Top 20 Places To Eat Around Amity University, Which Won’t Dig In Your Pockets Deep


1.Tea shop

If you are looking for exotic flavors of teas and coffees both iced and hot, this one’s probably the best place. Some of its hot-selling flavors are hibiscus tea, cardamom tea, Irish coffee, peach iced tea and hazelnut cold coffee. While coffee may cost you around Rs 100-150, a tea would be around 40-80. So, you can any day go there any day to ease your mind and pocket both.


2.Bistro 37

Located in sector 37 of Noida, this place is immensely popular with all the student crowd. The quantity and quality of the food at this place is worth appreciating. Some of its hot-selling include cheesy baked fries, brown bread sandwiches, and burgers. A nice filling meal for two would cost you around Rs 350-400. 


3.Hunger striker

The famous tandoori Momos chain from Amar Colony, Delhi has opened two branches of its in Noida, and both of them are running really well. One being in sector 37 Noida and one right in front of gate no 2 A of Amity University. Not only the Momos but the variety of dips and highly refreshing Banta is worth trying here. The cost for two here would be around Rs 250-300 here.



From enjoying a bowl of Maggi to enjoying a three-course meal, your one-stop food station could be Balli situated in front of gate 2 A of Amity University. Some of its hot-selling favorites are Oreo shake, shawarma roll and chole bhature are a must try here. The cost for two people here would be around  Rs 250-300.



Again situated in front of gate no 2 A of Amity university, this one’s a place where you do not need to eat in your car and enjoy the ambiance of an air-conditioned restaurant at an affordable price. Garlic bread and vanilla shake are a must try here. The cost for two people at this place would range around Rs 400-500. 



Situated in front of gate no 2A of Amity University, this one is a small cafe with a cozy ambiance. Honey chilly potatoes are a must try here. The cost for two people having a meal here would be somewhere in between Rs 450-500.



Situated in sector-37 of Noida, this again is a franchisee outlet of famous shawarma rolls from New friends Colony in Delhi. This is a nice place for authentic middle eastern taste of shawarmas and is pretty reasonable too. A pack of 4 pieces shawarma will cost you around Rs 200.


8.Al-Aziz Kathi rolls 

This one’s again located at the gate no 2A of Amity University and provides us with irresistible and mouth-watering Kathi rolls and doesn’t dig deep in our pockets too. The cost for two people here would be around Rs 200.


9.Hungry I

Situated in Sector 44 of Noida, this one is a place to die for if you are looking forward to eating healthy and cheap. The brown bread sandwiches here are a must try. A Sandwich which is both filling and delicious will cost you around Rs. 150 and shakes start from Rs 80-150.



Adjacent to Hungry I, this one offers the best chilly gravy momos in town and shakes to die for as well. Kit Kat shake and Ferrero Rocher shake are a specialty amongst all the shakes. With Rs 350 in your pocket, you can treat two people here.


11.Bench café

Again situated in front of gate no 2A of Amity University, this is the place full of bean bags and benches giving it a very chilled out ambiance. You can enjoy some quick bites here at a really affordable price. Kebab paranthas and soya chaap are a must have here. It would cost you around Rs 250 for two people here.


12.Thee pot 

Situated in Sector 37 Noida, this place serves the best croissants at the most affordable prices. The peri peri paneer roll is mouth-wateringly good. It will cost you around Rs 300-350 for two people. 


13.Roll kings

Situated in the sector 18 market of Noida, this place offers probably the widest variety of Kathi rolls. They have like 95 types of Kathi rolls at there place, and each one has its unique taste. So, if you are a rolls person, this place is not something you would want to miss. It will cost you around Rs 300-400 for two people, including some mocktails too may be. 


14.Oh buoy food truck

From Chinese to Italian, Indian and Arabic this food truck is a proper multi-cuisine serving joint and guess what? Everyone is at it’s perfect taste here. It stands near the HCL office in Sector-125, Noida. A filling meal here would cost you somewhere between Rs 450-500 for two people. 


15.Fit food truck

Well, well where would you go if all that you need to eat is healthy. For the best wheat pasta, pizzas and sandwiches, best place for people who are off junk food and want to keep healthy too. It again parks near gate no 2A of Amity University. Cost for two people here would be around Rs 500-600.


16.The food label truck

It usually parks at Sector-83 of Noida. This one’s a very affordable place where you can relish North Indian food at like Rs 300 for two. 


17.Junkies cafe

Situated in Sector-125 of Noida, this one is for people who love the junk. Fried chicken and the mix sauce pasta is a must have here. It would cost you around Rs 500 for two here. 



Situated in Sector-18 of Noida this place is purely a pizza and pasta place and offers a wide variety of both pizzas and pasta. It also serves wheat pizzas and pasta. Cost for two people here would be somewhere between Rs 500-600.



It’s definitely a final destination for a momos lover as it serves probably the most delicious momos in all the Delhi and NCR. From fried to steamed and tandoori momos, everything is just perfect here. The cost for two people would be like Rs 300 here. Chandas

20.Nazeer foods 

If biryanis and chicken Tikkas take over your mind, this is the most affordable and the best place to go. The chicken taka tak roll is the most favorite amongst the customers. Cost for two people here would be around  Rs 500-600 here.