Top 20 Indian Restaurants Near Aldgate, London

Top 20 Indian Restaurants Near Aldgate London 1
Top 20 Indian Restaurants Near Aldgate London 1

London, the capital of England, is a most popular tourist attraction. There are a large number of tourists who visit here to explore the place properly. It has so many places to explore, and tourists come from all over the world. Along with exploring the places, they also need food. People are comfortable with the kinds of foods that they are used to. If you are Indian, then apart from trying the foods in London, you’ll definitely crave Indian cuisine, and Indian foods are popular as well for their spicy and yummy food items. So, here you’ll get to know about the top 20 Indian restaurants near Aldgate, London.

1.  Halal Restaurant

It can be said that it is one of the historical restaurants that were established before the Second World War. It is one of the best Indian restaurants there that offers amazing Indian dishes. The popular food items on the menu are chicken jalfrezi and samossa. People also love the biryani of this place, and if you are a fan of non-vegetarian food items, you must visit here. It is located near Aldgate, at 2 St. Mark’s Street in London.

Halal Restaurant

2.  Anokha Indian Bar & Restaurant

It is one of the top restaurants that offers an amazing combination of Indian cuisine. The ambience of the restaurant is also nice, and the dim lights make the atmosphere more peaceful. You can try lamb jalfrezi, chicken tikka, bhaji, and many more. It is close to Aldgate, a grade II listed building in London. Overall, it’s a beautiful place with amazing interiors and food.

Anokha Indian Bar Restaurant

3.  Red Chilli

From its name, it can be guessed that it serves one of the best spicy food items to its customers. If we are talking about spiciness in foods, then how can we forget about Indian cuisine? Red Chillies is an Indian restaurant that is located near Aldgate, Leman Street in London. Butter chicken is one of the items that you should definitely try here. It’s a cosy place that has really amazing service. The drinks are also nice here. So, it’s a great place to visit.

Red Chilli

4. Tifinbox

Tiffinbox is one of the top Indian restaurants in London and is located at 14 Harrow Place, off Middlesex Street in London. It’s a great place that offers such amazing vegetarian food items as well. If you have travelled outside of India before, then you must be aware of the fact that it is very difficult to find pure vegetarian food items. But this restaurant is quite different, and the vegetable curry rice here is so delicious. So, if you are a vegetarian, you must visit here as it has different variations of vegetarian items on the menu.


5.  The Empress

It is just like its name. It has been serving for 30 years since it was established in 1993. The food of this place can impress its customers very easily. It serves exotic Indian dishes that are mouth-watering. You can try fish dishes, sausage mixes, pancake kebabs, cutlets, etc. Its service is top-notch and never disappoints its customers. It is situated near 130 Lauriston Road, Victoria Park in London.

The Empress

6.  Gunpowder Spitalfields

It is one of the best Indian restaurants near Aldgate in 11 White’s Row, London. It serves unique Indian dishes that include rasam ke bomb, small plates, organic baby chicken, gunpowder aloo chat, etc. Apart from the Indian cuisine, some of the other popular food items on the menu are Nagaland House’s crispy pork ribs, Porzi Okra fries, Venison Dounuts, and so on. Everything about this place is superb.

Gunpowder Spitalfields

7.  Cinnamon Indian Restaurant

It is one of the finest restaurants that serves very exotic and mouth-watering Indian food to its customers. It is one of the top 10 restaurants in London and a master chef award winner as well. The popular food items on the menu are garlic naan, thali, and chicken curry. It is located at 134 Brick Lane, near Aldgate, London.

Cinnamon Indian Restaurant

8.  Sheba Restaurant

The specialty of this restaurant is its curry. It has been in use for the past 30 years. It was awarded the title of East London Chef of the Year. Along with different curries, it has specialised in lamb shanks. It is located at 136 Brick Lane, near Aldgate in London. You can try tandoori chicken, korma, lamb biryani, aloo gobi, etc. Apart from its food, the place is very authentic and has such a great atmosphere. It has pictures of Bollywood celebrities on its walls.

Sheba Restaurant

9.  1947 Restaurant, Bar & Pizza Kitchen

The specialty of this place is that it serves totally vegetarian and vegan food items from different regions of India. It has mouth-watering Indian street food items as well in its menu, like pizza, Pani puri, dahi puri, chaat, mango lassi, and so on. It’s a very pleasant place that should be on your must-visit list. You can find this restaurant at 38 Middlesex Street in London. This restaurant’s food is authentically Indian.

1947 Restaurant Bar Pizza Kitchen

10. Muhib Indian Cuisine

It is one of the best restaurants that offers mouth-refreshing Indian cuisine. The food at this place tastes so delicious and spicy. People are really fans of the crispiness and crunchiness of the food. It is located at 73 Brick Lane, near Aldgate in London. It offers really excellent service to its customers. The staff are also well-behaved. You should try butter chicken, poppadons, and a neat thali for sure. Overall, it’s an excellent place that offers such a variety of delicious food items.

Muhib Indian Cuisine

11. City Spice

The specialty of this place is its tandoori food items. It’s hard to choose what to order from the menu because it has so many variations of food items. There are so many Indian restaurants in Brick Lane, but this one should be considered as one of the best. You should try the naan, lamb curry, and beer at this place. The venue of the restaurant is also decent, and things work very smoothly there.

City Spice

12. Lahore One London

One of the best Indian restaurants near Aldgate and Commercial Road in London is Lahore One London. It serves amazing Indian traditional food items. The popular food items on the menu are methi chicken, kebab roll, chana masala, kheer, kulfi, and garlic naan. It seems like the restaurant’s specialty is its variations on chicken. The food tastes so good, and its smell is enough to attract customers. Having food at this place will make you feel like heaven.

Lahore One London

13. Dilpasand Restaurant

The food at this restaurant is just like its name. After having them, their taste will definitely touch your heart. The chefs make food with so much love that anyone can fall for it. Some must-try items at this place are kebabs, nalli nihari, pani puri, paranthas, falooda, and chilli paneer. It will really give you the same Indian taste. It is located at 113 Commercial Road, near Aldgate in London. The place has such a nice atmosphere and very satisfactory food taste.

Dilpasand Restaurant

14. Meraz

One of the oldest restaurants in Hanbury Street, London, was established in 1974. The food is affordable at this place, and the food is qualitative as well. It has such an extensive menu that includes lassi, chicken biryani, seekh kebabs, chicken bhuna, coconut naan, paneer saag, etc. You can order it according to your taste and preference. This place is highly recommended for having good food at a pocket-friendly price.


15. Eastern Eye Balti House

It is situated on the corner of Brick Lane, near Aldgate in London. It serves amazing curry dishes that are mouth-watering. The looks of the food are enough to make your mouth wet, and every bite will make you feel like heaven. Everything here is so perfect; the service, the staff, and most importantly, the texture of the food items are tremendous. Apart from curries, pilao rice and rogan josh should be considered at this place.

Eastern Eye Balti House

16. The Indian Butler

It’s a great place to dine out. It offers several Indian food items on its menu. If you are a die-hard lover of chicken, then you must-visit here and try out the chicken dishes at this place. It won’t disappoint you at all. You can find this amazing place near Aldgate, Pinchin Street in London. The menu includes chicken tikka, butter chicken, tandoori chicken with a twist, red curry, and so on.

The Indian Butler

17. The Monsoon

Don’t get confused by its name because it is one of the best Indian restaurants at 78 Brick Lane, near Aldgate in London. To be honest, the vegetarian thali at this place is a must-try. It looks so delicious, and the presentation of the food is excellent as well. But apart from that, you can try other items as well, like its monsoon special, king prawn biryani, vegetable biryani, royal lamb, etc. The place is so amazing that after having food here once, you’ll come here again and again.

The Monsoon

18. Mint Leaf Lounge

It is one of the great restaurants that offers yummy Indian food. It is located near Aldgate at 12 Angel Court in London. The place is a little pricey, but the taste of the food totally makes it worthwhile. The taste is really incredible, and it is presented in an excellent way as well. The service is top-notch at this place, and they take care of their customers as well. Apart from food, the place is popular for its wine as it tastes so classy. It’s a well-maintained place that will give you a worthwhile experience.

Mint Leaf Lounge

19. The Famous Curry Bazaar

It is clear from its name that one of the reasons for its popularity is its curry. Actually, it can be said that the place is exactly like its name because it has so many variations on curries. Apart from curries, you can also try tandoori chicken, korma, draught beer, basmati rice, vindaloo, and so on. This restaurant is located at 77 Brick Lane, London. Apart from the non-vegetarian items, it has vegetarian and vegan Indian foods as well. So, if you’ve ever craved Indian food, then visit this place because you can get every kind of meal here.

The Famous Curry Bazaar

20. Bengal Village

No, it’s not a village in Bengal. It’s the name of the Indian restaurant that is situated near Aldgate, 75 Brick Lane in London. Its name is Bengal Village because it serves amazing Indian Bengali dishes with vegan options. It is one of the oldest places, so it is trustworthy as well. From the service to the taste, the restaurant has managed to maintain its place. It has so many items on its menu, like cheese dip, biryani, butter chicken, etc. The place has such an extraordinary environment and gives satisfactory taste as well to its customers.

Bengal Village

So, these are the top 20 Indian restaurants near Aldgate in London. I hope it will help you to have a great experience in terms of the taste of Indian foods, and you won’t face much difficulty in selecting one of the best restaurants for yourself.