Top 20 Srinagar Bakeries

Top 20 Srinagar Bakeries

Kashmiri bakeries are one of the best and yet among the less known things about Kashmir that people around the world need to know about. The delight of relishing a brown, crispy cookie while sipping a cuppa hot coffee in the snow-clad paradise, is too good to be missed. It is surprising to note how these baked pieces of love, in spite of the richness of taste they have and the absolute heart melting experience they offer, have remained this underrated. We, thereby, are here to provide a list of top 20 Srinagar bakeries, that you need to indulge in it.

1.Le Delice

Located on Boulevard Street, it happens to be Kashmir’s first authentic French bakery. With beautiful lavender and white walls, the bakery has lots of beautiful French delicacies, to be offered to you- Croissants, baguettes (long, narrow French loaf), pain au chocolat (pain=bread), and congolais (coconut biscuits) happen to be a few of them. When in Srinagar, do tell your tour agent about not missing this out!

Rating- 5


2.Tea Lounge- Vivanta Hotels & Resorts by TAJ

If you are in for shelling some extra bucks for enjoying the finest bakery in the state, without a second thought hop in here. The rich aroma of the coffee, cake and freshly baked cookies will follow you, wherever you go and it will seduce you in having a sinfully passionate affair with them, whereas the sensually soul-stirringly beautiful Sun, will be setting and creating a colorful and romantic atmosphere, for your oh-so naughty indulgence. The signature dishes you ought to try out here are the Fresh Fruit Souffles, Kehwa and the off-beat Sandwiches.

Rating- 4.9


3.Iqra Bakers and Confectioners

Based in Natipora, this bakery has cakes richly rich in dry fruits, melting as soon as you put them in your mouth. The cookies here, too, are heavenly as well. Do try out their Hazelnut Cake.

Rating- 4.8


4.Noor Bakery

Situated at Buchpora, this bakery will introduce you to the actual heavenly taste of baked delicacies on the Paradise on Earth. If you miss this, then you will miss a part of the sweetness that Kashmir had in store for you.

Rating- 4.6


5.Modern Bakery

If you are at Bemina, in Srinagar, you can come across one of the finest bakeries of the place- Modern Bakery. Here you not only get the traditional and authentic taste of the deep fried Kashmiri cookies and biscuits, but also a wide range of the modern tasting ones.

Rating- 4.6


6.Sultan Bakery

What is in the name”? I say, “Everything”. Another highly loved bakery of Kashmir, you can easily discover this place when at Dal Lake. With an old Kashmiri charm, and a warm hospitality, this Bakery of Srinagar will melt your heart for sure. The Coconut Biscuits available over here are worth a definite try.

Rating- 4.5


7.Baker Boy

With professionally trained employees and strict quality standards, Baker Boy becomes one of the safest choices for your indulgence in the dark, deeply warm, soft pleasures of life.

Rating- 4.5


8.Nishat Bakery and Sweets

A fresh bakery, offering the freshest of breads, cookies and cakes,-  Nishat Bakery and Sweets, is one more addition to the finest confectionaries of Srinagar.

Rating- 4.5


9.Noorani Bakery and Restaurant

From different kinds of pastries to all kinds of Kashmiri foods, and from a large variety of pizzas to a wide range of side dishes that include salads, cakes, biscuits, pasta, buffalo wings, beverages, chicken dishes, mutton dishes and drinks- Nooran Bakery and Restaurant in an one to all solution to almost everything you need.

Rating- 4.4


10.Hollywood Bakery

At the Residency Road, you will discover this amazing cookie, pastry, and cake shop, that will take you to a different world with its out-of-the world taste. When at Hollywood Bakery, Do Not forget trying their Chocolate Rolls, Coconut Cookies and Walnut pastries.

Rating- 4.4


11.Jan Bakery

Located near the Dal Gate, Jan Bakery is one of the most famous bakeries of Srinagar. With a lip-smacking medley of pastries, cakes and baked cookies, you will find yourself totally spoilt for choice. Select anything you want, because everything is worth a try.

Rating- 4.3


12.Jee Enn Bakery

Another of the best bakeries of Srinagar, one can find this place on the M A Road. Excelling both in Vegan and Non-Vegan items, the Must-Have things when here are Coconut filled biscuits, Plum Cakes, Sweet Corn Pudding, Chicken and Mutton Patties, and Chicken Kebabs.

Rating- 4.2


13.Royal Sweets and Bakery

True to its name, this bakery exposes you to a Royal range and taste of sweets, deep-fried cookies and squidgy, velvety pastries and cakes.

Rating- 4.1


14.Mughal Darbar Bakery and Restaurant

Who doesn’t like two-in-one things, or ek-ke-saath-dusra-mooft kind of experiences? In case you do, hop into one of Kashmir’s most famous restaurants for lunch and then hop out of it, with a bag full of snacks for a long-desired sweetly baked evening.

Rating- 4.0


15.Just Baked

One of the finest patisseries, Just Baked is quite famous for its pastries. However, if you are looking for freshly baked biscuits, this place won’t disappoint you as well. In addition to these, you also get access to crispy golgappe, along with hot and appetizing pizzas and dosas. This is one of the many places in Kashmir, that will bake you with happiness and make you fluffy with a happy tummy.

Rating- 4.0


16.Safa Bakery and Sweets

Yet another of the leading confectionaries of Srinagar- this place at Safa Kadal is where your search for good cooked and fresh baked food ends. Come here and eat to your Sweet tooth’s delight.

Rating- 4.0


17.Ar-son Bakery & Confectionary

With the sole aim of “Customer satisfaction” by not compromising on quality, Ar-Son Bakery & Confectionery becomes another of the reliable places to have and take home, bakeries from.

Rating- 3.8


18.Snober Bakery

Located on NH 1D, the baked items from Snober Bakeries can act as one the best refreshments for the tourists tired from a long journey. Prompt service and an awesome taste, make people flock here and take with themselves ingredients for a sweeter journey ahead.

Rating- 3.6  


19.Bismillah Bakery

Srinagar’s love, Bismillah Bakery, will make you fall a little more in love with Kashmir. Go ahead, and give it a try.


20.Shalimar Bakers

Yeh jisko mil jaaye, uska dil khil jaaye

Aa jaaye zindagi me bahaar,

Mera pyaar Shalimar, tera pyaar Shalimar

I am singing the Shalimar song because the taste of the freshly made cookies and cakes you get over here, is unparalleled. Head towards this place, and you too will, perhaps, come out humming “Mera Pyaar Shalimar.



*All ratings are on a total of 5*