Top 20 street food places in Bandra, Mumbai

Top 20 street food places in Bandra Mumbai
Top 20 street food places in Bandra Mumbai

1.Pack A Pav

This place serves delicious snacks and mutton pav. The chicken pav here taste amazing, they are really delicious and something a foodie must try is tandoori siracha chicken cheese and paneer pav. It’s full of flavors and a bite of it will burst end number of flavors in your mouth. This place is worth a try as it is vegetarian friendly as well and serves amazing mushroom shammi and also the cheese paneer pav taste like heaven on earth.

Address: Shop number 2 near St. Andrews Road that is near New India general store in Pali Hill in Bandra West.


2.Papa pancho da dhaba

This place is a definition of perfection. The ambience is great and is pocket friendly ; quality of food is obviously amazing and the quantity is way too much. A single dish can be eaten by two. Chicken makahni and banjara kebab are something a non-veg lover must try. All the vegetarians out there don’t get disappointed this place is vegetarian friendly as well and serves the best dal makkhani in the town. It gives the perfect feel of a typical dhaba and yes speaking of dhaba, it serves the best butter chicken and kebabs.

Address: Located at Gasper Enclave that is near St John’s Road near Rupee Bank at Pali Hill in Bandra West.


3.Kunjvihar vadapav shop

So this place is a small shop that sells vada pav and samosa at cheaper rate than usual stalls but the food here is yummy and the quantity and quality is amazing. The best part of this place is the vada pav it is big in size than the usual stalls sell and taste is enchanting and the mango lassi here is out of this world. Street food lovers must visit this place; it’s pocket friendly as well as neat and food is also worth a bite.

Address: located at M. K. Chamber near Dolat House that is near Station Road in Bandra Talao in Bandra West, Mumbai


4.Gokul bite

This place is famous for veg rolls it serves and number of variety in rolls and out of them all there are three best rolls; they are charcoal roll that is made of paneer marinated in hickory smoked combination served with mayo & cheese wrapped in rumali roti and second is paneer tikka roll that is made of paneer cubes marinated in tandoori sauce and served in a rumali roti with onions and green chutney, This one tastes like heaven and also the mushroom roll.So all the mushroom lovers do try this one it is sum of mushroom marinated in tandoori masala grilled and served in rumali roti with green chutney. This place also serves non-veg rolls and they are all worth a try food here is 10 on 10.

Address: Located near Rays House CHS near New Kantwadi near Perry Cross Road in Pali Hill in Bandra West


5.Camp juice centre

This place is well known for serving authentic street food. Sandwiches are the highlighted part of this place as it serves the best sandwiches in town. Veg cheese sandwich and cheese grilled sandwich are something one must have a bite. This place serves jain food as well toast cheese pav bhaji is worth a try and the most tempting cuisine here is chat items specially the sev puri and this place also serves jain sevpuri. This place is worth a visit.

Address: Located at B. J. Road near Bandstand in Bandra West, Mumbai



Hands down this place is the king of all street food places. It serves nearly all street food items in all types from sev puri to idli and pav bhaji to dosa and sandwiches everything is available here. Shout out to all the foodies this place needs to be in your must try list. Ragda dahi puri here is out of this world. All the pizza lovers do try veg cheese pizza and panner chilly pizza it taste really great. Masala idli is worth every bite onion uttapa and cheese uttapa here are mouthwatering; one cannot miss masala pav and chole bhature. This place is a must visit and must try.

Address: Located at Elco Market near 46 Hill road in Bandra West, Mumbai



This place is a 10 on 10 places. Ambience here is classy and so is the service and food. This place serves authentic north Indian food, sweets and deserts and street food as well. Sandwich paneer tikka and reshmi paneer tikka are something out of this world. One can die for paneer fingers; they taste heavenly. Chaap tikka masala is worth a try and it tastes really great. Spice lovers do try mushroom tikka masala aka stuffed mushrooms which are cynically amazing. Worth a visit.

Address: Shop number 3 and 7 located in Dheeraj Arcade near Pali Naka in Pali Hill in Bandra West


8.Kepchaki momos

This place is well known for a dish name kepchaki; this dish here is worth a try and the rate is worth it. This place basically serves the best momos in the town and cheese mushroom momos here are something that cannot be put into words; they are just beyond explanation. Pork momos are something one must have a bite of; they taste really great and also the chicken with herbs taste great. Overall this place is perfect for foodies and momo lovers.

Address: Shop1 in Sea Spray that is located opposite to the City Bank ATM at Carter Road in Bandra West, Mumbai


9.Bong bong

This place has a great ambience and food as well and the menu is really interesting and so is the food. The highlights of all cuisines are chhana aam kashundi paturi that is made of creamed cottage cheese combined with tangy mango-mustard that is grilled in banana leaf envelopes and also the railway mutton curry is worth a try.It kicks the taste buds as it is made of mutton and potatoes cooked with fresh coriander, tamarind and a hint of coconut milk. Each and every cuisine here is unique and is worth a try.

Address: Shop number 1 in Sea Spray that is opposite to the city bank ATM near Carter Road in Bandra West, Mumbai


10.Balaji restaurant

This place serves a lot of variety especially in dosa and upma. Out of all those options cheese masala dosa and onion tomato upma are the best. Russian sandwich and chutney sandwich are worth a try ; they are flavorsome. Do visit this place, it serves amazing street food and will never fail to satisfy your craving and foodies must visit this once. It has n number of options in every category to try.

Address: Shop number 59 in Mota Mansion near Hill Road, Bandra West


11.Kailash parbat

This place specializes in north Indian, Chinese and street food and street food here is amazing and so is the staff and ambience. This place is worth a step in and serves a huge variety of options in street food. This place also serves a variety of mocktails. Moving towards street food sev puri and dahi bhalla are outstanding batata puri and canapé with corn stuffing are something one can die for. In simple words this place is dope, visit once and you’ll get addicted to it. Serves really delicious food and mocktails as well.

Address: Shop number 1 in Ganga Jamna Sangam that is near Starbucks near Linking Road in Bandra West, Mumbai.



So this place serves food that reminds us of home and the only disappointing part is there was not even a single dosa in the menu but rest of the menu is really good and the food is amazing. Though the options are limited; all of them taste really well, this place is worth a visit and pizza lovers do try schezwan paneer pizza it tastes heavenly and old school desi pizza and dahi puri are at its best, do try them.

Address: Located in Sushila Sadan that is opposite to Shopper’s Stop near Linking Road in Bandra West


13.Global fusion

This place is amazing and is a perfect foodie spot. This place serves Japanese shushi of 10 types out of which 5 are veg and 5 are non veg. Then it has veg dumplings and non-veg dumplings, this place has variety in both foods as well as flavors. Veg seekh kebab and fish kebab is something out of this world and crab at this place is must try.

Address: Located at 3rd Floor in Link Square Mall at Linking road in Bandra West



This place serves you with end number of options in everything no matter; food main course salad or mocktails. Highly recommended dishes are charcoal lam buns, fish curry, spicy ramen noodles, vegetable fried rice, pumpkin and corn roll and water chestnut dumplings. Basically everything in the menu taste amazing; foodies got this new place for you guys. This place is dope, ambience is on point service seems like their motive is to addict people with their food.

Address: Located at Raheja Towers in Bandra Kurla complex, Mumbai


15.Eat around the corner

Place is expensive but is worth all expenses. Ambience is amazing, service is on point and food is worth every penny. Chickpeas rice is something one must try tiramisu and sesame bun veg burger is highly recommended. This place serves amazing food and is worth a visit.

Address: Located at 24th and 30th road junction that is opposite to St Theresa’s Boys High School bear TPS III in Pali Hill in Bandra West


16.Salt water café

Along with street food, this place also serves European and Italian food and three of the cuisine varieties taste flavoursome. This place is really dope, it has end of variety in food and the highlight parts of cuisine at this place are scrambled eggs and sandwiches specially the open grill veg sandwich. It tastes amazing, smoked chicken breast is a must try cuisine all the non-veg lovers do try it once.

Address: Located near Chapel road that is next to Mount Carmel Church in reclamation in Bandra West



Along with street food, this place serves continental, Chinese, Asian and Italian cuisines. Soups at this place taste really must try a bowl of soup. Highly recommended are garlic bread, cheese chilly toast and cheese garlic bread butter corn is something one must try. This place is worth a visit and talking about it how can we forget to mention crunched pepper paneer and chicken crispy fry, they are a must try cuisine items.

Address: Located at C3 Kosamba in ONGC Colony that is near Lilavati Hospital in Reclamation in Bandra West


18.Ray’s café & pizzeria

Besides street food this place also serves Italian, pizza, healthy food and is also a café one must try. Tex mex veggie pizza at this place that is basically an original cheese pizza with tomato bits and onions, jalapenos and cilantro and tempting option is fire and smoke that is a sum of fire roasted red peppers, red onions, chipotele, prepared tomato sauce, garlic and basil with imported cheese besides veg pizza one must also have a bite of chicken pizza that taste like heaven on earth.

Address: Located near Gazebo House that is located in Hill Road in Bandra West


19.Bungalow 9

This place is the king of cuisines and flavors.It serves amazing food and not just street food but also continental, seafood, Mediterranean, Italian, pizza, European and also roast chicken. This place serves a special offer known as “special hours Monday Friday” and on this day customers get a buy one get one free offer. This place also serves a number of variety in mock tails to yum yum chicken of this place is highly recommended that is basically sweet and sour chicken fish and chicken here are amazing.

Address: Located at St John Baptist Road that is near Lilavati hospital near reclamation in Bandra West


20.Chez Moi

This place serves street food, continental and Italian food; chicken and pizza at this place are really famous and are highly recommended so all the pizza and non-veg lovers take a trip to this restaurant. It surely won’t disappoint you, the ambience is 10 on 10 and the service is on point.

Address: Located at candies lane opposite to Lilavati hospital near reclamation in Bandra West