20 Best Prawn Curries Of India

20 Best Prawn Curries of India
20 Best Prawn Curries of India

Prawn is considered to be one of the best sea fishes in India. There are different types of delicacies made out of it. It has become very common in the entire nation and is available in almost every food outlet. Varieties of prawns are found in India, like small prawns and Tiger prawns. Tiger prawns are generally more giant in size and served in the premium restaurants of India.

In India, different types of Prawn curries are also popular. Prawn lovers are never disappointed in India as there are hundreds of prawn preparations available here. So here is the list of 20 best prawn curries of India –

1Goan Prawn Curry

Goa is known to be a place of seafood and sea fish. Every non-vegetarian should try different varieties of seafood available here. One such preparation popular in India is the Goan Prawn Curry. This curry is a delight to have due to its flavourful taste. Coconut, curry leaves, garam masala and tomatoes are used to make this dish.


2.Indian Shrimp Curry

This preparation of Prawn is very simple and subtle in appearance but has a ravishing taste. It is found in every part of the country but is popular in the eastern states of India like West Bengal and Odisha. This is a must-try delicacy for prawn lovers. This dish is made using garlic, peanut oil, coconut milk and sweet onion.


3Mangalorean Prawn Curry

As the name suggests, this curry of prawn  originated from Mangalore in the Indian state of Karnataka. This is another delicious preparation  of prawn curry famous in India. The taste of this curry is really exquisite  with an authentic aroma and fragrance. This curry is usually spicy as red chili and Kashmiri chili are used during its preparation.


4.Malai Prawn Curry

Malai prawn curry has a touch of North Indian gravy into it. This is  because the curry is prepared using butter, fresh cream and cashew nuts making it super creamy and delicious. This prawn recipe is also famous in Northern India for this reason. One should surely try this prawn curry of India.


5.Malabari Prawn Curry

Another famous recipe of Prawn is Malabari prawn curry. As the name suggests, this curry has its roots in the Malabar Coast of India, that is, from Karnataka to Kerala. This is another amazing prawn curry of India prepared using coconut mil, coconut oil, green peas and tamarind.


6.Prawn Masala

Prawn masala is a spicy preparation of prawn made in red sauce. The red sauce is made using red chilies, green chilies, tomatoes, ginger-garlic paste and onions, making it extra spicy and delicious. This is a must-try prawn preparation found in India and is loved by the people loving spicy food.


7.Chettinad Prawn Masala

Chettinad Prawn masala has  originated from the Tamil Nadu state of India. It has a unique and delicious taste and is enjoyed in the coast of Tamil Nadu. People can also find this prawn preparation in restaurants of adjacent states like Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra. This is another mandatory prawn curry of India.


8.Green Prawn Curry

Green prawn curry, as the name suggests, has a light greenish texture of gravy. This colour is due to the use of different leaves to make the gravy like, curry leaves, coriander leaves, spinach and mint leaves. Cream is also used sometimes to make this preparation extra creamy. This prawn curry is one of finest healthy cuisines of India.


9Prawn Kadhai Masala

Another famous prawn curry of India is Prawn Kadhai masala. It is one of the tastiest prawn curries of India. The preparation makes use of a unique kadhai masala along with garam masala, capsicum and onion. This dish is famous in the entire country and fish lovers should definitely try this.


10.Punjabi Prawn Curry

Punjabi prawn curry is a famous Punjabi cuisine of Northern India. It is widely available in Punjab, Delhi and Haryana as one of the authentic prawn curries. It has a delightful taste with exquisite aroma making it a must-try prawn delicacy of India.


11.Chingri Macher Malai Curry

A famous cuisine of East India is chingri macher malai curry. The local name of shrimp in Bengal is Chingri. This sea fish is very dear to the people and food enthusiasts of West Bengal and has an increasing demand. The preparation is also very famous in other states like Odisha and Jharkhand.


12Kerala Prawn Curry

Kerala prawn curry is another famous prawn curry available and loved in India. It has an yellow-coloured gravy with use of turmeric in a decent amount. The gravy is delicious in taste and takes you straight away to the southern flavours of Kerala. Coconut and curry leaves are the other core ingredients of this prawn curry.


13.King Prawn Masala Curry

This preparation of prawn makes use of large sized King prawn also known as Tiger prawn. The gravy of the dish is easy to cook, only by using simple ingredients like turmeric, tomatoes, onions and ginger-garlic paste. The size of the prawn steals the show in this prawn curry as it is extremely tasty and delightful.


14Pumpkin Prawn Curry

Pumpkin Prawn Curry is another famous delicacy of Eastern India. People of eastern India love to have pumpkin and use this in making various other food items, and prawn is no exception. It is made, as the name suggests, using fresh pumpkins combined with a subtle gravy which tastes really amazing.


15.Prawn Patiala

Prawn Patiala will take you all the way to the taste of Punjab state of India. Patiala is a city of Punjab and is popular for its excellent and unique range of cuisines. Prawn Patiala is one such cuisine of this place. The taste of this dish has a perfect blend of sweet and sour which makes it a delight to have.


16.Spicy Mango Prawn Curry

Spicy Mango prawn curry is a preparation of Kerala. It is one of the unique South – Indian cuisines one could enjoy. The uniqueness comes from the use of Mango in it. The use of mango fruit makes the taste a bit tangy and delicious. Other important ingredients used are coconut milk and ginger. This curry is usually enjoyed with plain red rice in Kerala.


17Zafrani Prawn Curry

This preparation of prawn is considered to be one of the royal cuisines of India. Royalty of this dish comes from the use saffron. It is a famous prawn delicacy of India and is loved by the people all around. This dish also has global reach and enjoyed all around the world. This dish is a must-try prawn curry of India.

Zafrani Prawn Curry

18.Jheenga Palak

Jheenga Palak is a vegetable delicacy of India. It is enjoyed with roti and chapati in India. Jheenga is the local name of Prawn and Palak mean Spinach. Different types of masalas are used and mixed with potatoes and spinach which makes this prawn preparation a delight to have.


19.South India King Prawn Thokku

As the name suggest, this delicacy of prawn has its roots from the southern of India like Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This is one of the best non-vegetarian south-Indian cuisines. The gravy of this dish is spicy and has a great taste. It has a very aromatic fragrance attracting prawn lovers from different parts of the country.


20.North Indian Prawn Curry

Another top player in the category of best prawn curries of India is the North Indian Prawn Curry. It is one of the most liked recipes of Northern states of India, especially Punjab and Delhi. The consistency of the gravy  of this dish is thick which makes it easier to relish with naan and other famous north-Indian breads.