Different Ways To Revamp The Lunchbox

Different Ways To Revamp The Lunchbox

One of the most challenging facets of the day is the creation of the lunchbox. Many women and men find it difficult to produce an exciting dish for their child/spouse every single day. The introduction of various cuisines into the Indian food industry is seen to affect the concept of the ‘lunch box’. But never fear, for here are 20 recipes for children/spouses which are made with nutritious ingredients and delicious new twists.

1. Rice

Rice is seen to be a staple diet for most parts of the country. Rich in carbohydrates and fibre, one can do many wonders with the key ingredient being rice. Since rice is known to give instant energy to the human body, its versatility can be put to good use.


2. Curd Rice

Curd is known for its cooling properties, thus enabling a fantastic combination with rice. In order to prepare this dish, you will need a packet of curd and a bowl of steamed cooked rice. This is one of the most simple recipes, for it only involves the mixing of the two, which produces a plate of tasty curd rice. Deliver the contents into a container and you are good to go. If you wish to add some flavour to it, pack in a small amount of pickle of your choice or add in some freshly cooked spices with a dash of pomegranate. There you have it, a splendid plate of curd rice ready to be eaten by your child/spouse.


3. Egg Rice

As rice is known to be a condiment, one can use it with any form of curry. Thus I introduce to you, the egg rice. One of the many healthy components eggs have is the amount of protein. This is seen to be nutritious and tasty, making it a regular in the lunchbox. There are a few key ingredients, which include eggs, rice and any seasoning of your choice. The preparation of the egg can be personalized, using it in any form, be it an omelette, boiled or fried. After choosing your method of preparation, you can then transfer the elements into a bowl of steamed rice. Once you have done so, you must then mix them together, while tasting along the way. This can be the perfect way to measure the spices and taste before emptying it into the lunchbox. Though it won’t seem hot while consumed later, the egg and the rice provide suitable energy and brain capacity for the rest of the day. With these two forms of rice, one can understand the need and usage of this ingredient, which makes it a common choice for the lunchbox.


4. Bisi Bele Bath

Common to the southern region of India, Bisi Bele Bath, is a delicacy in Karnataka, India. It is a simple and easy-to-make recipe for anyone with a lunch box. It needs a bowl of rice, with any masala of your choice, Once the rice is cooked, it must be emptied into a hot pan, wherein rest of the cooking will take place. Once the rice is transferred, cook it on a low flame and slowly adding your preferred spices and mixtures. After this addition, add some clarified butter (Ghee), to the pan and begin to stir. Stir until it reaches a certain reddish-brown colour. Transfer into a bowl for cooling and serve with a dash of coriander. There it is, your very own Kannadiga Bisi Bele Bath is ready for its lunch box.


5. Bhindi Rice

This is a delicacy known to the eastern coast of Andhra Pradesh. You will need a batch of freshly picked Bhindi (Okra), some chilli powder and again a bowl of freshly steamed rice. Clean and cut your Okra any way as you please and cook it over a slow flame with a little vegetable oil. Add your amounts of spice and flavouring as you please until you feel it is ready to eat. Transfer the rice into the pan and stir on a low flame, until there is caramelization of the rice. make sure you do not over cook it, for it could taste burnt and soggy. After stirring it for a while, add some clarified butter (ghee) and mix again. Once you see the caramelization of the rice, transfer the amount into a fresh bowl and let it cool. Transfer the contents into the carrier and it is ready for consumption.


6. Pickled Rice

One of the most simple recipes of rice, it involves very little time and energy. You will only need fresh steamed rice, clarified butter and a pickle of your choice. Once the rice is steamed, add some ghee and pickle to the mix. Stir it well until the pickle begins to colour the rice. Once this is done, you can transfer the contents into the lunchbox and it is ready for consumption. While this is an easy method, it also is seen to cause some heat in the body which can cause ulcers. This shouldn’t be on the regular diet.


7. Chapati

Often known around the world as the Indian ‘flat bread’, Chapati is an extremely interesting concept of food. It can be used to eat with any sort of curry and pickle making it an extremely versatile element of the diet. Due to its soft texture it is flexible and can be transformed into various shapes and sizes which is seen to be the best for a lunch box worthy dish.


8. Chapati And Curry

One of the easiest ways of eating chapati is by cherishing it with some curry. Adding them in a the lunchbox is a relishing and easy meal of the day.


9. The Quesadilla

Since the chapati is an extremely versatile component, one can eat it with the filling inside. It is easy, for all one must to do is add the curry onto one side of the chapati and pack it up into a triangular shape. This is especially viable for it takes up little space and allows you to have the best of both worlds in a very simplistic manner.


10. The Burrito

Like the Quesadilla, the Burrito is a Mexican delicacy, which can be easily replicated with the concept of a chapati. Using all the ingredients as the quesadilla, one can add the curry onto the chapati, and instead of wrapping it up into a triangle, can roll it up for it to be packing the curry tightly inside. In order to make it more lively and fun, the curry need not only consist of vegetables and masala, but of  jam, sauce and chocolate syrup. With this easy to eat snack, your meal is set to be clean and fast.


11. The Combo

One of the most innovative and tasty forms of a combination is the chapati covering a sort of rice. The burrito can be seen as a tighter version of this. This recipe consists of freshly cooked chapati and a batch of fresh steamed rice. Cook the rice in any curry you wish on a slow flame, allowing it to caramelize for while. Transfer into the lunch box while placing the chapati on top of it. This can be buttered and seasoned with garlic or lemon to give it a fine kick. This provides a dual purpose, for it is full of flavour, and can also be used to eat the rice with. This can be a tasty snack/meal for the lunchbox, which is revitalized and re-imagined.


12. Bread

Bread is also known to be an extremely interesting and easy way of a meal, for it requires no particular effort to ‘make’ it.


13. Sandwich

This is the easiest way of the lunchbox, for it is clean and requires not much external force and effort.  All one needs is a loaf of bread, toppings of personal choice and butter if wanted. One can toast the bread or leave it raw, which is subjected to personal taste. Slice the two slices of  bread into any shape wanted and place your choice of toppings between the two, ex. Nutella, potato, carrot or any other choice of curry or salad and you are good to go! This is an extremely interesting and easy way into the hearts of your loved ones.


14. Fried Bread

This is just a small twist on the sandwich, which involves a high flame and any oil of your choice. This is an easy and quick method to serve bread. The first step is to make the bread into a sandwich, with the stuffing of your choice. Then, apply some of your favourite batter, be it sweet or salty and begin to fry the elements. Make sure you do this over a slow flame, with minimal amount of oil. After the bread is seen to have a caramelized colour on it, remove it and drain the excess oil. Place it into the lunchbox with a sauce or chutney of your choice and you are good to go!


15. Pasta And Bread

Pasta is known to be an Italian delicacy, but is an extremely easy and versatile element to give in the lunchbox. You will need cheese, chilli powder, milk and some pre-cooked pasta. All of these elements will be the stuffing of the bread. First cook the pasta on high flame in a pot of boiling water, until the condiments become soft and edible. After this, strain the condiments into another pan and place over a slow flame. Add some cheese and milk and begin to stir. After this ste, place the dish to cool and begin toasting the sandwich. Once toasted, add the stuffing and bake for about 10 minutes. And there you have it, your bread and pasta is ready for eating!


16. Bread And Rice

The mixture of these two components can be seen as a dish which is extremely tasty and filling. In the recipes mentioned above, the concept of egg rice is an interesting twist on eating rice. This time, the only change required is bread. Prepare your rice, to whatever flavour you wish to, adding various spices and vegetables. To add a fun new twist, fry bread pieces on a slow flame, again adding any masala or spice of your preference. After the bread is seen to turn crispy and caramelized, deposit into the pan with the rice and stir on a hot flame. Begin to taste test this for the bread can emit some taste which must be altered. After a few minutes of stirring, place the item in another bowl and cool. Set in you lunch box and you are good to go.


17. Chocolate Toast

The concept of the sandwich is seen to an easy method of consumption, but adding a fun twist to it with chocolate as an element will surely bring a smile to your child’s face! The stuffing of the sandwich must of be of the sweet nature. This can include, fruit or chocolate itself, but I would suggest fruit to not overpower the chocolate on the outside. The recipe is the same as making a regular toast, but with a small twist. After the toast is completed, use the stuffing and add it in between the slices. After this step, begin to pour the chocolate sauce/syrup onto the bread and place it on the pan again. This must be done on a low flame and avoid the burning of the bread. After it is cooked, place it to cool and you are ready for a twist and fun treat in your child’s lunchbox and on their face as well!


18. Cheese

Cheese is everybody’s favourite item and it is essential to bring a smile on your child/spouse’s face. The different ways of using cheese only shows its diversity and versatility. Here are some methods to use cheese in a fun and delicious way.


19. Cheese And Bread

All of us know of the grilled cheese sandwich due to its easy to make method and delicious combination of the two components. This is a little different, but tastes just as yummy. You will need a loaf of bread, and any cheese of your choice, I would suggest Mozzarella but anything you prefer. Now, toast the bread and use some butter to add more flavour. This is essential, for the tastes of the two compliment each other brilliantly. Once the toast is done, begin to add the cheese onto the toast on the pan. This will cause the cheese to melt and it will begin to seep into the toast. Now flip the toast and do the same on the other side as well. After this step, take the bread out and cut into the shape you wish and serve in your lunchbox!


20. Cheese Omelette

You will need two eggs, some cheese of your preference, some vegetable oil, milk and a frying pan. Making a regular omelette is relatively easy, which only needs the touch of cheese to add some more flavour to it. Once the omelette has begin to form, add shredded cheese to it and wait fro it to cook. Now flip this omelette and add some more on the other side. Do this until the omelette is caramelized and smells of cheese. This is now ready to be eaten and served in your lunchbox. Please note that this must be served with bread or chapati for it is not sufficient on its own.


21. Cheese Chapati

An excellent combination, all you will need is flour, cheese and spice. While rolling out the chapati dough, please ensure you add some shredded cheese to it before you begin to cook it. Add an ample amount with some salt ans spice for the flavour to Burt in your mouth. This is an incredibly easy way to cook and eat chapati, making it fun and delightful for the lunchbox. The chapati will look the same, but will have cheese and spices as core elements as well.


22. Cheese And Maggi

This is one of the most delicious elements of the lunchbox, and is super easy and quick to make and eat. Making Maggi is simple, and there is nothing different you must do to this recipe as well. While the noodles are cooking, be sure to add some shredded cheese to the pan. Make sure to stir well and empty the container into a bowl to cool. Before it begins to rapidly cool, add another layer of cheese to it and seal the deal. Do not stir and simply add the Maggi into the lunchbox. Later on, a layer of chocie will have formed and it will taste delicious.


23. Cheese And Fruit

This is a slightly strange formula, but its is known to be nutritious and tasty at the same time. Cut some of your favourite fruits and add them into a bowl. Now cut chunks of cheese and add them into the bowl as well. Mix them all together but not vigorously, as we do not wish to shred the cheese. Transfer the elements into the lunchbox and seal it tight. This is a perfect example to enjoy cheese with the sweetness of fruits as well. I would suggest apples, pears and drained watermelon. These fruits will compliment the cheese perfectly. Also must be eaten that day itself.


Disclaimer: These recipes are mainly meant for the mealtimes of lunch and/or dinner. The concept of breakfast will have a separate menu and recipe list.

The recipes provided are for quick and easy methods to spice up the lunchbox in order to entice and welcome the consumers. Directed at the Indian audience.

Chapati, Bread and Rice are  products which are seen to be part of the staple diet, thereby causing less work and energy into preparing these dishes. One can always use the help of the cookie cutters to get fun and fancy shapes for a more interactive and enjoyable experience.