Top 20 Strange Food Combos

top 20 strange food combos

When I talk about food, lots of delicious pictures come to mind. Some people will crave for ice-cream and some for spicy chips. People can even think of chicken wings or fish and chips. Some will remember the bitter gourd, while some will recall the sour lime. Every human has his own choice and taste. I will say I love to eat cheese cubes with fruits. Do you love it too? Which more strange food combos do you like? Tell us fast. Because in this article, we are going to talk about the top 20 strange food combos. At last, humans made them all, and humans like them all.

1. Cheese And Fruit

As mentioned above, Cheese and fruit are my favorite food combo. The butter-like taste and texture of cheese go well with fruits like Apple, Pear, Green Apples, Guava, and pineapple. Many people will add other fruits to this list. This combo continues to be better by adding a glass of wine.

1. Cheese and Fruit

2. Fries And Frosting

Fries and Frostingis the top 20 strange food combo in trend. Many people find it disgusting to consume. However, some weirds live for this combo. They dip the crunchy potato fry into the sweet, creamy, and cold frostingand enjoy the delicacy. Mostly, people dip them in chocolate frosting.

2. Fries and Frosting

3. Bread And Chocolate

It is fine to eat a chocolate filled Croissant. But, spreading chocolate syrup on a slice of bread is unusual. Majorly, it gets the bread soggy and takes out its flavor. Secondly, the chocolate syrup can be too sweet to create a good food combo. Hence, this is not a good idea being in the top 20 strange food combos.

3. Bread and Chocolate

4. Maggie And Ketchup

It is not a good idea to mention this combo. Maggie and Ketchup is a flaming combo in the market. The majority have chosen to keep it alive. However, some ethical Maggie Eaters have rejected it on the face. They call Maggie and the ketchup combo to be underrated. They will never accept this change in their favorite Maggie.

4. Maggie and Ketchup

5. Ice-Cream Fry

We have Ice cream fry in the fifth place of the top 20 strange food combos. Basically, you can make it by dipping a ball of ice cream in Pancake or Pakoda batter. Fry it until golden brown. Some great people enjoy this great combo. Fortunately, many sensible ones refuse to accept it.

5. Ice cream Fry

6. Pineapple On Pizza

Pineapple on Pizza is the second food combo to create a war. Many people have started a petition to ban it. Many people love it so much that to start fighting for its existence. In my opinion, fruit over pizza can never be a good idea. What do you think?

6. Pineapple on Pizza

7. Popcorn With Ketchup

Ketchup can go with many things. Eating it along with popcorn can or cannot be a good idea. Just like before, the vote here is equal. Half of the population agree it to be a good go. The other is sure to ban it in the upcoming year or two.

7. Popcorn with Ketchup

8. Chocolate On Momos

Momos have been in trend recently for varied reasons. They are a popular street food available all over India. Usually, they are spicy. People serve them with spicy chutney. Can you imagine this Momos tasting better when dipped in chocolate syrup? Not my cup of tea, to be honest.

8. Chocolate on Momos

9. Kurkure And Ice Cream

Kurkure and ice cream are similar to Fries and frosting. Just like that, Kurkure and ice cream is spicy and crunchy but sweet and cold. Many people are not aware of this mouth-watering combo. Although after trying it once, you will roam around talking about it the whole day.

9. Kurkure and Ice cream

10. Rabadi And Malpua

Two major sweet dishes combined will make up a great combo. Hence, we include Rabadi and Malpua in the top 20 strange food combos. The thin sweet Rabadi has a lot of dry fruits. The thick sweet pancake Malpua. They come together to make a very delicious combo. 

10. Rabadi And Malpua

11. Chips Dipped In Cocacola

Chips and cola side by side as usual. You can eat a chip and take a sip of Cocacola. How about dipping this chip into Coca-cola? It will turn a bit soggy. Coca-Cola can also get oily. Ultimately, some people will love it like pineapple over Pizza. That’s the actual game changer.

11. Chips dipped in Cocacola

12. Peanut Butter And Pickles

Peanut butter and pickles are a sandwich food combo. The New York Times takes responsibility for creating this strange food combo. The paper suggested spreading peanut butter on the bread and adding slices of pickles to the veggies. Both the flavors withstand each other and create a perfect balance.

12. Peanut butter and pickles

13. Grill Cheese Sandwich With Apples

Grill cheese sandwich with apple is a healthy combo of the top 20 strange food combos. But I am talking about adding slices of apple to the Sandwich. A Grill cheese sandwich with apples is practically unimaginable for a few people. The saltiness of the cheese and the sweetness of the apple go hand in hand.

13. Grill Cheese Sandwich with Apples

14. Pizza With Honey

Unlike Pineapple on Pizza, Pizza with honey is a better combo. You might think that this is a weird combo. Factually, this is an excellent combo. The sweetness of honey flourishes with the saltiness of pizza. People use cheese pizza for this combo. It lights up this flavorful combo.

14. Pizza with Honey

15. Vanilla Ice-Cream With Soy Sauce

The scoops of Ice-cream with chocolate shavings and syrup are usual to see. Did you ever see a drizzle of Soy sauce on your Vanilla Ice-cream? Probably, you might throw it away because it is no more edible. However, some people consider it a flavourful combo and enjoy eating it.

15. Vanilla Ice cream with Soy sauce

16. Cinnamon Rolls And Chilli

Cinnamon Rolls and Chilli are in the top 20 strange food combos because it is addictive. Initially, people served it in schools. Kids and adults love the super crazy combo of Cinnamon Rolls and Chilli very much. Chilli is a ground beef sauce or curry. It is spicy to taste. It would be best if you place a perfectly made Cinnamon Rolls on top of this Chilli. Boom, Perfect combo!!

16. Cinnamon Rolls and Chilli

17. Banana Slice In Meatball Spaghetti

A banana slice in meatball Spaghetti sounds too much for a combo. Nevertheless, people say it is a great one. You can add these slices to Spaghetti with or without meatballs. Some food divas say it is a delicious dish. Let us know what you think about it. 

17. Banana slice in meatball Spaghetti

18. Doritos In Sandwich

Usually, you must be eating your sandwich or burger with chips. This combo speaks about putting chips that are Doritos inside of your sandwich. Adding Doritos will give the sandwich a new crunch and add to its flavor.

18. Doritos in Sandwich

19. Butter And Sugar Sandwich

Butter and sugar with bread is a straightforward combo you can think. It is a usual day breakfast for many people. Some people may think it is a weird or strange combo. For me, it is a quick meal to prepare. Hence, we include it in the top 20 strange food combos.

19. Butter and sugar sandwich

20. Strawberry Dipped In Sour Cream And Brown Sugar

Lastly, we end the top 20 strange food combos with this sweet combo. Strawberry dipped in sour cream, and brown sugar is a party combo. It is sweet and sour. It is trending among teenagers around the world.

20. Strawberry dipped in sour cream and brown sugar