Top 20 Snacks For Random Moods

Top 20 Snacks For Random Moods

1. Swiss Rolls 

This yummy snack become favourable for many sweet lovers. It is believed to have Austrian roots as opposed to what its name suggests. Along with its many variants, its demand is increasing in recent times.


2. Doughnuts

This ring-shaped delicacy has been a favourite of many people for a long time. With its widespread popularity, it has the taste to please anyone. If you are guilty and looking for some pleasure, this food is the one to surely lift up your mood. They are made deep frying flour dough and typically comes in the shape of a ring with a hole in the middle.


3. Vada

The Indian brother of doughnuts when it comes to looks, this South Indian cuisine is famous for its crispy and oily composition. It is the choice of many as a snack. These are generally made from legumes or potatoes and has several variations such as Dahi vada or vada pav.


4. Mousse

This dessert has recently emerged as a favourite amongst the young Indian crowd. With its frothy nature, it has managed to gain success. It is made by incorporating air bubbles to give it a light air texture and can vary from light and fluffy type to creamy and thick type. With its French origin, it is sure to bring in the class and taste of French desserts.


5. Masala Muri  

Made with spices and puffed rice, this tasty mixture has many variants depending on the vendor’s choice of ingredients. It is delicious and satisfies the hunger for something hot within a budget friendly price. It is the perfect guilty pleasure food for one of those times when you are craving for something light and spicy.


6. Bhelpuri

Another type of popular ‘chaat’, it is the perfect mood lifter for the tired soul. Made from a mixture of puffed rice, veggies and tamarind sauce, it is the favourite snack of many a college students. With its unique flavour and unforgettable taste, it is an all-time favourite of Indians.

bhel puri

7. Rolls

These are exactly as they sound, ‘rolls’ made from rolled up chapattis with either a veg or non-veg filling along with onions, sauce and spices. They are wildly popular in all parts of India and can be found in any street food joint. They are a favourite for many reasons, including their ability to quickly and tastefully pacify a hungry stomach.


8. Cutlets

These non-veg snacks are often craved by hungry people on streets, homes or offices when they want to get out of the shackles of mundane everyday food. It is made from fish, chicken or any other meat and is one of the most popular food choices which comes under the “guilty pleasure” category.


9. Omelettes

Fried eggs have several varieties but nothing can beat the home cooked egg with onions and a pinch of salt. Often served along with the ‘great Indian breakfast’, it is effortless to make and can easily quench slight hunger.


10. Potato Chips

A very famous type of food in India with several branded and non-branded distributors, these are thin slices of potato, deep fried and flavoured. This snack has English roots and is a renowned snack India.


11. Chicken Nuggets

As the name suggests, these are nuggets made from chicken, easily available across various stores in fry at home packets. It has come into the trend in recent years and from the tastes of it, not going away anytime soon.

chicken nuggets

12. Bhujias

Prepared by using moth beans and gram flour, this crispy snack has many lovers amongst the daily passengers. Often served to welcome guests, these are the most commonly used hangout snack of all times. Sold in packets, they come in handy during light “chai-breaks”.


13. Chow Mein

Indians. It comes in veg and non-veg servings according to the needs of the customer. Finding its way from street food to posh Chinese restaurants, this food is available anywhere and tasty to gulp down when the hunger crisis strikes.

chow mein

14. Momo

Dumplings, or as they are known in India, momos are a South Asian variety of dumplings. They are steamed buns with either veg or non-veg fillings. The outer cover is made from white flour and water dough with a minced/grounded meat mixture. They also come in fried and pan-fried versions with various other recipes coming up in recent times. They are a youth favourite food with a fast spreading network all over India.


15. Samosa

These triangular shaped delicacies have been a favourite in India from a long time. Commonly served to guests, this snack is often accompanied with mint chutney sauce. It is made by wheat flour with a blend of boiled potatoes, onions, green peas, spices and chilli.


16. Burgers

Popular is western culture and currently a part of pop culture in India, this food is every child’s dream food and every bachelor’s go-to food when they are hungry. It consists of vegetable or meat patty placed inside two layers of bun along with other ingredients and various sauce. It fills up an empty belly efficiently.


17. Pizza

This Italian cuisine defines the food choices of the new generation. Although, it is often associated with obesity and unhealthy lifestyle, it is very popular amongst the current generation. Made from flatbread blended with tomato sauce and cheese, it is baked in an oven to produce quality pizzas. It is the go-to guilty pleasure food which is sure to feed your heart as well as your stomach!


18. Pasta

Another Italian cuisine on the list, this gaining favour quite rapidly amongst the Indian youth. Curly looks aside, it is very pleasing to taste buds and fills up the stomach easily. It is a noodle made from dough of durum wheat flour. It comes in various shapes and sizes.


19. Chocolates

No surprises here! This sweet brown concoction made from cacao beans has won the hearts of almost every human being. Along with its sweet, savoury taste, it melts in the mouth, leaving the person with a heavenly aftertaste. One of its variants, known as the “white chocolate”, also contains sugar and milk. Another kind, called dark chocolate is also very famous amongst the chocolate lovers. This food for any mood makes it to the list of top 20 guilty pleasure foods for obvious reasons.


20. Panipuri (Golgappa)

The last and the most famous one on this list, without a doubt, has to be panipuris. These delicious street snacks are every shopper’s, college student’s and couple’s best friend. It is the perfect food to have at the end of a tiring day or a romantic date. The combination of hollow puri, water, chutney, chilli, chaat masala, potatoes, onions and chickpeas makes you fell into splendid mood. So, the next time you see a panipuri stall, don’t stop to think. Just have a go and feel your mood instantly lighten up.


So here is the list of top 20 guilty pleasure foods for random moods. Do let us know what you think!