Top 20 Street Food The Indian’S Chatpata Food Menu

Top 20 Street Food The Indians Chatpata Food Menu

Food has always been an integral part of our Indian culture and society. Our food along with its taste, essence and associativeness with feelings has always been the pride of our nation. Not only for traditional authentic food, but our country is also famous for its spicy, glitter to the taste bud street food. Street food is like chart buster in the food menu. We Indian’s love to have that teekha plus chatpata combination that is fulfilled in street food. So, here are some of mine favourite street foods, which bring water to my mouth and tickle to my taste buds.


Golgappe or Panipuri is what this spicy delight is called. It’s the favourite street food of women across India, they love its chatpata taste with its different chutneys . The most special among its ingredients are its pani that mint flavoured water or pudhina pani, that is good for stomach as well. The golgappe is filled with potato, onions, chickpeas and then added with coriander chutney and sweet tomato chutney and the stuffed golgappes is then drenched in the pani; and the tasty food takes you on a journey of heaven and does magic to your taste buds. With no doubt in one’s existence this snack is among the populous street food in the length and breadth of INDIA.



Bhelpuri or commonly known as bhel is one of my favourite snacks from the streets of Mumbai; and now is famous within all streets and households of India. It is a type of chat with a spicy and tasty combination of puffed rice, vegetables especially onions, tomato, green chilies that add up to the crunch, sev a type of namkeen and the most important the tangy tamarind chutney that enhances the flavor of this yummy Bombay bhelpuri chat. This famous street chat of Mumbai beaches is spicy, crunchy and tickle to the tongue and chatpata snack chat that would do anytime.


3.Chole Bhature

Chole bhature the famous Delhi punjabi tadka food, that’s found all around Delhi. This dish does increase the calorie uptake being a fried one, but it’s fine for some days’ if you are a foody. The bhatura is made of all purpose flour or maida and is fried in oil to get a golden crisp bhatura, to compliment it is the chole ki sabzee made of chickpeas with desi tadka and spices, to add on to this is the onions and pickle that adds cherry to the cake of this food. One should definitely try this street food around the Delhi roads and would surely love it.


4.Pav Bhaji

One of the famous Maharashtrian fast food, pav bhaji, it’s found in all corners of Mumbai. The dish consists of mixed vegetable sabji or bhaji blended with traditional tadka of spices and served all with butter tava roasted bread roll or pav with some butter to add to the flavor. This is a tasty and healthy street food famous for its simplicity and taste and one should definitely try this out.



Dosa comes from the South India, where it’s a part of their daily appetite and has grown famous around the streets of the subcontinent. Dosa is like a pancake thin crispy and yummy. Dosa is made from a fermented batter of rice and black gram kept overnight. It’s made on a flat tava and is seved in different textures as plain dosa, massala dosa or salt dosa, all types are delectable in their own taste and texture. Dosa is served hot with sambar, a mixed veg dal or with chutney like coconut chutney. This is a must try food one should definitely have.



A famous and one of my favorite south Indian food that is made of lentils like chana dal or urad dal. They look like doughnuts or dumplings, but not sweet one, the chatpata one. They are prepared in different types like the medha vada or masala vada and are eaten with chutney or sambar.



Idli another South Indian appetite food famous in other part of India and neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka. This is also made using the fermented batter as like dosa, but is slightly finer paste. It’s made out by steaming the batter in a utensil that has moulds for batter to be poured and steamed. The utensil is taken and cooled for a bit and then the idlis are ready to be served with chutney or sambar.


8.Chole Kulche

Chole kulche is very famous in streets of Delhi and Amritsar. It’s a healthier version of chole bhature using dry peas for sabji with traditional tadka and taste and served them with kulche.



Parathe have been very much part of a staple diet of people in India from past many centuries. Parathe is a stuffed or normally layered and greased with ghee food made using wheat flour or maida. There is a wide variety of paratha in our country from normal to aloo to lacche to mallu paratha, we have a rich variety and one should definitely try them.


10.Dahi Vada

Dahi Vadas are very famous snack in Indian subcontinent. It’s made out by soaking the vadas in a thick mixture of dahi with some added spices like red chilles etc and with pudina chutney. Itt is an all time snack and can also be added to the meal.



Rolls are very much modern addition to Indian food list. Rolls are made on tava by making a thin spread sheet cooking it nicely and then stuffing them with cooked vegetables of your choice, they even have variety like spring rolls or besan rolls etc but are treat to the mouth.



A morning snack in India that adds up to the taste of tea is what we know as samosa. It is made using Maida with a potato and green pea vegetable filling or sabji and then is fried. This is a crunch to our tea times and is always there at our parties and at our streets.



Jalebi is what this sweet crunch is called and is famous in north India. This is made of Maida and then fried and then put in sugar syrup to get sweetened. This is all over in streets in India and is always there to multiply happiness.



Kachoris an all time snack that’s treat to the eyes and so to the mouth. Kachori is prepared using all purpose flour and stuffed with some veggies and deep fried. It’s in all corners of north Indian streets and go well along tea and as well as are served in meal too.


15.Gajar Ka Halwa

With onset of winters in north India this sweet dish becomes the star of our houses and so to our streets. Gajar ka halwa is made using carrots, dry fruits, ghee, mawa and milk. This dish is something worthwhile eating and working on.


16.Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun sweet dish that’s always in menu and I love it since my childhood, those reddish brown balls in sugar syrup with ilaichi fragrance is what I love the most. This dish is shaan to our streets in winters and one would definitely love its taste and with that ball in mouth creamy and sweet it would feel like heaven.



Bhajiya or pakoda is what we call this crisp snack. They are made using gram flour with different varieties like simple, bread pakoda, aloo or pyaaz or palak k pakode. They go well with tea especially in rainy season.



Malpua is a dessert served as a snack is a sweet for Holi festival, is also offered to lord Vishnu as bhog in Jagannath. It’s made of wheat flour given a sweetened layer and is garnished with dry fruits and is served well with rabri, a thickened flavored milk.


19.Rawa Idli

Rawa idli is another twist to the south Indian Idli dish. This is made using rawa or suji and dahi or curd a fine batter is prepared and some veggies in it and steamed and served with chutney. This convenient and easy go method to have idli is highly popular.



Uttapam is a vegetable pancake version of south Indian dosa. This can be made using Rawa or bread or Idli batter with vegetable toppings on it, a slightly pizza look alike with no cheese, but traditional in taste.These are some of my favourite street foods along the streets of our country. Their variety and taste is not restricted to their indigenous places, instead is equally popular in all corners and one should try these out.