Top 20 Strange Restaurants In the World

Top 20 Strange Restaurants in the World
Top 20 Strange Restaurants in the World

This article is based on the types of the restaurant so that we can come to know that which restaurants are there in which they are very strange and in a world, most people are preferred to eat in hotels as you know that most in Indian country there lakhs of dishes and based on that 2.2 million restaurant and hotels are there so this proves that Indian country are fond of eating and grate lover to eat in hotels especially on Sunday so is there any strange restaurants are there around the world which make the customer feel strange, happy, unique and much.

1.Fish Café

This Café is located in Hoi Chin city in Vietnam country. In this café it is not like that you will get fish dishes, not at all you will find a live fish in under the table and you can enjoy by seeing them as that fishes are live in water and through drinking a coffee you can get a view of live fishes as this café is having 4 floors and this café is being constructed on 3 and 4th floor. In this café, the water was also changed within 24 hours and freshwater you will get so there is no tension of getting a bad smell. In this café, you will get colourful fishes and all the customer has to remove their shoes and then enter in this café. The owner of the café is –Nguyen Duoc Hoa.


2.Vampire Café

This restaurant is counted as very strange but the customers who visit this café were a great and thrilling experience. You will get the servants to dress up in a vampire theme evenly in this restaurant you will find the table and surrounding environment were all in vampire and horror theme which make this very famous. Evenly you will find the different types of dishes in a very strange way in the Menu of this restaurant. Like for ex- Spider biscuit, Crab dish. But do not worry as these dishes are there just for a theming purpose. And the food of this hotel in this restaurant was really fine and delicious so I think. You have to visit this hotel for those who are fond of horror movies and themes. This café is located in the country of Japan and the city is Tokyo station.


3.War Bunker

In This restaurant, you will find a hotel which was there in 1940 as during world wartime as this restaurant was using at that old times. But now little renovation is done and the theme is made like that when you enter in this you will feel that you had time travel and you come in 1940 world wartime. Evenly all the waiters and workers were also wearing that clothes as a soldier and you enjoy it. This restaurant is having an underground and also there is one Wine section is also there.


4.Jail Restaurant

In this restaurant, you were thinking that this restaurant is for the prisoner but not at all is it not like that. This restaurant is made for visitors and tourism in which the theme is just like a prison. Those persons who like the prison or want to experience to take lunch inside the Jail then this restaurant is best for that people. In this restaurant, the waiter was in the police uniform, and on the walls of this restaurant fake Guns, and much more jail instrument is there as for Showpieces. This restaurant is there in our lovely country that is India and located in Bangalore But in this restaurant, you will only get normal dishes are it’s available in a normal hotel.



You were thinking that is it stranger but yes it is. The rule of this restaurant is that you have to eat the food, sitting in the toilet Chair and the food is also kept in a chair of the toilet theme. So this When you go to this restaurant firstly the theme of the restaurant shows that you are in the bathroom. The name of the restaurant is Modern Restaurant and located in Taiwan country.


6.Casa Bonita

This restaurant is located in the American country and the city is Demerol Coastal. This restaurant is having a Mexican theme in which with the food you will also get entertainment. This is the big restaurant in which it is having a 22 thousand sq. Feet and there can be 1000 of people can eat food in this restaurant. In this restaurant, you will also find a magic show, gun show, and mystery tunnels are there and sword games are available. And the 30-foot artificial waterfall is also constructed in which you can also swim.


7.Twin Star Diner Restaurant

In this restaurant, you will get twin waiters as they are already standing at your table to help with serving, payment, etc. Yes you read right it is a twin type of waiter restaurant as we know that By one waiter it is so hard to do work if many customers are there but if twin waiter is there so it will help us double to solve this problem right… So the location of this restaurant is in Moscow, Russia. One fact I want to share with you is that the owner of this restaurant has seen the movie ‘Kingdom of crooked mirrors’ and got an idea to open this type of restaurant. The twin waiters are required to wear identical outfits so that at least they can understand who is there.


8.Wine Lagoon

In this restaurant you can say resort or park as it is having a Spa also in which there are 3 types of Spa bath are there. First is – Coffee spa bath in which you can take a bath in a real coffee. The second is – Wine bath in which you can take a spa bath in real pinkish wine. The third is – Noodles bath in which you can take a bath in a real noodles bathtub. In a wine bath, you cannot drink wine as the customers are not fooled to drink bath wine but the waiters are provided with a special fresh wine to drink. It is also found that while bathing in a Wine bath the skin cells developed very finely. This restaurant is located in a Japanese country.


9.Darkness Restaurant

This restaurant is located in Hyderabad in India. This restaurant is having not have to have light, candles as customers have to eat the food in their senses and mind. If you thinking that you can eat the food by on the flashlight of your phone so sorry because the management has already given instructions when you enter in this hotel. And you also cannot see where is food is there on your table. The person who is fond of darkness so this restaurant is the best for them.


10.Kayabukia Tavern

In this restaurant, you will find that the monkeys are working as a servant so this is very good as they were showing their talent. And in this restaurant, there is not human to work as waiters but monkeys are there. And you were thinking that how monkeys can do this but they are trained in such a way that they also take your order, collect money and also give you towels, etc. But these monkeys are not getting a salary as money but they get a salary as banana as the owner gives them as per time. The location of this restaurant is in Tokyo in Japan. As this restaurant in today’s present is permanently closed.


11.Lapland Snow Village Restaurant

This snow village is spread over an area of 20,000 meters. This restaurant is based on games of a throne. The theme is there. In this, you will find different designs and carving in different rooms. In this restaurant, you will also find a bedroom, tables of Ice how amazing it is! Evenly churches are also made of Ice in real. This snow village is a having a temperature of -5 degrees Celsius. Not only this you will a certificate of appreciation when you lived for one night in this hotel as this hotel is having a bar, churches, game zone, and restaurant which is all made of real ice.

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12. Dining In The sky, Canada

If the people are fond of adventure and eating of food so is anything is there in which both things can solve in one time. By the way yes it is possible because David Ghysels and Steffen Kerkhofs have made this possible. In this restaurant we have to select our meal plan and after that, we have to sit and they will tie our safety equipment and after that, the crane will lift the whole dining table at 150 feet high from the ground. And this restaurant can only lift 22 persons at one time and evenly this dinning having seats which can rotate 360 degrees and also this restaurant can also rotate as to get a view. As this restaurant is also closed as permanently.


13. Lithia Undersea Restaurant Maldives

This restaurant is made under the sea in 5 meters. Which makes you feel under the submarine and when you enter you will get colourful fish around your side and on your plate the tasty food. In this, you will also get an option for seafood, vegetarian and more are there.


14. The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

In this restaurant there is an artificial waterfall is there in which during summer this restaurant get full as there is some different feeling of happiness is there. And also you can take a bath as it is unlimited. The sits of this are made up of bamboo and food is given in a natural plate on leaves and the food is seafood is given it is so much delicious. This restaurant also provides hydroelectricity to nearby coconut plantations.


15. Birds Nest Restaurant, Thailand

So, friends, you have seen the nest in many homes but haven’t you see the nest restaurant which is located in Thailand. In this, the dining table is decorated as a nest house and you have to eat food in the sky at 36 feet high in which you can enjoy by seeing the natural view. When this nest house goes up you will get a beautiful view of the blue sea and nature of tress. Evenly the waiters are serving food to you through zip line wow!


16. Robot Restaurant

This restaurant is the future of India as it is located in Bangalore. In this restaurant, you will not get a waiter as a human but as a robot. In when you enter you will be greeted by a robot and after that, you have to sit at a table in which a tablet is placed on a table in which the menu of the hotel is mention on that tablet. By this, you have to select the dish and placed an order and after 20 to 25 min you will get your order by robots. Only this thing makes this restaurant unique, high tech, and technology makes it advanced.


17. Heart Attack Grill Restaurant, Los Vegas

In this restaurant, the theme is based on the hospital environment. When you enter the doctor is a manager and the waiters are the nurses like dress up they wear and also they treated you as a patient. But do not worry it is just a theme you will get delicious food. In this food in which they have given was having 20,000 thousand calories which is a food of 10 days. And the name of this dish is bypass burger which makes you bypass.


18. Pizza Train Restaurant

In this restaurant, you will get a pizza delivered by artificial train in which small all train is there and you will get a pizza on your desk. It is located in Surat, Gujarat state of India. It is having a train theme in which the train is there and you have to sit and enjoy the food.


19. Robot Restaurant, Japan

In this restaurant, the customers who came are entertained by the waiters in which the waiter wears a character dresses and they show some games, magic, funny shows, etc. and entertain us. In this restaurant, the robots are also there in which as for entertaining they robot fight, show many tricks and many more. Also, the robots and waiters show the drama so that while taking dinner no one gets bore and no one gets feel boring.


20. Grotto Palazzease

The view of this palace is as natural as this is made inside the cave and the view is seashores and nature of blue colour. Those who visit this restaurant will go to visit again and again. The theme and view is that much cooler in which you will feel that you eating food inside the sea only and the dishes are wonderful. As the location is in Italy country only.