Top 20 Restaurants in Allahabad


Allahabad, the epicenter of knowledge and learning in Uttar Pradesh is known for its holy places, the river confluence and as the birthplace of Bollywood legend, Amitabh Bachchan. What it needs recognition for, is the delicious food it offers to all the gastronomes residing here. The following is a compilation of the Top 20 must-visit restaurants if you happen to be in Allahabad.

1.   SagarRatna

SagarRatna, a casual dining restaurant situated in Tagore Town offers South Indian, North India, Chinese as well as Continental food.

The restaurant is famous for its authentic South Indian food. The place also offers unlimited servings of Sambhar. Even though the restaurant offers only vegetarian food, it is undoubtedly one of the best restaurants in Allahabad. It deserves a five-star rating for its food and service.


2 El Chico

El Chico, situated in Civil Lines, is a restaurant for casual dining. The restaurant offers Mexican, Chinese, Continental and North Indian food. Located in a posh and affluent locality, it is a little expensive. The menu is extensive. Each of the dishes is unique and perfect. The place also has a pastry shop which is a hit with kids. The Desserts are sinfully delicious.


3 Bean Here

This fast food joint and cafe is a good place to hang out with friends and peers. Located in Civil Lines, the place is small and comfortable. The menu consists of Chinese, Italian and Continental dishes. Their cold stone Ice-creams and shakes are unforgettable. They offer a variety of grilled Sandwiches and Drinks.


4. Tandoor Restaurant

Located in Civil Lines, the place is pocket-friendly. It is one of the city’s legendary restaurants. This restaurant is ideal for birthday celebrations. They give a Cake and a special discount on birthdays. Their Tandoori Chicken figuratively melts in the mouth. Contrary to popular belief, the place offers a variety of Vegetarian items as well.


5 Dewsis

Dewsis is a restaurant for casual dining. The place offers a variety of Chinese, Continental, Italian and Indian dishes. Their crispy Mysore Dosa is fresh, crispy and generously stuffed. The Sambhar is mildly spiced and tangy.  The Coconut Chutney is garden-fresh. The items on the menu are moderately priced. The service is quick. One must try the Lively Paneer Pizza.



Relish Restaurant belongs to the Legend Hotels. It is on the first floor of Legend Hotel. The place offers North India, Chinese, Italian, and Continental. The restaurant is airy, spacious and well ventilated. It is not overcrowded. The staff is friendly. Service is quick. Breakfast is the highlight of the restaurant.


7 The Brew Master

The place is an addition to the number of good restaurants in Allahabad. The place offers good food and value for money. Their mock tails are a delight. They have a dance floor. It is an apt place to celebrate special occasions with loved ones. The staff is extremely courteous and well behaved. The food tastes different and unique.


8 Aryan’s Family Delight

As the name suggests, Aryan’s Family Delight is a family restaurant. This restaurant is one of the best places in Allahabad that offers authentic South Indian cuisine. The menu of this casual restaurant consists of a variety of Chinese, Continental, Italian, Mexican, South Indian, and North Indian dishes. Their fried Momos are well known.


9 MotiMahal Deluxe

MotiMahal Deluxe is a multi-cuisine restaurant. The place is internationally known for its Mughlai cuisine. The interiors are contemporary. The seating is comfortable. Ventilation and lighting are decent. Butter Chicken is full of flavors and is mildly spiced. The meat in the aromatic Biryani is tender. The gravy compliments the Biryani well.


10 Hangout Lounge

Hangout Lounge is a Hookah Parlour. This restaurant is popular with youngsters and teenagers. The place has comfortable seating and high ceiling lighting. It is centrally situated. It is pocket-friendly and is a great place to throw parties. The place is special in providing hookah where they have experimented with various flavors and essence.


11 Hot Stuff

This quaint little cafe at LalBahadurShastriMarg is famous for its Italian, American, Chinese and North Indian food. It is more of a fast food joint than a cafe.  Hot Stuff Special Pizza has a generous amount of Mozzarella Cheese. The Pizza base is fresh and crispy.  Although the place may seem constricted, the decor is done to accommodate quirky furniture and make the most of the space.


12 The Tamarind Tree

The Tamarind Tree,situated in the heart of the Allahabad. It is a pocket-friendly restaurant which is known best for its South Indian delicacies. Their decor, seating, and ambience are worthy of being mentioned. Tamarind Tree is one of the finest places in the city for Dosa. MeduVada served along with tangy Lentil Soup and Chutney is a must have.


13 Friends Forever

Friends Forever is a restaurant which owing to its proximity to PVR, is a popular hangout destination for the city youths. Its convenient location makes it easy to spot. The staff is courteous and well trained. Food is impeccably delicious and fresh.


14 Kamdhenu

Kamdhenu Sweets, Confectionery, and Restaurant used to be just a sweetmeat shop.  It now is also a bakery and a restaurant. The place offers South Indian, North Indian, Continental, Chinese and Chaat items.

KulfiFalooda is a must have in summers. The place has good quality food at reasonable price.


15 Celebrations

This red and white themed dining restaurant is near Prithvi Garden.  The furnishings are modern and comfortable. The dishes are presented beautifully and served with utmost care. Food is hygienic. Visit the place and come back with a satisfied appetite.  Must have Fish Noorjahani and NargisiKofta.


16. Indian Coffee House

This Cafe is one of the oldest in the town.  Located in the heart of Allahabad, Indian Coffee House used to be the hub for student political leaders. Eating here is a blissful experience. Coffee is strong and authentic in taste. The menu, which hasn’t changed much over the years, offers a variety of beverages and South Indian Dishes.


17. DilliGaliyara

DilliGaliyara has a friendly staff. Each item on the menu is done to perfection. The ambience of the place is well suited for families. They have an extensive non-vegetarian as well as the vegetarian food menu.  The Butter Naan is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The veg Kebab platter which consists of Paneer Tikka, Mushroom Tikka, Tandoori Aloo and Veg Seekh Kebab is a must have.


18. Paradise

Paradise Restaurant in Tagore Town used to be just a bakery. It is in the city’s commercial heart and is centrally located. It is undoubtedly the best bakery in the town. The cakes are always fresh and soft. Paradise offers the best Burgers in the city.


19. Jannat- Hotel Kanhashyam

Jannat is one the few restaurants in Allahabad that offer Buffet service. Their food is good. Service is impeccable. Jannat has a larger variety of food options as compared to the other buffet restaurants in the area. The ambiance is beautifully tempting.


20. Dosa Plaza

Dosa Plaza is best known for its Dosas and fusion food. The Dosas are fresh, delectable, crispy and authentic.The Chutney that accompanies the dosa offers a variation in taste and flavors. One can have a good hearty meal in just a couple of hundred rupees.