Top 20 Street Food Restaurants In Lajpat Nagar, Delhi

Top 20 Street Food Restaurants In Lajpat Nagar Delhi
Top 20 Street Food Restaurants In Lajpat Nagar Delhi

Lajpat Nagar is in the center of the Central Market which has a lane filled with shops selling sarees, embroidered fabric material, and kitchenware. There are plenty of henna tattooists on the streets and street food vendors selling samosas, momos, pani puri, chaat, and fried aloo tikki patties. The lanes are very busy for all the 365 days of the year. You will always find a reason to shop here. All this shopping can also make you hungry and tired to go home and cook, so why not check out these top 20 places to eat at after you are done shopping or even mid shopping.

1. Afghan Darbar Restaurant

Afghan Darbar serves Afghani dishes with their own unique flavoring and techniques, making each item unique and tasty. You must try their Mutton Chopan Kebab, Sheer Yakh, and Kabul Uzbek. This place has a good and comforting ambiance. They charge rupees 600 for two people which is very reasonable and cost-efficient.


2. Pind Balluchi

As the name suggests, this place serves Punjabi and North Indian food. Some of their most delicious and on- demand dishes are the Pindi chole, Shahi Paneer, and Dal Makhani.


3. Ching Wah

This restaurant offers Chinese dishes such as Spring Rolls, Shrimp Roll, Fried Wonton, House Special Soup, and Beef Chow Mein.


4. Udupi Sai Sarovar

This restaurant prepares and serves Indian dishes like curry, Jeera Rice, pulao and other Indian dishes. This place makes only vegetarian dishes, that is a thing to consider for all the vegetarians out there wanting to try out a new place to eat.


5. Kent’s Fast Food

This is one of the best fast-food restaurants with their combo meals winning the burger game. Their King Burger, Non- vegetable burger, and Vegetarian burgers are out of the world. Almost making you feel like you are sitting inside a spaceship, looking at the entire galaxy and eating your burger from Kent’s Fast Food.


6. Di Café Central

This place is all about making fast food and quick bites for taking on the go or even having when you can’t sit and eat for a long time. They have takeaway and home delivery available. The cost for two people is approximately rupees 300 here. They serve good food at a cheap rate which is great! You can sit inside their restaurant and eat here.


7. Karim’s Restaurant

This is an iconic Mughlai restaurant in Delhi. They are great with their food and service. This place requires you to book the table beforehand. You can sit in their indoor seating area or even in their private seating area. The cost for two people is rupees 1000 approximately.

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8. Bamboo Shoot Kitchen

This restaurant serves Naga and Assamese food. Some of their must haves are Buff meat Balls, Manipuri style chicken curry, steamed chicken with bamboo shoot, and smoked pork.


9. Haldiram’s

This is India’s most famous Namkeen store and has many branches all over the country. They also have many other savories, sweets and beverages. The prices can vary depending on what and how much you purchase, but it is all worth it.


10. Delicious Kitchen

This place serves Indian and Chinese dishes. Some of their recommended dishes here are the Veg Thali, Egg Thali, Chicken Thali and Chilly Paneer.


11. Burger Hut & Cake Shop

This is a place where you get varies bakery products and pastries. They open at 11 in the morning and close at 11 at night.


12. Chilli Chinese

This is a restaurant that focuses mainly in making Chinese dishes. Some of their most popular dishes are the Paneer Macaroni, Veg Talumein Soup, Veg Noddle soup, and mushroom Chilli Dry.


13. Mazaar Restaurant

This is a great place to have kebab and Afghan food. Some of their must haves here are the Qabuli Pulao, Kofta Chalao, Yakhni Murgh and Mantu.

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14. Aggarwal Sweet Corner

This is a place where you can find a large variety of sweets and snacks. One of the must haves here is the Ram Laddoo and the Rajma Chawal.


15. The Platform

This is a café where you get North Indian, Fast Food, coffee, tea, and other snacks. Although this place is priced very reasonable, they only accept cash, so if you don’t have cash, try to find a bank nearby and then enter.


16. The Colony Bistro

They have continental, Fast food, North Indian, and Italian food on their menu. It is 2000 rupees for two people, so it is not on a pricy side nor on a very cheap side as well.

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17. D’momo Factory

This is a restaurant that not only offers you Momos but also drinks of your choice. They have a separate bar where you can choose your own drinks.


18. Saleem’s Restaurant

This restaurant serves Chinese and Indian dishes. They are open till 11:30 pm, so even if you want to have food late at night, you can come here and eat. The most bought food here is the Halal.


19. Bikanervala

Seeing the store now, you won’t believe that this shop once started as a very small sweet shop. They are famous for their Moong Dal ka Halwa, Bikaneri Bhujia and Kaju Katli.


20. Kabul-Delhi Restaurant

This is a restaurant that serves Afghani dishes and Kebab dishes. The atmosphere here is quite nice, and the staff is also very polite. Some of the popular dishes here are the Chicken Chopan, Borani Banjan, Afghani Pulao, and Uzbeki Pulao.