Top 20 South Indian Restaurants In Mathura

Top 20 South Indian Restaurants In Mathura 1
Top 20 South Indian Restaurants In Mathura 1

India is a country with diverse culture and on every 100 km you would see people practicing different culture in terms of their attire, festivals and cuisine. One of the most loved cuisine of India is south Indian cuisine. Whether it been the soft idlis or crispy dosas served with hot tasty sambar and coconut chutney, everything of this cuisine is lip smacking and satisfying. However it might be difficult for the ones living in different regions of country to find an authentic and worthy restaurant to match their expectations. We bring you the top south Indian restaurant to visit if you are in vrindavan.

1. Dosa Plaza

This restaurant is located on Masani road, Mathura. It is well known for the tasty and crispy dosa. The popular servings here are Mysore masala dosa, Maharaja Masala dosa, spring roll dosa and much more. The price is also worth the quality and taste.

2. Brijwasi Centrum

The outlet brijwasi centrum serves the tempting south Indian dishes to all the guest. The soft idli, the crispy vada made of urad dal and what not. If you are someone who loves south Indian food to the core and is near new railway station, Mathura then you must visit this place.

3. Babylon Restaurant

If you are someone who have visited Shri Krishna janmasthan temple to seek the blessing of lord and after the darshan wants to eat some south Indian food, then this outlet situated just opposite the temple will be a good choice. You can try Paneer masala dosa in your first visit.

4. Cyber Cafe Restaurant

This restaurant in tilak dwar, Mathura serves some appetizing south Indian recipes. Uttapam, idli, dosa everything here are available at a reasonable price.The plain dosa and masala dosa are the popular servings here.

5. Le Chaska Chat

This place may surprise you with the variety of flavours available in dosa and idli here. Schezwan masala dosa, palak cheese corn dosa, cheese masala idli are some items that many of us might have not tried before. The one who is curious to taste these exciting flavors must visit this restaurant.

6. United Canteen

This place in dampier nagar brings you some flavorsome dosa, idli with hot sambar. The masala dosa here is a popular serving and that too at a cheap price. You will love every bite of your meal here.

7. AgarwalL Bhojanalay

Are you someone who loves to eat paneer dosa? If yes then you must try the tempting panner dosa served in agarwal bhojnalaya for your breakfast, lunch or dinner. This is good option for the one searching for not so expensive places without sacrificing the taste.

8. Craving King

This is one of the best places to enjoy a south Indian meal with your family. The soft idlis and the very famous butter masala dosa and paneer dosa here will make you day. The casual atmosphere and ambience of this place is also appreciating.

9. Dosa Plaza Divinity

It is a casual spot for south Indian food. This place is among those places where once you try the dosa then you would not find for any alternative. The cheese dosa and spring roll dosa here is worth tasting.

10. Dosa Mart

This outlet in masani road, Mathura serves south Indian dishes in their authentic flavor. Place with good atmosphere and food turns out to be a good option for enjoying masala dosa with family.

11. South Indian Idli Dosa

This is a highly recommended place for dosa lovers. They serve variety of tempting dosas that will definitely please you. Apart from that you can also try idli and sambhar with coconut chutney. This shop is situated in madhavpuri.

12. Madras Restaurant

This small place in Shri Krishna janam bhumi is best for idli and dosas. The people who have tasted the flavorsome food at this place just cannot stop appreciating the dosas of this place. This place is an ideal suggestion for you to try your favorite south Indian recipe.

13. Shri Krishna Foods

This is an ideal place serving you tasty masala dosas at a reasonable place with good quality. This is a good option to enjoy your outing with your family. This outlet is situated in Mayur vihar.

14. Centre Point

This restaurant on masani road provides you good quality south Indian food. This place also serves without onion and garlic recipes. They have parking area available outside there outlet and serve breakfast recipes.

15. Moti Mahal Delux

This place is located in Hotel Madhuvan building, Mathura. This place is just perfect for your family outings to satisfy your south Indian food cravings. This restaurant also provides parking area.

16. Bajrang Family Restaurant

The casual dining restaurant just perfect for outings and celebration serves you some delicious cuisines, and south Indian being one of their finest dishes will win your heart. We recommend you to visit this simple yet beautiful place for your treat.

17. Big Munch Restaurant

This beautiful place in Mathura is a good option for having Indian meals, especially the south Indian recipes. Be conscious of the quantity you are ordering as the portion sizes are very big. You will definitely enjoy your time at this place.

18. Status Restaurant

The restaurant with casual atmosphere and splendid ambience and top notch facilities is an ideal place for your celebrations. Being a multi-cuisine restaurant it serves delicious variety of food. The dosa and idli here are very authentic.

19. Kerala Coffee House

This outlet in Ashoka city, Mathura is a simple place but definitely there is no compromise on the taste and quality of the food served here. The food is available at a reasonable price. The dosa of this place is quite famous.

20. Comesum

If you are travelling from Mathura junction railway station and feel like eating any south Indian recipe, then this place at platform 1 will serve you some tempting dishes. The service and quality both are appreciable.