Top 20 Strange Foods To Eat With Tea

“A cup of tea is a cup of Peace,” legendary author Ken Cohen once stated. But nowadays, we see some odd food and tea pairings. For some, Tea can be exciting and adventurous, but for others, it might be obnoxious and repulsive. In India, nearly everyone enjoys Tea. Experimenting with various flavors can often make it disastrous. On the other hand, there’s health improved when they tried different healthy combinations. Let’s explore more about the Top 20 Strange Foods to Eat with Tea today!


Boiled egg dipped in Tea

This culinary pairing may be most strange. The mere thought of this food combo likely made taste sensibilities ache. Images of someone demeaning the delicacy of Tea have surfaced, sending the Internet into horror. This picture went viral on the Internet in 2020.

1.Boiled egg dipped in Tea

2. Chicken in Tea

A Reddit user shared a video of themselves in 2020 sipping Tea while eating chicken tikka masala. All the users were outraged and concerned about how much worse such meal combos would be in the future. The user shared their experience by describing that they were unsure. They had fun eating it.

2.Chicken in Tea

3. Idli in Tea

We all know that sambar and coconut chutney pair best with Idli. Avoid consuming it with any sugary foods. However, a Reddit user uploaded a video of Idli dipped into a cup of Tea. The same person once more uploaded a video with the remark, “Hello, I’m new to India. I hope I’m handling it correctly. Some users truly wanted to know how the combination tasted but were just disgusted by it.

3Idli in Tea

4. Cheese in Tea

Cheese is Love! Cheese in Tea, though? Ew! When they saw a popular Instagram Reel of an Indian man at a Tea Point scraping cheese into a delicious cup of Tea. While many were puzzled by this match, extreme cheese enthusiasts were eager to try it and appreciated it!

4.Cheese in Tea

5. Maggie in Tea

Maggie in Tea is following in the top 20 strange foods to eat with Tea. Let’s review the most recent mishap, in which Maggie is prepared, poured into Tea, and then topped with cheese. There was a failure in other viral Maggie combinations, such as chocolate Maggie.

5.Maggie in Tea

6. Fruits in Tea

Fruits are healthy. We often see health-conscious people eating bananas or other fruits with Tea. They think it is healthy. But unfortunately, it is not! Some street chai-makers in India even make fruit juice and mix it with Tea. It is highly damageable.

6 Fruits in Tea

7. Chai-Pizza

We’re big supporters of experimenting with foodstuff. After all, it is how things develop, and we can anticipate that new dishes will indulge our palates. However, some things must not be permitted. If there was controversy over whether pineapple should be a permitted pizza topping, then the combination of chai and pizza will send shockwaves down your spine.

7.Chai Pizza

8. Nuts with Tea

Consuming nuts with Tea can be harmful to your health. When you drink it with nuts, the tannin present in the Tea can prevent nutrients from being absorbed. It is so because Tea contains tannins and oxalates, which prevent the body from absorbing iron from foods. These substances can bond iron with them, limiting blood intake.

8.Nuts with Tea

9. Paratha with Tea

Majorly, fitness enthusiasts enjoy eating paratha with Tea. However, this is a bad combination for digestion because paratha contains salt, masala, and other ingredients. To bring it to your notice, we include paratha Tea in the top 20 strange food to eat with Tea. These are contrary to traditional Ayurvedic theory.

9.Paratha with Tea

10. Dosa with Tea

View the image below. Yes, some people also eat dosa this way. Even Tea is arranged on the dish next to the chutneys so that you can dip it into it. Yet again, an Indian fusion!

10. Dosa with Tea

11. Tea with Curd

Both have an acidic tendency and could hurt your digestion. Additionally, drinking Tea immediately after a meal that contains curd may cause you to feel queasy.

11. Tea with Curd

12. Tea with Murukku/Chakra

The Economic Times says dipping Indian crispy snacks in Tea is part of our culture and that young adults and college students enjoy this pairing. College students spend their leisure time at Tea stands dipping crunchy foods in Tea a few decades ago, but now most of us find this strange.

12.Tea with Murukku

13. Tea with Papad

As I mentioned before, Indians enjoy dipping crunchy items in Tea. Let’s now give you another combo. In most homes, people consume this recipe in evening snacks. They frequently provided to guests as well.

maxresdefault 2

14. Genmaicha Tea

Japanese brown rice green Tea, known as Genmaicha, is made by combining green Tea with roasted, popped brown rice. Tea with rice? That seems strange, huh? But there are several health advantages to this. In addition to reducing the risk of cancer, genmaicha also lowers the risk of heart disease by raising good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol.

14. Genmaicha Tea

 15. Karela(Bitter Gourd) Tea

This veggie is so bitter that you will eventually throw it out! The bitter gourd, also known as karela, is one of the most disliked vegetables, which is no surprise given how much you enjoy chowing down on vegetables. However, did you know that its intense bitterness can promote excellent health? It is becoming popular among health professionals and fitness fanatics due to its numerous health benefits.

15.KarelaBitter Gourd Tea

16. Tea with Chocolates and Toppings

In Kolkata, India, this Tea became famous a year ago. Everyone appreciated this street-style chai, which attracted a lot of people. However, this is harmful and contains a lot of sugar in terms of health.

16. Tea with Chocolates and Toppings

17. Bubble Tea

There isn’t a middle ground. Some say Bubble Tea is significantly overrated. Nowadays, many stores offer it in cloyingly sweet form. The pearls are essentially bland tapioca. If you get pearls from an Asian grocery store, they will likely contain many unwelcome chemicals, much like many other trendy things from other nations. Boba is unhealthy too!

17.Bubble Tea

18. Tea with Tomato & Mint

People typically don’t like drinking this since, given that tomato is its primary ingredient, it just tastes like soup. Additionally, the inclusion of mint makes this Tea a little odd. Hence, we include it in the top 20 strange foods to eat with Tea.

18. Tea with Tomato Mint

19. Panda Dung Tea

Panda Dung Tea is available only in China. It is among the most costly in the entire world. They fertilize it with panda dung. Tea offers numerous health advantages. The bamboo used to make the panda-produced fertilizer has the same cancer-preventive compound as Green Tea.

19. Panda Dung Tea

20. Tea with Dry Fruits

The deliciousness of various dry fruits is added to regular masala chai to create dry fruit tea. They add Almonds, pistachio, and green cardamom on top of this frothy chai. People wait in line to get a hot cup of this badam Pista tea in the morning at the Giani tea shop in Amritsar, where it first gained popularity.

20. Tea with Dry Fruits