Top 20 Sri Lankan Curries

Top 20 Sri Lankan Curries

Have you tried to visit Sri Lanka anytime? Well, it is a great place to be. It has got a rich culture and tradition. It has got many scenic places to visit. Furthermore, one can try different sports available on the spots. Sri Lanka has some religious places too. As well you can visit some historical sites. It is full of beautiful places to see and experience. Furthermore, you can try their cuisine. The cuisines include everything from hot and spicy to sweet and sour. They have got many mouth-watering recipes. Hence, today we will be talking about their curries. These are the top 20 Sri Lankan Curries. Do give them a try.


Firstly, we will begin with the easiest curry. This dish is the traditional lentil curry or dal a mom makes. It has Lentil, onion, tomatoes, chilies, and other spices. It goes well with rice, chapati, and bread. It is a good comfort food and is very famous in Sri Lanka.

Dish of stir fried eggs tofu with pork and holy basil on white


You must have heard about this famous Sri Lankan jackfruit curry. Polos have sliced Jackfruit, onion, ginger, garlic, coconut milk, and spices. It has a good texture and taste. It is an excellent dish to go with rice and other bread. Majorly, one can have it on a rainy day sitting on their balcony.



Have you ever heard of Sambal Chili sauce? It is an authentic Sri Lankan dish. It is mildly spicy and tasty. Lamprais are meat, rice, and Sambal chili sauce. People serve them in banana leaves. They pack it and smoke it before serving. The dish has delicious meat, Sambal sauce, and Smoked banana leaf.


4.Kukul Mas Curry

Kukul mas curry is Sri Lankan Chicken curry. It is a dish in every household. It has authentic Sri Lankan spices. People cook the chicken in the typical way to give it the required flavor. Furthermore, you can enjoy this delicacy with roti or bread too.

Chickin Tikka Curry in thick red gravy in white plat on light background.

5.Fish Ambul Thiyal

Fish Ambul Thiyal is a staple food in the coastal region. It is like a dry fish curry. The dish goes well with rice. The fish has a coating of many spices that give it flavor. Furthermore, you can try this dish along with bread too.

Sea fish soup with croutons and rouille French cuisine

6.Thora Malu

Thora Malu is another Sri Lankan fish curry. The fish in the curry is Mackerel. Furthermore, it has a perfect blend of spices. This blend makes the curry stand out with flavor. It is a spicy, tangy, and flavourful curry to have with rice.


7.Devilled Chicken Curry

This dish is a version of dry chicken curry. It is similar to Manchurian or chili. However, it has a distinct taste from both of them. It has spices, veggies, chicken breasts, banana peppers, and healthy ingredients. You will find it more in the northern part of Sri Lanka.

fried meat with tomatoes on a dish closeup

8.Kola Kenda

Kola Kenda is like a porridge. It is a herbal dish that contains many herbs. It has a very mild taste. People are fond of it. It includes leaves like Gotu kola and mukunuwenna. Furthermore, they add soft-boiled rice and coconut milk for the right texture.

Boiled rice with pork in bowl

9.Prawn Curry

Typically, Sri Lankan eats the prawns along with their shells. They can make many dishes using prawns. Also, the number of curries with prawns is uncountable. They can make a dry prawn curry with onions and tomatoes. Or they can make a gravy one which will go with rice.


10.Jaffna Crab Curry

The curry comes from the northern parts of Sri Lanka. Jaffna is famous for its crab curry. The curry comes from Tamil Nadu and has some of its essence. Furthermore, one can find it all over Sri Lanka. However, Jaffna is the best place to eat it.

East Asian curry rice with pork, vegetables and shrimps in a hot brown sauce

11.Kalupol Wattaka

Kalupol Wattaka is a non-spicy pumpkin curry. It comes under the yellow curry dishes of Sri Lanka. It is a creamy, mild, and non-spicy curry. Furthermore, the paste of the curry contains grounded rice. When you top it on rice you can feel the rice flavor in the curry too.

Thai food - hot curry chicken with pumpkin

12.Batu Moju

Now we come to the veg curries. Not sure but, many people consider eggplant to be non-veg. Sri Lankans have a delicious curry of eggplant in their cuisine. It is one of the healthy dishes they have on the list. Furthermore, you can combine it with rice or other breads.


13.Kir Kos

Sri Lankans have a different kind of obsession with Jackfruit. Kir kos contains matured Jackfruit. It is different from Polos. It does not have many spices. Hence, it will be great for the one with low spice tolerance. You can try it with rice.

Butter chicken curry with basmati rice and cilantro.

14.Kos Atta Curry

Kos Atta curry deals with the internal parts of Jackfruit. It has jackfruit seeds. They make the curry by boiling the seeds to make them soft. Later, they mix it with a decent mixture of spices and coconut milk. This technique gives them the required Sri Lankan taste. It is a great curry to try with rice.


15.Cadju Curry

We are moving towards the nutty part of Sri Lanka. Cadju curry has Cashew nuts. It is a curry with cashew nuts, spices, coconut milk, and lots of love. You will find plenty of cashew in Sri Lanka. Still, Cadju curry remains one of the most expensive dishes on the menu of Sri Lankan hotels.


16.Pineapple Curry

Don’t get me wrong. But Sri Lankans can probably make a curry out of anything they like. Usually, pineapple is sweet and sour. They make a great combination with the spices of a curry. Hence, you can try this curry during your visit to Sri Lanka.


17.Lotus Root Curry

Lotus Root Curry is a famous dish throughout the world. People all over the world want to try out this curry. The curry has coconut milk and spices with sliced lotus. It is available all over Sri Lanka and in the local markets. It is a tasty dish to add to your Wishlist.

Green pork Curry , Thai cuisine


We know that South Indian cuisine largely influences Sri Lankan cuisine. Sambhar in Sri Lanka is similar to that one in South India. They eat it with rice, dosa, appam, etc. There is immense demand for healthy sambhar in Sri Lanka.


19.Ambrella Curry

Ambrella is similar to pineapple. The curry is the same as pineapple curry. Ambrella is a tarty fruit. It combines with the spices to make a delicious dish. This dish will make your mouth water. Also, it goes well with rice as a stomach-filling meal.

Chicken tikka masala. Traditional indian cuisine. Panorama, banner

20.Green Bean Curry

The last curry on the list we have is green bean curry. It has coconut milk, turmeric, and a little bit of spice. Sri Lankans grow green beans right in their backyards. This technique makes the vegetable available in every part of Sri Lanka. Furthermore, you can have this dry curry with some coconut rice.