20 Pocket Friendly Restaurants In South Mumbai

20 Pocket Friendly Restaurants In South Mumbai


The J’s, Churchgate.

Craving for French fries or burgers? Then this is the one place you must go. More than 20 varieties of French fries including vegetarian and non-vegetarian you can make your choices of toppings and sauces and make your own variety of French fries! Sounds good, isn’t it? Also, wraps & burgers can be coupled with fries to make it even more delicious. Milkshakes are available to quench your thirst too. After all this how much do you have to pay? 500/- for two people! Yeah, that’s right.



Sweetish House Mafia, Lower Parel.

Want to satisfy your sweet tooth? Now, you know where to go! Sweetish House Mafia is full of chocolate cookies, milkshakes, also waffles, sundaes and much more! Drooling? Go for it then! You might be thinking for such a starry restaurant you need too many bucks. Well, not really. It might take 400/- for two (approximately). Definitely worth it don’t you think?


Crystal, Chowpatty.

Living alone in Mumbai and missing Maa ke haath ka khana? This is the place you should go to. Mostly for North Indian cuisine, you’ll leave the restaurant contented. The quantity is great. Aloo Paratha is recommended. This restaurant is so popular you might find people standing outside waiting in a queue. It might cost you about 150-200/- per person.


Wow Baker And Grill, Lower Parel.

Craving for burgers, pizzas or French fries? Visit WOW Baker and G        rill. Not very expensive, it gives you a vast variety of burgers and pizzas. Also, these are full of cheese which makes it more irresistible. Bhut Jolokia Burger is what you should definitely have. You get all this just for about 200/- per person. There is not much place to sit and hangout. Take a dip in cheese.


Aditi, Parel.

A reasonable restaurant, Aditi is opposite to KEM hospital. It has long working hours, till midnight. North Indian cuisine is what you get the best here. Not to expect much in taste, but it has really low rates. The service is quick and the place is decent. Visit this if you are around this place.


Trupti, Dadar.

Trupti is a place you go to where you want to have a typical Maharashtrian meal. You also get South Indian delicacies here. The best thing about the place is that the authenticity is maintained. Maharashtrian Thali is highly recommended. Enjoy the traditional meal there in just 150-200/- per person.



Cafe Irani Chai, Mahim.

Want to have something which is not regular? This is the one you should opt. Bun Maska, Brun Maska, Pav Maska, Omelets are the snacks which can be accompanied with the famous Irani Chai. Also, something exceptional from the Iranian cuisine like Keema Ghotala and Dhansak is available at a reasonable price of about 200/- per person.


Kailash Parbat, Colaba.

One stop for all the fast food, Kailash Parbat has it all. Chaats, Samosas, Chhole, Ragda Pattice, etc. the list is long. It has many branches, but the one at Colaba is the oldest and the best. The service is quick and the taste is superb. With good quality and quantity at an affordable price, this place is worth a visit.


Vinay Health Home, Charni Road.

This restaurant is mainly known for Maharashtrian and South Indian cuisine. People usually go for having breakfast and lunch. The restaurant was established around 75 years ago and is pleasing everybody with its taste since then. Misal and Usal Pav here is incredibly delicious. The place is always full as the prices are very reasonable; about 300/- for two. Worth the deal, isn’t it?


A.Ramanayak Udipi, Matunga.

A simple lunch home with moderate ambience but excellent food, Udipi Lunch Home is a delight. They provide delicious authentic South Indian food. There’s an option: either you have your food on a banana leaf or in a thali. With the cost so reasonable (hardly 150/- per person) this place is definitely worth a visit. It was established years ago, but it still has the same quality of food. Don’t miss this one!


Popular, Lower Parel.

Sandwiches are one of the best street foods ever. But where do we get really tasty sandwiches? Popular! As the name suggests, the place is really popular for sandwiches and pizza. You’ll come across varieties so many that you might get confused. But do not worry, every combination is good and at a competitive price. What are you waiting for? Go for it!


Ramashray, Matunga.

Famous for its South Indian cuisine, this restaurant was established eons ago. Suitable for breakfast, here you get delicious Idli, Vada, Upma and Dosa. The quantity is good and the taste is marvellous. The prices are exceptionally low here. The filter coffee and Mysore Dosa are highly recommended. The place is always crowded. You will have to wait for some time, but it is worth.


Anand Bhavan, Matunga.

Matunga is all about food. If you want delicious South Indian food then Matunga is the stop. Anand Bhavan is one of those places where you get authentic South Indian food. After filling your stomach to the fullest, the maximum you’ll pay will be 150/-(approx). So go and fill your tummies.


Cafe Madras, Matunga.

Cafe Madras is another restaurant which serves excellent South Indian food. It will cost you not more than 100/-. This place is mainly for breakfast. Don’t expect ambience, but it is clean and the taste is too good.


Sardar Refreshments, Tardeo.

If you love street foods, then this is the place you should go to. Sardar ka Pav Bhaji nahi khaya to kya khaya? The Pav Bhaji is dripping with butter which makes it tastier and more irresistible. If you’re in Mumbai just for a few days, this is one place you should visit. It’ll go easy on your pocket (approx 250/- for two) and you will be satiated.


Hotel Deluxe, Fort.

Want to enjoy seafood? This is where you should go. South Indian cuisine is the specialty.

The food is served on banana leaf. The food is delicious and the place is full of Malayalis which shows the food is authentic. After having your meal, end it with payasam. You’ll enjoy the food there.


Say Cheese, Charni Road.

This restaurant is famous for Italian and Mexican food. As the name is say Cheese, people get attracted to this place because everything has a good amount of Cheese in it. The place is very popular and the taste is really good. Also, it is open till midnight so you can enjoy pizza and sandwiches late at night. The major benefit is that it suits your pocket. Why not try this place then?


Cannon Pav Bhaji, Cst.

Pav Bhaji, a very popular street food is what you get the best at Cannon. Just opposite to CST station, this is a hub for people. It will cost you about 100-150/- per person.


Sukh Sagar Juices, Chowpatty.

Famous for desserts and juices, it is a must. Faloodas and some juices are so stomach filling; you might need a person to share it with you. It is crowded but the service is really good and quick. On a hot summer day, these are the refreshments you need. Try them out someday.


Sukh Sagar, Fort.

This one is not just for juices, but also fast food. After you’re done roaming in Chowpatty, Sukh Sagar is where people go and enjoy their food. It is there from ages and people residing here have been there at least once. Any fast food you have, it is going to taste good. It’ll be in your budget too!