Top 20 South Indian Restaurants In Panvel, Maharashtra

Top 20 South Indian Restaurants In Panvel Maharashtra
Top 20 South Indian Restaurants In Panvel Maharashtra

Panvel is a city in the Rigad district of Maharashtra, just adjacent to Navi Mumbai in India. It is highly populated because of its closeness to Mumbai. It has a total population of 311,434 as per the census of 2021. The city has a variety of restaurants that serve high-quality, delicious food, but finding South Indian restaurants that serve authentic South Indian dishes that meet one’s expectations can be difficult. As a result, we have compiled a list of 20 such restaurants that will not disappoint you in terms of taste and quality. Let us have a look at them.

1.Surya Refreshment

This restaurant provides an extraordinary service and meals. They serve various dishes from different cuisines, but the South Indian cuisine is the best one. They serve paper dosa, Rava dosa, uttapam, Masala Papad. All recipes are worth tasting. They start the service from 9 AM.

Location: Sector 18, New Panvel East, Panvel

Surya Refreshment

2.South King

It is a restaurant specialized in serving South Indian dishes to relish your taste buds. The taste is fantastic and would attract you to this place. The Appams and Malabar paratha are worth tasting. The sambar served here, is hot and fresh.

Location: Sector 3, RidhiSidhi Residency, New Panvel East.

South King 1

3.Hotel Ketki

This restaurant has been serving delicious South Indian recipes to the customers from 1987. It is a pure vegetarian restaurant serving top quality food. If you are visiting the place for breakfast, then do eat idli sambar. Apart from that, the paper dosa served is very crispy and tasty.

Location: Shivaji Road, Old Panvel

Hotel Ketki


It is a pure vegetarian restaurant winning people’s hearts with tasty South Indian delicacies. The idli vada dipped in sambar is heavenly delicious served along with tasty chutney. The uttapam and masala dosa are also highly recommended.

Location: Vijay Marg, Sector-1S, New Panvel East, Panvel


5.Shiv’s Veg and Proud

It is a relaxed vegetarian restaurant offering Indian cuisine of an authentic taste. They serve almost all South Indian delicacies like uttapam, dosa, idli, etc.; the best among them is the paper dosa. For dessert, the royal falooda is a must-try.

Location: Swami Nityanand Road, Hoc Colony, Panvel

Shivs Veg and Proud

6.Sai Prasad Family Restaurant

This place is pretty famous in the locality for serving authentic delicacies of the South. Though, their menu consists of various other dishes, but the uttapam they serve is best in comparison to other restaurants. They also serve delicious masala papad.

Location: SaiSharan CHS, Khanda Colony, Khandeshwar, Panvel

Sai Prasad Family Restaurant

7.Swad Veg Treat

It is a perfect place to spend quality time with family and enjoy some tasty dishes of your favorite cuisine. The paper dosa served here is large enough and can easily fill up two people. Also, the steamed rice is delicious and can be enjoyed along with hot sambar.

Location: Cidco Market, Khanda Colony, Khnadeshwar, Panvel

Swad Veg Treat

8.Hotel Nijo

This place serves a special Kerala thali, which is served on a banana leaf. All the dishes in thali are delicious. Also, they serve south Indian parotta with curry of your choice. If you want to try it for the first time, then you must try it from this place.

Location: Gurudev Arcade CHS, Railway Over Bridge, New Panvel

Hotel Nijo

9.Dosa Point

This food stall is a perfect spot for street foodies who love to eat dosa. The prices of dosa differ from Rs.30 to Rs.80, depending upon your choice. They serve schezwan dosa, pizza dosa, and many other varieties. They serve it along with two chutneys.

Location: MangalMurti Market, Sector 15, New Panvel East

Dosa Point

10.South Aroma

If you are visiting this restaurant, then you should try Kothu parotta and kari dosa for sure. They serve food on a banana leaf, making it look more appealing and beautiful. This place opens at 8 AM, and can be visited for breakfast.

Location: Uma Shiv Corner, opposite Bank of Baroda, Sector19, Panvel

South Aroma

11.Dosa-Idli Anna

This place only serves meals for breakfast or brunch as it opens at 6:30 AM and offers the South Indian delicacies till 1PM. They serve all dishes like uttapam, dosa, vada, idli, etc., fresh and warm. The red chilli chutney served along is fantastic.

Location: Kalamboli, Panvel

Dosa Idli Anna

12.Kappa Hotel

They serve authentic Kerala meals at their premises. Also, the mallu food served on the banana leaf is fantastic. In case, you are from the South region of the country; then this place will definitely serve you what you wanted.

Location: Station Road, near K Mall, Old Panvel

Kappa Hotel

13.Mysore Dosa Hub

The each and every item served here has an authentic taste and is available at a reasonable price. They serve delicious different styles and types of dosas like Jumbo paper dosa, Pizza dosa, and Jinnee dosa. This place is active from 7 AM onwards to 10 PM.

Location: SatyaSanskar CHS, Sector 1E, Kalamboli, Panvel

Mysore Dosa Hub

14.Hotel Sai Sagar

It is a vegetarian restaurant serving various cuisines of India. Their south Indian snacks and Punjabi food are most delicious. The cheesy Mysore masala dosa is a must-try. For desserts, the creamy fruit salad is an excellent choice.

Location: Swami Nityananda Road, HOC Colony, Panvel

Hotel SaiSagar

15.Hotel Mirchi

It is one of the finest South Indian restaurants in the city. The flavours and spices added to make the dishes tasty. The prices are worth the taste and quality. The best dishes served here are masala dosa, Mysore dosa, Mirchi special bhaji.

Location: Building No.F-12, Kalamboli, Panvel

Hotel Mirchi

16.Udupi Express

It is a highly recommended breakfast spot for people who like South Indian food, especially Mysore Masala Dosa. The recipes are prepared in traditional Udupi style. They also serve delightful filter coffee.

Location: Sector 1 E, Kalamboli, Panvel

Udupi Express

17.Hotel Cochin Ark

This place is pretty famous for serving fresh and warm Kerala style dishes from the South. The place might seem to be ordinary, but the food is extraordinary. The veg kuttu paratha is a must-try.

Location: Shop No. 3/40 Plot No. 1/22, Kamothe, Panvel

Hotel Cochin Ark

18.South Eats

They serve delicious uthappam, podi idli, dosa, and filter coffee. The uthappam is tasty and served with coconut chutney. The Mysore cheese masala dosa is a famous variety of dosa here. This place starts service from 7:30 AM.

Location: Satyaketu Complex, Kamote, Panvel

South Eats

19.Shree Balaji 99

This restaurant provides dishes like dosa, medu vada, idli, uthappam to its customers. The sambhar has a perfect consistency and flavour. The Jini dosa is a highly recommended dish. This place opens at 11 AM in the morning.

Location: Shop No. 2, Platinum Livano Building, Kamohe, Panvel

Shree Balaji 99

20.Sarovar Pure Veg

It is a decent place to have South Indian meals for breakfast. They serve variety of dosa like Rava masala dosa, Mysore masala dosa. Also, they serve other dishes that are lip-smacking in taste. The place provides service from 7:30 AM.

Location: Sai Arcade Building, opposite S.T. Stand, Old Panvel