Top 20 South Indian Restaurant In Lalpur, Ranchi, Jharkhand

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Ronchi, is the capital of the beautiful state of Jharkhand, India. The place is a center of many educational schools, institutions and colleges which attracts a huge number of students and youngsters to this place. There are many beautiful hang-out places in Ranchi like parks, restaurants and cafes which form of place of delight for the Public.

South Indian cuisine is known for its Distinct flavors, tastes, various spices used and distinctively the beautiful taste of coconut in almost all of its dishes. Here is a list of the 20 best restaurants in Ranchi where you can enjoy a delightful meal of authentic South Indian dishes along with some contemporary and fusion in its authenticity as well.


The situation in the heart of Ranchi, Jharkhand, Vanakkam offers you some delicious South Indian fusion dishes in your budget. Though they offer fusion, their recipes maintain an authentic taste of South Indian spices, especially the tangy taste of sambar and chutneys. Explore some delicious cheese dosas, chilli dosas, roll dosas, masala dosas, spring roll dosas and a lot others at Vanakkam.

Location- Eastern Mall, Circular Road, near Dangra Toli Chowk, Lalpur, Ranchia

2.Veeraswamy Cafe

The cafe’s highlight is that they offer one of South India’s beloved filter coffee, which is indeed the best in town. Along with coffee, they also serve many authentic dishes like idli, dosa and vadas. Regular customers love the badam nariyal chutney here, which they serve as a dip with their meals. The restaurant also offers North Indian cuisine. The owner and staff are very humble and friendly. The prices may feel a little expensive to some, but is definitely worth the delicious food and experience.

Location- Opposite Vendor’s  Market, Below SBI Bank, Deputy Para, Kutchery Road, Ahirtoli, Ranchibb

3.Lassi Ghar

Lassi Ghar is a completely vegetarian cafe that offers a wide range of flavoured lassi, smoothies, shakes, Chinese and especially South Indian delicacies. The place has a small and cozy ambiance which allows you to spend a lovely time with your family and hang out with your friends. All of the dishes they serve are widely loved and recommended by their customers. The dishes are quite delicious and filling, all at all very reasonable cost.

Location- Alokapuri Complex, Circular Road, Lalpur, Ranchic

4.Suvai South Indian Restaurant

Entirely dedicated to serving authentic South Indian cuisine to the foodies of Ranchi, Suvai Restaurant gives you your best dining experience at their beautiful restaurant. The owner of the place is a very warm person who personally takes care of the customers. The staff and service are quite quick and polite.  Their menu has some of the very tasty delicacies ranging from Idlies, vadas, dosas, upma, mendu vada and other super delicious South Indian meals, that too at a very pocket friendly cost.

Location- 311/B, Oppo. Speaker House, Kanke Road, Indira Nagar Colony, Hatma, Ranchid

5.Madras Cafe

Madras Cafe serves its customers with South Indian and some lip-smacking Chinese dishes, that have been rated best by some of their regular customers. Your order might take a little longer to reach you due to the high number of customers always dining at this place. Their service is very prompt and the staff behaviour is quite humble. Enjoy some crazy combination of dosa and noodles or idli and manchurian at this amazing cafe/restaurant.e

6.Zinnia Multicuisine Restaurant

As the name suggests, they are a multi cuisine restaurant that offered Indian, continental, Chinese, kebabs and Tandoor in their menu and the speciality being South Indian cuisine. They have a differently curated menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner and you can also choose your beverages or alcoholic drinks during their happy hour menu. Their ambience is very fancy and gives you a fine dining experience. Customers have reached this restaurant’s South Indian cuisine as the best because they retain the authentic flavours of the age-old South Indian recipes, spices and reflect the same nostalgic flavours.

Location- Diamond Plaza, Purulia Rd, Beside IOCL Petrol Pump, Kantatoli Chowk, Lalpur, Ranchif

7.Dosa Darbar

Offering a fun fusion of South Indian delicacies with modern flavours and items, Dosa Darbar will surely trick your taste buds with some delicious fusion food. They basically are a food truck/ stall, delivering deliciousness on many spots. They maintain the basic standards of kitchen hygiene. Some of the most love dishes are corn cheese dosa, paneer chilli dosa, masala corn dosa and a lot more.

Location- Hockey Stadium, VIP gate, Morabadi, Ranchi


8.Krsna Restaurant & Catering

Known to be one of the oldest restaurants in the locality, this place Stands true to ‘old is gold. Serving some of the finger-licking scrumptious dishes call mom the restaurant is well known for its warm and humble service. You can have multiple cuisines here, including South Indian which is undoubtedly their speciality. They also serve a wide variety of Indian sweets and soft drinks. You can have very delicious vegetarian meals in this restaurant in a very calm and peaceful ambience.

Location- Shop No.19, Ground Floor, GEL Church Complex, MGM Road, Kanka, Ranchih

9.Dosa Plaza

An international food chain, Dosa Plaza has its outlets in a lot of countries and in various places in India. Dosa Plaza serves a wide variety of delicious fusion dosas that maintain an authentic taste as well as have a fusion of contemporary flavours. Their speciality is their Maharaja dosa which is a huge delicious plate of wonder. Along with some South Indian delicacies they also offer hot and cold beverages and some delicious Chinese and pizzas. This please offers a very fun ambience for parties as well as leisure time with friends and families.

Location- Shop G5 & G6, Hormah Tower, Deputy Para, Siramtoli Chowk, Ranchii

10.Seventh Heaven

7th heaven is a family restaurant in Ranchi that serves the foodies with the best South Indian, North Indian and Chinese dishes. Their specialties are butter uttapam, butter dosa, masala dosa and especially coconut chutney. The ambience of this place is very peaceful, calm and beautiful. The staff here is friendly and quick. The place is very clean and well-maintained.

Location- 1st  Floor, Shrilok Complex, 1st Floor, Hazaribag Road, Ranchijj

11.South Indian Food Stall

This is the best taste of Indian food that can be enjoyed on the streets. South Indian Food Stall offers you some authentic South Indian meals like dosa, idli, vada, upma, uttapam etc at a very low price. It is a stall run by the owner himself who prepares your food fresh in front of you, almost like a LIVE Counter and lets you enjoy hot meals and crispy dosa.k

12.South Indian Dosa

As its name, this place serves a wide range of dosas, at the cheapest possible price. However, the price does not affect the quantity or quality of the meals. The place is not at all fancy or huge, but offers you a nostalgic taste of original dosas. The taste reflects homely love and flavours.

Location- Cart Sarai Road, Upper Bazar, Ranchil

13.Kaveri Restaurant & Caterer

A very posh vegetarian restaurant in the heart of Ranchi, Kaveri Restaurant is a delightful place to enjoy a healthy and delicious meal with your friends and family. They serve multiple cuisines like Chinese, North Indian etc but the food lovers of Ranchi recommend their South Indian cuisine the most. They have experienced chefs who cook authentic dishes with a touch of modernity.

Location- Shop 9,1st Floor G.E.L. Church Shopping Complex, MGM Road, Ranchim

14.Royal Ranchi Kitchen

Royal Ranchi Kitchen truly gives you a royal experience of South Indian dining. They offer multiple South Indian delicacies which are made from age-old recipes and maintain authentic flavours. Along with South Indian, their Chinese and other cuisines are also commendable. They always prepare their dishes with fresh ingredients- both vegetables and meat. The prices are very affordable here. Also, the interior is quite quirky and fun.n

15.The Pantry

The Pantry is an open restaurant that gives an experience of dining in the fresh nature. The kitchen and staff both maintain standard health and hygiene measures to ensure that the customer’s meals are prepared with top cleanliness. The staff makes you comfortable here and their services are quite prompt. Though the place is not much fancy, nor the menu has some magnanimous contemporary dishes, the flavours of their simple food will surely remind you of original South Indian cuisine. They maintain the authenticity of the spices and flavours.

Location- Beside Singh Mart Mother’s Touch Hostel, Hindpiri, Ranchio

16.Shree Idliwala

Shree Idliwala has 3 outlets in Ranchi, and both of them are widely popular among locals for South Indian snacks and meals. They offer a little modern touch to authentic South Indian cuisine. Dishes like fried idli fingers, onion chilli vada, cheese chilli masala dosa, are a few of their specialties. They offer a wide range of such fusion dosa, idli and vada, along with some desi Chinese. The restaurant maintains good sanitization.

Location- Sheetal Tower, CMPDI Complex Road, MGM Road, Ranchiq

17.Gupta South Indian

Gupta South Indian is another famous outlet serving South Indian delicious food at a very reasonable expense. Although the place is a little cozy, the food and service will surely brighten up your day. They offer plain dosa, masala dosa, cheese dose, mysore dosa, etc along with idlis, vadas, uttapam and upma in the South Indian range. Also, their desi Chinese and rolls menu is also quite appreciated.r

18.Food In

They are a street side stall that sell freshly made idli sambar, dosa chutney and vada, as well as chowmein. Their prices are very affordable but that does not compromise on the hygiene or quality of the food. Their regular customers love the sambar which is flavourful and rightly tangy. Your food is prepared in front of you, fresh and crisp.

Location- Station Road, Kishan Singh Colony, Gosaintola, Ranchi00

19.Madrasi LIVE Kitchen

Located in a very convenient and posh area, Madras Kitchen serves a variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian South Indian dishes, Chinese and North Indian cuisines. Their service is very quick. Your ordered food does not make you wait too much to relish. The restaurant has a good-worth in the market because of its warm and friendly services.

Location- 56, Rohini Building above HDFC BANK, P&T Colony, Lalpur, Ranchi000

20.Bon Apetite

Bon Apetite is a food truck that serves delicious vegetarian South Indian meals on the go. They are almost like a LIVE Counter, preparing your food fresh in front of you and serving piping hot. They have a wide menu to choose from. You can have a filling meal here even if your budget is a little tight. The taste of the food will definitely urge you to love this place and want to come back the next time.

Location- Near football stadium, Morabadi, Ranchi20