Top 20 Street Food of Gangtok, Sikkim

top 20 street food gangtok sikkim

 1. Momos

Momos are one of the most popular street food in Gangtok. Momos are steamed dumplings with a filling. It consists of two parts the cover and the filling. Momos has different types of filling like chicken, mutton, cabbage, cheese, veggies, and many more. Momos of Sikkim is influenced by Nepali cuisine. There is no doubt now MOMOS are famous all over Inida.

moms 2

 2.Sha Phony

Sha Phony (also known as Shabalep, Shabaley) is an original dish from the Tibetan. It is a street food delight in Gangtok. It is bread stuffed with meat, cabbage, and onion then fashioned into a semicircle folded over a small piece of edge, pinch it down, repeating this all around the circle.

sha phony 2

 3. Sel Roti

If you like a sweet dish Sel Roti is best for you in Gangtok. Sel Roti is a Nepalese traditional Nepalese ring-shaped rice bread that is sweet. It is a tasty as well as a nutritious meal. It is served with potato curry on a special occasion.

sel roti 1

4. Phangshapa

Phangshapa is one of the best street food in Sikkim. Pork fat is the major component in this meal, along with radishes and red chili but beware while eating the dish, very spicy dish, but you can ask for the spiciness to be adjusted per your taste.

phagshapa 1

5. Thukpa

It is one of the most popular street food in Gangtok. Thukpa is a kind of noodles soup. These noodles are handmade. In this noodles soup, you can choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

thukpa 1

6. Gundruk

Another Nepali dish that is on the list of popular words in the street on Gangtok. Gundruk is a dish made of fermented green vegetables especially leaves from vegetables such as radish and mustard cauliflower in it. It helps us to keep the body’s metabolism in check.

gundruk 1

7. Kodo Ki Roti

Another tasty dish of Gangtok. It is also inspired by Nepal Kodo is the finger millet. Millet is pounded into flour and combined with water, salt, the sugar it is served with tomato pickles or other pickles, although it looks hard in nature and has a soft texture indeed.

kodo ki roti 1

8. Kinema Curry

Another popular dish from the street of Gangtok. Kinema Curry is made of soybean, which is used to replace meat in the curry. Before adding the fermented soybean turmeric powder, onion, red chili, and tomato are fried to enhance the flavor.

kinema curry 1

9. Sisnu

It is a simple dish served with rice it is another popular dish on the street of Gangtok. Sisnu soup originated from Nepal this is made with boiled nettle leaves, garlic flakes, and other flavors. Sisnu is known in Ggantok for its great taste.

sisnu 1

10. Gangtok Tea

Everyone loves tea, but when we talk about tea on the street of Gangtok. It is just fabulous. It is a variety of tea in the state of Sikkim. Tea gives you refreshment for a day. So, Gangtok tea is going to be the best drink. Recently the demand for this tea has been increasing for organic products.

gangtok tea 1

11. Bamboo Shoot Curry

Another popular street food of GANGTOK this curry is made from young bamboo shoot culms that are grown out of the ground, and, are edible for locals, it is called TAMA curry. A lot of spices are also added to the curry to enhance the taste. It is also a traditional dish.

banbo shoot curry 1

12. Churpi

It is one of the traditional street foods in Gangtok, Bangkok. The soup is made from cotton cheese and has a great taste. This is most liked one of the most liked soups. Its taste attracts the visitors as well as the locals of Gangtok.

churpi 1

13. Sinki

Another tasty dish from the street of Sikkim. Sinki’s preparation is the same as Gundruk. It can be preserved for a year. Locals also used Sinki as a pickle.

sinki 1

14. Thenthuk

Another tasty dish. It is a Tibetan dish. It is the most famous food in the streets of Sikkim. It is made with chicken, meat, wheat, or vegetable chili flakes added to enhance the soup’s spiciness.

thenthuk 1

15. Chambary

Another dish inspired by Nepal is served as biryani.
It is created with indigenous varieties of rice. A variety of spices are added to chambray to enhance the taste. It is a great dish having great taste.

chambray 1

16. Shimi Ko Achar 

Another popular dish from the street of Gangtok. This is made from a string bean called Shimi. Sesame seeds, green chili, and lemon juice are added to the dish to enhance the taste. This dish is loved by the locals as well as the tourists of Gangtok.

shimi ko achar 1

17. Chhaang

Another taste from the streets of Gangtok. Chhaang is a type of drink that is a locally produced alcoholic beverage that is presented in a bamboo pie. It is also known as TOMBA in the locals of Gangtok. To drink this juice there is a pipe which is also made with bamboo.chaang

18. Masauyra Curry

Another tasty dish from the streets of Gangtok. It is a Nepali dish regarded as the famous local dish of Gangtok. It contains a ball and is made up of hot spices. It is one of the best street food in Gangtok.

masauyra curry 1

19. Pakku

Pakku is made by marinating mutton it takes significantly less time. This is a very delicious dish and contains soft mutton pieces with the meat falling off the bones. PAKKU gives an aroma which is attracting the locals as well as the tourists.

pakku 1


Another traditional dish of Gangtok. It is usually prepared or consumed on special occasions as well as in the marriages of Tibet. It is a deep-fried pastry with a sweet or salty taste. But you can also find it on the street of Gangtok.

khapse 1