Top 20 Spicy Fried Chicken Spots To Enjoy In Anna Nagar Chennai

Top 20 Spicy Fried Chicken Spots To Enjoy In Anna Nagar Chennai

There is nothing quite as addictive to one’s taste buds as fried chicken is! A myriad of fried chicken dishes has taken over the modern food culture by storm. That first bite into that crispy-crunchy layer, along with the perfectly cooked chicken underneath, is indeed a delicious treat to your nighttime cravings. This juicy and satisfying dish, seasoned with the right spices and herbs, is the staple comfort food for many people. With the right side dips to enhance the taste, you’re good to go! The vibrant city of Chennai is extremely popular for fried chicken joints and trust me, you don’t want to miss them! Read on below to find out the top 20 fried chicken spots in Anna Nagar, Chennai.

1.Wonder Wheels Chicken

If you are looking for tasty and budget-friendly food items, Wonder Wheels Chicken, located in Anna Nagar Tower Park, is your best bet. They have the best spicy fried chicken here and a variety of other items like wraps, sandwiches, and even cold beverages to satiate your cravings. You can also order online and the food will be delivered to you with neat packaging in no time.


2.Kongunadu Fried Chicken

Situated in ICF South Colony, Anna Nagar, this is the best spot for super tasty and spicy chicken dishes. From juicy fried chicken to sizzling chicken pakodas, this place has it all! The Kongunadu Fried Chicken outlet is a moving food stall that provides on-the-go chicken dishes to satisfy your fried food cravings. Don’t miss out on the soft, juicy chicken this place offers for a very reasonable price!


3.Mississippi Fried Chicken

Say hello to tasty fried chicken at the Mississippi Fried Chicken outlet in Kora Food Street, Anna Nagar! The average cost here for two people is approximately 400 and online orders are also taken up. Their Chicken Pop-Ins is definitely a fan favorite and a must-try!


4.Meat And Eat

Are you craving something spicy, hot, and juicy during these rainy days in Chennai? Meat and Eat in Anna Nagar has a variety of options for you to choose from wraps and sandwiches to burgers and biryani. With a casual and cosy atmosphere, Meat and Eat is an excellent dine-out option to enjoy with friends. This place also has a drive-through service, making your favorite fried chicken easily accessible.



KFC is a popular fried chicken restaurant in Chennai. It is well-known for its bucket fried chicken, which serves 7-8 people. With the right blend of crispness and spiciness, it is the perfect food for you if you are planning a party. This outlet in Anna Nagar also has an outdoor seating place for a much better eating experience.


6.Quality Food

Quality Food is a friendly, little restaurant in Anna Nagar East perfectly suitable for dining with friends and family. As the name suggests, the restaurant aims at providing quality food items at reasonable prices. Online orders and digital payments are accepted here.


7.Triple C – Crispy Chicken Corner

If you ever find yourself wandering about in the streets of Anna Nagar East, be sure to stop at Triple C. Their tasty and juicy fried chicken dishes will leave you wanting more! This curbside pickup outlet opens at 4 p.m. and has a neat ambience perfect for enjoying the evening weather.


8.The Fried Bowl

Another great place for fried chicken in Anna Nagar is The Fried Bowl. With outdoor seating options, this is a great place to hang out with friends and delicious food. The restaurant also offers vegetarian options and it is the perfect nighttime spot. Online payments are also accepted here.


9.The Mama Shop

One of the finest restaurants in Anna Nagar, the Mama Shop offers a variety of tasty food items. This place has a really good ambience, and it is perfect for late night romantic dinners with that special someone. They provide good quality food with amazing taste. The average cost for two people is approximately 600. Do try out their unique dish, Maggi Goreng and be amazed!


10.Cafe H

Cafe H is a super cute, instagram-able cafe in Anna Nagar that is quite popular among influencers. You can taste a variety of chicken dishes here and other food items as well. Their dessert menu with soulful-tasting dishes is an added bonus you will want to try!


11.Madras Fried Chicken

Perfect for late-night cravings, MFC offers only delivery services and no dining options. If you ever want to taste fried chicken in the comfort of your home while binge-watching your favourite show, this place is for you!


12.Crispy Chick’n Fries

As the name suggests, this curbside pickup spot has some really good, tasty fried chicken for reasonable pricing. Crispy Chick’n Fries is indeed an ideal casual hangout spot for snacking with friends.


13.Kavt Fried Chicken

This is one of the best spots in Anna Nagar, where you can get amazing crispy fried chicken. They also have crispy chicken burgers on their menu. You can also check out their various combo meals to suit your taste buds and save money!



VR Mall is a buzzing mall in Chennai that attracts a lot of traffic, especially during weekends. Wrapchic is located in the mall’s food court, serving delicious, and mouth-watering dishes to its customers. Some of their signature chicken dishes include burritos, quesadillas and tacos.


15.The Chicken Licken

The Chicken Licken is yet another small spot in Anna Nagar, serving tasty fried chicken dishes. Do check this place out for tasty and hygienic food at affordable prices.


16.Biggies Burger

If you are on the lookout for authentic burgers, worry no more. Biggies Burger is one of India’s largest burger outlets, and now, you can easily spot them in everyone’s favourite Anna Nagar. Get amazing offers on drool-worthy chicken burgers!


17.Urban Spatula

Do check out this fine dining restaurant in Anna Nagar serving tasty and flavourful dishes that will surely blow your mind. It’s a perfect, cosy hangout spot for friends and family where you can try a variety of dishes from traditional to continental. They have a beautiful and calming ambience perfect for your Instagram photos.


18.The High Joint

The High Joint in Anna Nagar is quite famous for its fried chicken burgers. They also provide various combo offers if you ever find yourself there with a large group of friends. It’s a casual spot with an appeasing ambience to have a memorable dining experience with your loved ones.


19.The Living Room

Experience a top-notch dining experience at the Living Room in Anna Nagar. This restaurant also has a terrace seating arrangement to enjoy a perfectly good evening with friends.


20.Little Hut Family Fast Food

Little Hut in Anna Nagar is a small yet cosy place that is always packed with people. For affordable prices, you can enjoy the tastiest foods in good quantity. Feel free to check out this place if you want to taste good food on a budget!