Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Shivamogga, Karnataka

Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Shivamogga Karnataka
Top 20 Vegetarian Restaurants In Shivamogga Karnataka

Shimoga, officially known as Shivamogga, is a city and the district headquarters of Shimoga district in the central region of the state of Karnataka, India. This city lies on the banks of the Tunga River. This city is also known as the “Gateway of Mainad” as it is the gateway to the hilly regions of the Western Ghats. As per the census of 2011, the population of the city is 322,650. The city was also selected for the smart cities project, placing it in the fourth position in the state and 25th in the country. The cuisine of this city includes dishes like neer dosa, korri gassi, Kundapura Koli Saaru, Mysore Masala dosa, Mysore pak, and many more. The city consists of various vegetarian restaurants as well as those offering authentic flavours of South Indian food items. Let us have a look at the list of 20 vegetarian restaurants in the city.

1.Slv Paakshaala Pure Veg Restaurant

It is an excellent restaurant for vegetarians in this city. They serve various food items like Idli vada, Poori saagu, buns, masala dosa, and full meals. There are also varieties of chat items available for tangy food lovers. The starters menu is also exciting.

Location:  Sharavathi Nagar, Hosamane, Shivamogga, Karnataka

Slv Paakshaala Pure Veg Restaurant

2.Bhumika Vegetarian Restaurant

It is a vegetarian restaurant serving delicious food items from South Indian cuisine like dosa, idli ,vada, sambar. They also serve various items in full meals for lunch or dinner.

Location: Hotel Bus Stop, B.H. Road, Shivamogga, Karnataka

Bhumika Vegetarian Restaurant


It is an excellent place serving hygienic and tasty delicacies. The starters options are exciting and includes lemon chilli paneer, baby corn munchoori, butter naan, garlic bread, chocolate milkshake. The desserts are also delightful, the best one is basundi.

Location: Hotel Jewel Rock Complex, Durgigudi, Shivamogga


4.Hotel Shubham

It is a modestly appointed restaurant cooking up North and South Indian vegetarian recipes for their guests.  The paneer mix kadayi tastes fantastic. The masala dosa and masala papad are also pretty famous servings here.

Location: L.L.R Road, Durgudi 1st cross, Shivamogga, Karnataka

Hotel Shubham

5.Rice Bowl Veg Restaurant

It is an informal vegetarian establishment serving regional dishes, pizzas, burgers, and thalis. They have many options available in Chinese cuisine like fried rice, Manchurian, soup. There are also counters for pasta and pani puri, which were decent in taste.

Location: BalarajUrs Road, Basavanagudi, Shivamogga, Karnataka

Rice Bowl Veg Restaurant

6.Sundar Ashraya Restaurant

This is a restaurant that serves regional dishes as well as north Indian dishes that tastes fabulous. The taste is same and delightful every time you visit this place.  The dosa variations and veg bonds are a must-try recipe here.

Location: NT Road, Gandhi Bazar, KR Puram, Shivamogga, Karnataka

SundarAshraya Restaurant

7.Aras Veg

This outlet offers lip-smacking dosa, masala upma, ghee Bisi bele bath, Rava dosa, and many South Indian dishes. They also provide North Indian dishes and thali for their North Indian guests. You can also enjoy tea and coffee at this outlet.

Location: Near District Court, Marnami Bali, Basavanagudi, Shivamogga

Aras Veg

8.Vegan Tray

It is a fast-food restaurant in the mall, which serves a few dishes like chatpati chaat and potato slicker. They also serve a softy cone that is the perfect choice to enjoy the sweet taste and satiate your sweet tooth.

Location: 2ND Floor, Opposite Big Cinemas, Beary’s City Centre, Shivamogga

Vegan Tray

9.Soundarya Restaurant

This outlet serves good quality, hygienic food to their customers. They serve pure vegetarian dishes in an area with proper sitting arrangements. They also provide tea and coffee to their guest, which tastes good and is refreshing.

Location: Sominakoppa Road, VinobaNagara, Shivamogga, Karnataka

Soundarya Restaurant

10.Hotel Priyadarshini

It is one of the decent restaurants in the city with well-maintained hygiene and cleanliness. The khaali dosa, Rava idli, benne muruku are some of the most tasty delicacies served here. The rasam they serve is of authentic taste and lip-smacking, so you must try rasam and rice from this place.

Location: B.H. Road, opposite Vinayaka Theatre, Shivamogga

Hotel Priyadarshini

11.Hotel Aramane

They serve delicacies from North Indian, South Indian, and Chinese Cuisine. Among snacks, the gobi Manchurian and chaat items are delicious and finger-licking. For breakfast, masala rava idli and dosa are good options as they are filling and tasty. All the juices and milkshakes are prepared fresh and tastes good.

Location: KSRTC Bus Stand, Shivamogga

Hotel Aramane

12.Hotel Rajdhani

They serve traditional dishes in a compact, down to earth restaurant. All the recipes prepared are suitable for vegetarians and are fresh. The ghee masala dosa is the tastiest among all the variations available in dosa. The gobi Manchurian are flavorful and soft.

Location: N.T Road, Shivamogga

Hotel Rajdhani

13.Parvathamma Mess

This is an ideal place to visit in the afternoon for lunch meals. They prepare dishes in north Karnataka style. They serve meals on plantain leaf and offers two different vegetables, pickle, pulses curry, salad, roti, ragi ball, sambar, rasam, curd, and buttermilk. The cost is Rs.50 per meal.

Location: B.H. Road, Shivamogga, Karnataka

Parvathamma Mess


It is a vegetarian restaurant with dine-dining arrangements suitable for family visits. The morning breakfast is complimentary for those staying in the hotel. They also serve Jain food at their outlet having items available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Location: Bengaluru-Honnavar Road, Vidhya Nagar, Shivamogga


15.Sapthagiri Bhojana Mandir

They serve healthy recipes and dishes from Karnataka cuisine that is just like home preparation. The neer dosa served here is soft and tasty and served along with hot sambar. The idlis are also soft and fluffy, which are served fresh at this place.

Location: RMR Road, Durgigudi, Shivamogga


16.Anmol The Family Cuisine

It is a fine-dining restaurant serving tasty and authentic dishes like butter naan, paneer tikka, Gobi Manchurian, and many other vegetarian items. The gud bud ice cream and banana split are delicious desserts served here.

Location: DevrajUrs Complex, Gopi Circle, Nehru Road, Shivamogga

Anmol The Family Cuisine

17.Ganesh Canteen

This restaurant is very famous among the locals for its delicious and soft idlis served with tasty and flavorful coconut chutney. The chutney has good taste of pure coconut and is of good consistency. This outlet has been running since a long time, almost from more than 20 years.

Location: RavindraNagara, Shivamogga

Ganesh Canteen

18.Hotel Panchami

They offer delicious South Indian cuisine meals at a very reasonable price. The uppit dosa idli is delicious and mouth-watering. Apart from that, vada sambar, pulao rice, and chow chow bath are also a high recommendation.

Location: Bengaluru-Honnavar Road, Durgigudi, Shivamogga

Hotel Panchmi

19.Hotel Ashok

Their menu consists of tasty dishes like pulao, dosa, idli, and many other tasty recipes that are delicious in taste and are served on a banana leaf. This place is well-known for serving Paddu and Dosa, which tastes fantastic.

Location: BH Road, KR Puram,Shivamogga

Hotel Ashok

20.Hotel Shri Krishna Nagar

It is a simple, straightforward, and one of the best restaurants to have home-like preparation served in a casual atmosphere dining area. They serve all vegetarian South Indian dishes like idli, vada, dosa.

Location: Bus stop, Shimoga-Harihar-Hospet Road, Basavanagudi, Shivamogga

Hotel Shri Krishna Nagar