Top 20 Street Food Places at Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Top 20 Street Food Places at Ghatkopar, Mumbai

Mumbai is a place that is the perfect example of unity in diversity and as here are people all of different caste creed and culture so is the food here in Mumbai you can find all kinds of dishes all kinds of food culture from south Indian to Chinese and from Italian to Mexican everything that as there are end number of cultures there will be end number of food and also there fusion khau gali in ghatkopar is the best example of street food and infact fusioned street food as well besides khaugali there are many other places that serves street food,  have you ever heard of dosa khakra? you can find one there, have you ever heard of Manchurian dosa? You can find one in ghatkopar, Mumbai.

1.Health fast food

This place is must try it serve s really amazing street food and the ambiance is quite good as well. Specialty of this place is samosa pav it serves the best samosa pav you have ever tasted and this place also serves flavorsome juices besides samosa pav and juices one must try vada pav, vada uassal pav, uassal pav, vag thali and missal pav. This place in all terms perfect street food as the menu itself screams authentic street food.

Address: located near Asalfa Village in Shivaji Nagar near AG Link Road in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.



It is a village themed restaurant and this place serves amazing street food and also the buffet is on point rates are reasonable and variety in food is fairly good. Buffet here is worth a try and they had dhokla and pakodas  in starters and how can we forget to mention the most amazing part of this buffet is veg Manchurian and chat, the main course had pretty good variety in cuisines like dosa chapatti and gola counter and also had variety in Indian cuisine, Chinese cuisine and also pani puri was there but overall sweets stole the food game specially the halwa and the flavorsome gulabjamun. This place is a must try place for foodies.

Address: located at 3rd Floor in the North Wing of R City Mall at LBS Marg in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.


3.Bharat café

All the dosa lovers out there if you want to satisfy your dosa cravings do visit this place once they serve amazing masala dosa this place is well known for south Indian cuisines as people mostly demand for dosa, idili and meduwada.  This place is really spacious and provides quick service as well and is also pocket friendly the highly recommended dish is cheese pavbhaji dosa and also therava Mysore masala dosa do try them once they won’t disappoint you.

Address: located near ghatkopar Railway Station in Ghatkopar, Mumbai.


4.Balaji (pure veg)

This place is highly recommended for idli lovers it serves the most amazing variety of idlis and the plating is out of the box if you are at ghatkopar and are craving for idli right now do visit this place it is worth a try. Veg crisps here is something out of this world and the malai kofta is also worth a try one cannot miss kulcha it is worth every bite. Rava dosa and dahi vada  were amazing over all the place was good ambiance was good and clean as well as the service was pretty good.

Address: locate at Shop no 40 in Sai InfoTech near Patel Chowk in Ghatkopar, Mumbai


5.Radha Krishna

The highlight part of this place is thali of this restaurant is in ghatkopar since long time and the food taste really amazing it is a must try restaurant here you can also find authentic Punjabi cuisine and not just this it also provides home delivery service and the place is divided into two sections one is AC and the other is non-AC and have enough seats and space, moving towards food; Chinese starters and biryani here is out of this world and is worth a try.

Address: located near Sarvodhya Hospital near LBS Marg in Ghatkopar West, Mumbai


6.Street food by Punjab Grills

All the Punjabi food lovers out there this place is meant for you all the Punjabi cuisines here taste flavorsome, specially the tikkas out there are out of this world the best part about this place is you find end number of varieties in both veg cuisines as well as non-veg cuisine bhatti the murg is highly recommended and also the non-veg kebab platters and veg thali and all of this taste really great. This place is a must try place for foodies do add it to your must try list.

Address: located at Level 3, food court in R City Mall near LBS road in Ghatkopar, Mumbai


7.Only parathas

As the name say’s this place serves the most amazing parathas in town gobi and allo parathas are must try and all the paratha lovers must visit this place once in your life time another must try cuisine is chole bhatore it is worth every bite and also serves a must experience thali and the best part for foodies is it has a vast menu and they have combo offers as well methi and mooli parathas are also worth a try. Overall the place is good.

Address: located at R city mall near LBS Marg in Ghatkopar, Mumbai


8.Kailash parbat

This place highly recommended for pav bhaji and chat lovers it serves the best pav bhaji and chat one can have and how can we forget to mention about chole bhatore they taste really great this place is really famous in town for chat and north Indian snacks ragda paties here were really great and kashmiri pakoda is a must try thing overall a good experience service is quite average but the food is good at taste.

Address: located at R city mall, IBS marg, ghatkopar, Mumbai.


9.Café Bollywood

This place serves authentic street food and especially the Chinese food is outstanding the food is fairly priced and is also very tasty chole bhature here are something one must have a bite of the best of this place was it have a variety of combo offers in drinks (soft drinks) service is quick and staff is good as well and chat here is filled with flavors overall a perfect place to satisfy your taste buds.

Address: located in R city mall, opposite to MacDonald’s, ghatkopar, Mumbai


10.Shiv krupa

This place is perfect for you if you love spicy food, this place serves amazing authentic street food that is really spicy I personally appreciate that because if it’s not spicy it’s not street food there is no fun in eating pani puri that is not spicy anyways, food here is amazing, spice lovers this place is the one you are searching for pav chutney is worth a try pav bhaji lovers do try butter pav bhaji with red chutney sauce it’s something so delicious and something that is worth a try.

Address: located at shiv plaza, gopal lane ghatkopar, Mumbai


11.Ashirwad hotel

One of the best places in the town must visit once it’s 10 on 10 on everything no matter food, service, quality, quantity, space and is even pocket friendly, staff is good as well really a jolly place from tea to dahi missal and dosa it is worth a try. Hand’s down this place serves the best south Indian cuisine and the best part is they also provide home delivery service.

Address: located at Shree Santoshi Mata CHS that is in Bhatwadi in Ghatkopar West, Mumbai


12.Raj fastfood

This is a highly recommended place for pav bhaji, pizza and ice creams the food here is amazing and is worth a try do visit it if you are a pav bhaji lover here you’ll find end number of varieties in pav bhaji there is butter pav bhaji, paneer pav bhaji, hariyali butter pav bhaji, cheese pav bhaji and manu more and they taste really great with lasson chutney sauce. This place is worth a visit ambiance is quite average but the food taste really good.

Address: located at Sunil Shopping Centre in Maneklal Estate in Ghatkopar, Mumbai


13.Shree Raj

This place is amazing and serves the best sandwiches and dosa it has end number of variety in sandwiches and dosas cheese sandwich and veg cheese toast are worth a try and worth every bite and idli fried also taste really good pineapple cheese pizza is something really different from usual pizza but is try it once kind of thing garlic cheese capsicum sandwich is something out of this world, do try this place once it’s worth every bite.

Address: located at LBS marg, ghatkopar, Mumbai.


14.Mom’s kitchen

All the Maharashtrain food lovers out there do try this place once kothimbir  vadi and pitla bhakri are something one must have a bite of the ambiance is pretty good and so is service. This place is worth a try and the missal pav and sabudana vada are something one should try here which is worth a bite and some dishes are way too amazing. This place is worth a visit.

Address: located at 3rd Floor in Food Court at R City Mall in Ghatkopar, Mumbai


15.Hotel Anand

This place has a really cool decor and the service is also good they have really amazing south Indian cuisine especially the masala dosa and idli the place is pocket friendly as well and serves amazing desert especially sliced ice cream that taste like heaven on heart and also serves the most amazing thali.

Address: located at Punjabi Building, JP Road, Ghatkopar West, Mumbai.


16.Hotel Vasant

This place has the most amazing cuisine and serves authentic street food and the thali for lunch here is amazing the quality is good and so is the quantity. The best part of this place is channa masala this place is worth a try and deserts are pretty good.

Address: located at Jai Moti Building near New Post Office at HD Road in Ghatkopar, Mumbai


17.Ridhi Sidhhi

This place serves street food and that food is flavorsome specially the vada pav, bread pattice, veg biryani and masala pav one must try juices and shakes they are not really something new but are fresh and flavorful tomato soup and hot & sour soup are worth a taste they are just cynically amazing. Overall a good place to visit

Address: located at Rifle Range at Gelda Darshan in Ghatkopar, Mumbai


18.Taco Bell

This is a 10 on 10 restaurant and the most amazing cuisine in the town hands down to this place cheesy fiesta potato, chipotle and cheesy fajita are something one must have a bite of it taste really great it is quite difficult to guess but the food taste really great this place is worth a visit.

Address: located at Food Court in R City Mall near LBS Marg in Ghatkopar, Mumbai



Food here is finger licking good it taste amazing deserts and sizzlers and sandwiches taste great the juices and cocktails here are amazing pav bhaji and combi pasta at this place are delicious and the most funniest part of the menu is the names of the dishes and there is a dish named Akhri pasta and that taste really great.

Address: located at Vikrant Circle in Tilak Road that is in Ghatkopar, Mumbai


20.Laxman’s Om vada pav

This use to be a small vada pav thela and had now turned to an outlet and people all over Mumbai come here to taste the authentic street food this place is the most famous street food place in Mumbai from samosa to vada pav to jain food as there is mostly Jain and Gujrati crowd.

Address: located at 19 in Building 104 at Garodia Nagar in Ghatkopar, Mumbai