Top Restaurants With North Indian Cuisine

Top Restaurants With North Indian Cuisine

Delicious food at the right place gives a food lover joy and satisfaction. An enthusiastic food lover tries to hunt for a better place to chill out. Such type of people always has delicious food to be their priority.

So, here is a list of top restaurants which serves multi-cuisines providing North Indian dishes with good taste and service:


Parivaar Restaurants

As the name goes ‘Parivaar’ is one of the best restaurants which has gained a good recognition among other food serving firms. It has been an excellent player in attracting food lovers to walk into their restaurants every day as it is the best place to dine with one’s Family. Especially, its interiors are fascinating with beautiful carvings and furniture. This multi-cuisine restaurant serves its customers with North Indian, Mughlai, and Chinese dishes with various food varieties on their menu.

ADDRESS: Plot 239, beside Radhika Cinemas, ECIL Road, A.S Rao Nagar, Secunderabad.

Parivaar Restaurants


Chefs Miracles

Chefs Miracles is one such place where people often visit to experience their miracles in making food delicious. Chef Miracles is a multi-cuisine serving North Indian, South Indian and Chinese. It is also one of the best restaurants with amazing interiors and well-organised service.

ADDRESS: Plot A9/P, Floor-4, PSR heights, Rukminipuri Colony, A.S Rao Nagar Road, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad.

Chefs Miracles


Lagoon- The Shack

A restaurant with a mild candle lightings and a good music all around boost a diner’s excitement to peaks. Lagoon- The Shack has all these advantages for their customers. This restaurant has great bamboo interiors and beaches sand all around which tend to change a city’s busy atmosphere into a chilling beach sensation. The Lagoon is a multi-cuisine restaurant which serves its customers with North Indian, Italian, Continental and Chinese dishes. The Lagoon’s delicious food and best interiors makes the restaurant stand high even though facing stiff competition from its competitors.

Address: Plot 30, Vijaypuri Colony, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad.

Lagoon- The Shack


Parivaar Vegetarian Restaurant

Parivaar Vegetarian is the type of market play by Parivaar Restaurants to attract veggie customers with great ease. This branded restaurant serves only vegetarian food with lots of varieties and marvellous taste. It is one of the astounding places for veggies to dine without any hesitation. This multi-cuisine serves North Indian and South Indian food with immense taste.

Address: Beside Anil Trading Centre (ATC), Near Radhika Theatre, A.S Rao Nagar, Secunderabad.

Parivaar Vegetarian Restaurant


Siddhi Restaurant

Siddhi Restaurant holds a good review and response from their customers because of its high-class food riches and service. This multi-cuisine restaurant serves its customers with North Indian and Chinese dishes.

Address: Plot 176, Sainikpuri, A.S Rao Nagar Road, Secunderabad.

Siddhi Restaurant


Urvasi Heights Restaurant

Urvasi Heights restaurant is one of the best restaurants known for its highest count in its dishes compared to any other restaurant. This restaurant serves with multi-cuisine including North Indian, South Indian and Chinese. It is a good place to dine with friends.

Address: Plot 102, Above Tanishq, A.S Rao Nagar, Secunderabad.

Urvasi Heights Restaurant


Shree Swastik Restaurant

This restaurant suits well for an epicure who likes food which tastes just like homemade food. Shree Swastik Restaurant serves its customers with North Indian and Chinese dishes.

Address: Near Titan Eye+, Opposite to MAX Showroom, A.S Rao Nagar, Secunderabad.

Shree Swastik Restaurant


Mom’s Kitchen

Mom’s Kitchen justifies its name by providing food with a homely aroma. With that wonderful colour and taste, people dine with a pleasant mood. This restaurant doesn’t have great interiors but the place is maintained well with clean premises. This restaurant serves its customers only with North Indian varieties.

Address: Plot 37-33, Near Vishal Bharat School, Defence Colony, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad.

Mom’s Kitchen



Woodland restaurant is completely a vegetarian restaurant which starts its work before other restaurants with its tiffins in the morning. It is one of the best places to dine with family and as well as friends. The restaurant is well furnished with good interiors and is well maintained by the staff. This restaurant serves North Indian and South Indian dishes with interesting varieties.

Address: Opposite to Mc Donald’s, ECIL Road, A.S Rao Nagar, Secunderabad.

Woodland Restaurant


Delhi Kitchen

Delhi Kitchen is one of the best food courts, which is famous for its Roti and Dal items. This North Indian food court serves its customers with a simple menu of Curries, Parathas, Wweets and Milkshakes. It’s better that a gourmet visit this place with a planned menu, as one often falls in a dilemma about what to order because its kitchen serves with all delicious dishes which tempts an epicure to taste all of them.

Address: Plot 40, Defence Colony, Sanikpuri Main Road, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad.

Delhi Kitchen



In spite of growing competition, Ustaad-E-Rasoi stands at a renowned position with its decent conduct. Ustaad-E-Rasoi is a multi-cuisine, serving North Indian, Chinese and Biryani with good taste and reasonable prices.

Address: Plot 4, Vijaypuri Colony, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad.



Grand Vindu

A restaurant with a great look captures every food lover’s eyes and fills with an intention to visit as quickly as possible. Grand Vindu is a multi-cuisine restaurant serving North Indian, Biryani and Chinese dishes. Moreover, the interiors of this restaurant look pleasant with blue and white lightening shades on their ceilings.

Address: Opposite Sai Baba Temple, ECIL X Roads, ECIL Road, Secunderabad.

Vindu Grandvindu grand


Balaji Santosh Family Dhaba

Balaji Santosh Family Dhaba is the best option for people who expect delicious food in a reasonable budget. It’s one of the most visited food courts due to its flavoursome North Indian dishes. A gourmet can always have this option.

Address: Plot 228, Near Radhika Theatre, ECIL Road, A.S Rao Nagar, Secunderabad.

santosh dhaba


Swagath Grand (near Radhika Theatre)

Swagath Grand Restaurant is one of the renowned restaurants which framed its brand in the food market for serving delicious food. This restaurant also serves breakfast and has a fantastic buffet. The interiors of this giant are heart robbing with good wall paintings and furniture. Swagath Grand is a multi-cuisine, which serve North Indian, South Indian and Chinese.

Address: Near Radhika Theatre, ECIL Road, A.S Rao Nagar, Secunderabad.

swagath grand


Swagath Grand (near Poulomi Hospital)

This is the second branch of Swagath Grand in A.S Rao Nagar. Swagath Grand is famous for their banquet halls and high-quality food. This restaurant is very spacious and is suitable for any celebrations like marriages, birthday parties and much more. It is a multi-cuisine with a heavy menu starting from tiffins to buffets. At the same time, one need not talk about their interiors separately as Swagath always comes with adoring giant interior designs.

Address: Beside Poulomi Hospital, A.S Rao Nagar, Secunderabad.



Talimpu is one of the best restaurants with exciting dishes and astonishing interiors. This restaurant serves with North Indian food and various Biryanis which are fantastic by colour and taste.

Address: Plot 107/B, High Tension Road, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad.



Olive & Cloves

Olive & Cloves is another top-class food palace with good interiors and facilities. This multi-cuisine food palace is served with North Indian, Chinese and Italian. It’s a good place to chill out with friends.

Address: Plot 802, Defence Colony, Sainikpuri, Secunderabad.

olive restaurantolive2


Parantha Wali Gali

A food court which makes one feel comfortable with North Indian food. This restaurant serves only North Indian dishes at reasonable rates. Parathas are the best option to have with delicious curry combinations.

Address: Plot 111, Defence Colony, A.S Rao Nagar Road, Sanikpuri, Secunderabad.



Sri Sai Ratna

A famous devour hub with a great menu and satisfying service makes every food lover to take a prior turn towards its door to have delicious food at a reasonable price. This multi-cuisine restaurant serves with North Indian, Biryani and Chinese food.

Address: ECIL X Roads, ECIL, Secunderabad.

sri sai ratna sri sai ratna1


Bombay Dhaba

Bombay Dhaba is an awful dining place as this restaurant is built out of wooden planks and pebbles. It has fantabulous interiors with wooden strewn floor and wooden furniture. This restaurant serves with good spicy food of number varieties. This Dhaba serves its customers with complete North Indian food.

Address: Plot 184, Vayupuri, Sainikpuri, A.S Rao Nagar, Secunderabad.

Now, every food lover can make an attempt to walk into any of these restaurants to experience their miracles in food.

bombay dhaba