Top 20 Street Food Items Of Silicon Valley Of India That Will Make You Run For A Bite

Top 20 Street Food Items Of Silicon Valley Of India That Will Make You Run For A Bite

1. Idli Vada

Idli vadas resides in all the hearts of south Indians. This is eaten all over the south India as a breakfast. Famous place is Veena Stores, 183, 15th Cross, Malleshwaram, Margosa Road, Bengaluru.


2. Benne Dosas

Benne Dosas are delectable south Indian pancakes which is made with the help of rice batter. Benne Dosas are translated as Butter Pancakes. Benne Dosas are served with different toppings often customized too and are made with extra butter. Particularly famous at Davangere Benne Dose, 13, 32nd E Cross Rd, 4th T Block East, Jayanagar 3rd Block East, Jayanagar


3. Chocolate Sandwich

With the name itself, the mouth starts watering. This is made by stuffing hot chocolate which is appealing to watch and heavenly to eat. The Chocolate sandwich is amongst the most eaten sandwiches of late. Reach out to these lip smacking chocolate sandwiches at Hari Super Sandwich, 171, Aurobindo Marg, Jayanagar 3rd Block, Jaya Nagar East, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


4. Obbatta

Another most savory dish of the Silicon Valley of India is Obbatta. Obbatta is a kind of flatbread which is prominent during auspicious occasions. This dish is must to be served in festivals like Ugali and as a sweet in wedding. If your mouth has already started watering than you can visit and eat it at the most famous Mane Holige, DVG Road, Bangalore, Karnataka.


5. Tikka and Rolls

Something which is hard for the street food lovers and gourmands to resist. The aroma of the perfect blend of spices is magical. different sorts of tikka like mixed vegetable tikka, baby corn tikka roll, aloo tikkas etc. depending on the preferences of the consumer, these can be customized and can fulfill the appetite of the food lovers. Reach out to your favorite tikkas and rolls at Hotel Fanoos, 17, Richmond Town, Hosur Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


6. Pani Puri

Pani Puri is the most palatable dish is referred by different names i.e., it is known as Gol Gappa, Phuchka, Pani Puri, Batasha etc. these are the crispy balls, filled with spicy mashed potatoes and served with tamarind water. You can get these mouthwatering Pani Puri at Puchka’s, Marathahalli Bridge Service Road, Near Purva Riviera Apt, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


7. Biryani

Rice being the most prominent ingredient, what can be better than having biryani in Bangalore. In Bangalore, biryani’s can be found in every corner of the streets. You can nibble the tastiest biryani with assorted flavors. Famous place for Bangalore’s biryani is Mani’s Dum Biryani at 474, Ground Floor, 10th Main, Jeevan Bima Nagar Main Road, HAL 3rd Stage, Indira Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


8. Kebabs

Bangalore has its own varied choice when it comes to kebabs, ranging from chicken to beef. The most famous eatery for kebabs in Bangalore is House of Kebabs, Shop No. 39/1 Rashtriya Vidyalaya (RV) Rd, Basavanagudi, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


9. Rasgulla Chat

What else can be better than having a perfect taste of sweet with chat. You might have tasted rasgulla but rasgulla chat is something a latest talk in town. Best place for rasgulla chat is Gullu’s Chaat, No 2/1, Serpentine Road, Kumara Park West, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


10. Mangalore Buns

It’s like a sweet pastry which is made with the help of banana mixed with flour with the consolidated flavors and ingredients which then served with chutney and sambhar. Want to taste one, reach out to Maiya’s Vegetarian Restaurant, Malleshwaram, Ground Floor, Srinidhi Complex, 11th Cross Rd, Malleshwaram West, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


11. Capsicum Bhaaji

One of the most delighted street food in Bangalore that you can’t keep your hands off. Famous eatery in Bangalore for capsicum bhaaji in Bangalore is Sri Annapurna Bhaaji Centre at Jay Nagar.


12. Tikki Puri

Tikki puri a cousin of masala puri is a crushed puri with grated carrots and onions being the major ingredient which is then served with green chutney. Tikki puri can be found at the same Gullu’s Chaat corner.


13. Parathas

Bangalore being the famous place for parathas, However, there are some places in town too which can relish a great paratha, best enjoys with pickle and a creamy and thick lassi. You can get one of the best parathas in Bangalore at Paratha Plaza,1st Main Road, New Friends Colony, S T Bed Layout, Ejipura, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


14. Gobi Manchurian

This toothsome food is predominantly famous with youth. Bangalore being the IT hub, this dish is the most eaten dish here. Best place for Gobi Manchurian in Bangalore is Ravi Gobi Bindhu Chinese Center, 1162, 22nd Main Rd, Siddanna Layout, Banashankari Stage II, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


15. Vada Pav

Talking about the most delish chat of Bangalore. Out of all Bangalore’s snacks, this is the most pungent one. A bun popularly known as pav, is stuffed with fried potato with the sprinkling of garlic masala along with coriander chutney. Vada pav is a great energy booster which is more of a reason why people love it. You can reach out to the most amazing Vada pav in Bangalore at Sri Ganesh Bombay Vada Pav Corner, #30, 1st Main Road, Sheshadripuram, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


16. Bhel Puri

The bhel Puri has begun its journey from the tiny food stalls in Bangaloreand is now famous in all over India. These are crispy puffed rice filled with potatoes, onions, Sev etc. reach out to your favorite bhel puri at Gullu’s Chaat, No 2/1, Serpentine Road, Kumara Park West, Bengaluru, Karnataka.


17. Samosa Pav

Samosa Pav is somewhat like Vada pav but the difference lies in filling. The filling inside the samosa pav is that of a samosa. Reach out to your favourite samosa pav at Sri Ganesh Bombay Vada Pav Corner.


18. Pav Bhaaji

A bun served with a side of vegetables. Pav bhaaji is one of the most delicious and lip smacking chat in India which is particularly famous in Bangalore. Reach out to your favourite pav bhaajicenter at Flechazo, 9/1, 1st Floor, Above Surya Nissan, VRR Orchid, Doddanakkundi, Marathahalli, Bangalore.Sweets from Anand sweets – coming to the most particular item of street food, as street food is not always about chats and spices. Anand sweets are famous throughout Bangalore to fulfill the appetite of people who likes sweets.


19. Sweets From Anand Sweets

Coming to the most particular item of street food, as street food is not always about chats and spices. Anand sweets are famous throughout Bangalore to fulfill the appetite of people who likes sweets.


20. Masala Puri

Something which can be eaten even on a full stomach. It is famous not just in Bangalore but in outside cities also. When in Bangalore, this is a must try. Gullu’s Chat, at No 2/1, Serpentine Road, Kumara Park West, Bengaluru, Karnataka will serve you best for it.