravati Road near Nagpur. The place is nice and has a great atmosphere as well. It can lighten your heavy mood by offering such delicious items. It has three sitting sections; two are outdoors and one is indoor. Overall, it’s a decent place that will give you a worthwhile experience.

Dakkhan Darbar

16. Barbeque Nation

If you want to have snacks, then visit this place without any hesitation. It has snacks in different varieties. Some items that you should definitely try here are gulab jamun ice-cream, mongo kulfi, and green fish tikka. The food here is quite expensive, but its taste will cover all this. It is situated on the 2nd floor of the Eternity Mall, Amravati Road. Overall, it’s an authentic place whose speciality is its barbecue.

Barbeque Nation

17. Ray’s Restaurant And Lounge

One of the classic restaurants with a beautiful ambience and well-mannered staff. Its service is top-notch and it never disappoints its customers. The person behind the food is very hard-working and prepares it with so much love. The food is presented excellently, and it is reasonably priced. From snacks to dinner, every kind of food you can get here. It is located on Amravati Road near Nagpur.

Rays Restaurant And Lounge

18. KIVA Chinese Tandoor

If you are a fan of spicy foods and want to have the best Chinese snacks, then you must visit this place. It serves a variety of delicious Chinese dishes, including Chinese and tandoor, kebabs, soups, and many more. It is located opposite Rawmart CNG, on Amravati Road in Nagpur. You may find difficulties in the sitting area, but the food here is so delicious. You can also take a food pack and have it at your place.

KIVA Chinese Tandoor

19. Indore’s Heart Beat

No, it’s not in Indore. It is an amazing restaurant at Amravati Road, Kachimet in Nagpur. It’s one of the finest restaurants that serves amazing food. The taste is so mouth-refreshing that you will be totally satisfied. The chefs add their love to the items, and the staff are very polite. So, you can consider this place as well for having snacks or other food items.

Indores Heart Beat

20. Dosa Plaza

From its name, it is clear that it is popular for its dosa. There are so many varieties of dosa, like, salad dosa, butter rocket jam dosa, rocket mysore dosa with cheese, etc. It has other food items as well that include snacks in it. You can try upma, sheera, pongal, in snacks. This restaurant is located opposite Nagpur University Grounds in Amravati Road. So, this place should be on your must-visit list because it serves delicious fusion dosas and snacks to its customers.

Dosa Plaza

So, these are the top 20 snack places in Amravati Road, Nagpur. I hope it will help you to have amazing experience.