Top 20 Best Food Joints In Borivali, Mumbai

Top 20 Best Food Joints In Borivali Mumbai
Top 20 Best Food Joints In Borivali Mumbai

Borivali is a very popular place in Mumbai. It holds the primary residential area for Mumbai according to the new real estate statistics. They have the railway and the airport nearby which is great for transportation in such a crowded and large city like Mumbai, where traveling can be challenging. If you live or even travel by Borivali, then these are the top 20 food joints you have to eat at.

1. Banana Leaf

This is an authentic south Indian eatery where they serve everything, starting from a plain paper Dosa, Neer Dosa, Idly, and Medu Vada. They have good food at a reasonable rate and a good ambiance. They also are very particular about cleanliness.


2. Bombay Eatery

This is a pure vegetarian restaurant in Borivali, Mumbai. It has a massive range of alcohol. So, if you drink alcohol and have or even like having vegetarian food, then this is your place to eat at.


3. Eggsplore

If you love eggs and can have them anytime, anywhere, this is the place you have to stop by. They cook their food on induction. This place is all about innovative egg dishes and exploring new ways to cook the egg and serve its customers.

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4. Dessert Junction

They have a large range of irresistible desserts on the menu. If you are a lover of chocolate, then you should try their Chocolate Mountain. They also are famous for their Trio Sundae.


5. Giani’s

This place makes and sells ice cream, Faluda Kulfi, Italian Gelato, Sorbet, and Snacks. This place serves 100% vegetarian Ice-creams and their variants of Ice cream and sorbets are enjoyed by all ages.


6. Kream On Cake & Café

If you are searching for a vegetarian place then all you have to do is walk into the doors of Kream on cake & café. They have egg-less and 100% vegetarian cakes and pastries.


7. Baskin Robbins

This is a very famous brand of ice creams and it has about 7000 stores outside the USA which are just mind-blowing! They have several stores in India and are very popular. They have very creative flavors and personally, mine’s the mint Choco chip.

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8. Juno’s Pizza

The pizza made here are made using the owner’s grandmother’s original recipe till date and are made with 100% natural dough with all-natural ingredients. They even make their sauce used which is used in the pizza is made fresh daily.


9. Warehouse Kitchen

This is a unique place as it lets its customers choose between a rooftop, lounge, and fine dining. Some of their best dishes are the dal makhana and cheese garlic naan. The average cost for two people here is of rupees 1600 without booze. With booze, prices will increase depending on what kind and how much.

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10. Spring Field

This place makes sure that one has a great experience concerning food and overall. They not only make good food but also have a bunch of facilities for making a customer happy like car parking, accepting cards, Air-conditioned restaurant and much more just to make their guests feel comfortable and give them an enjoyable time while they are eating here.


11. Rajus Chinese Corner

This place offers both veg and non-veg Chinese food. They were the first restaurant to have Chinese food on the menu in Borivali, Mumbai. They make very good veg and non-veg fried rice and noodles.


12. The Fusion Kitchen

They have amazing multi-cuisine dishes on the menu. They have Italian, North Indian, Chinese, Mexican, and European dishes and all of them taste incredible.

1540624869_595x40013. Borivali Biryani Centre

If you ever miss home-cooked biryani, drop in here and have a plate of biryani. The taste of home-cooked biryani is simply wonderful and makes you feel at home even when you are miles away. This is a famous place is known for home-cooked biryani.

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14. Dwarka

This place has a wide variety of North Indian and South Indian cuisines. They serve only veg food here but every single dish will make you lick your fingers!


15 Link View Restaurant & Bar

This restaurant serves delicious food like Manchow soup, Shola sabzi with butter roti, and Caramel pudding.


16. Spice Republic

This place serves completely vegetarian dishes Chhole Bhature, Veg Biryani, Shahi Paneer, Dal Makhani, and Butter Naan.

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17. Domino’s Pizza

This is a renowned pizza restaurant across the country and they make and sell three million pizzas each day globally. They have thin crust, cheese burst, pan size pizza, and a lot of different variants to choose from for toppings and types of pizza.


18. Malgudi

It has a wide range of items on the menu to fulfill the customer’s requirements. They have takeaway and dine in options which makes things a lot easier, and this is a facility that few places have in Mumbai.


19. 90 ft Above

This place has a spectacular view It’s a casual dining restaurant that serves North Indian, Italian, Mexican, and Lebanese cuisines. The quality of the food here is superb. Their tacos and burritos are some dishes from the many that are a must-have here.


20. Charcoal Eats

This is a small food joint with a minimalistic ambiance. They make pizzas and wraps which have an Indian twist to them and taste incredible. It gives western cuisine an Indian spice that is unique and makes this place somewhere you’ll want to come to more.

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