Top 20 Street Food Restaurants In Sadar Bazaar, Gurgaon

top 20 sttreet food restaurants in sadar bazaargurgaon

Sadar bazaar is an old Gurgaon market that has been recognised for centuries and is well-known throughout the Delhi NCR. You can’t go wrong with any of the market’s street food restaurants. The meal is pure, with a flavour you won’t find anyplace else. Fast food such as gol gallas, burger, samosa, bhel puri, and sweets are available in the bazaar.

1. Sardarji Jalebi Wala 

In the entire Sadar market region, the most famous and well-known Jalebi seller. They’ve been selling jalebi for a long time, and the taste is unlike anything else in town. They solely provide take-out options.

Sardarji Jalebi Wala

2. Pandit Vaishno Dhaba 

If you’re looking for homemade food in Old Gurgaon, this is the place to go. The cuisine is created with 100% desi ghee and is of such high quality that it tastes like home cooking. There are takeout options as well as seated locations.

Pandit Vaishno Dhaba

3. Rewari Sweets 

Their barfi, cooked with pure ghee and milk, is legendary. They also sell candies, snacks, and cakes. Everything is cooked in the kitchen, and the cuisine is both fresh and of good quality. The service is prompt and courteous.

Rewari Sweets

4. The Grills Food Junction 

Take advantage of the moment – Chinese and Thai cuisines are waiting for you. This restaurant’s chef prepares delectable spring rolls, paneer, and dal makhani. Try gulab jamun that has been cooked to perfection. THE GRILLS FOOD JUNCTION’S food delivery is a great advantage. The personnel is said to be courteous by the majority of tourists. This establishment’s service can be described as prompt. Many guests comment on the reasonable costs of the food. This location has a beautiful vibe and warm design.

The Grills Food Junction

5. Rupa Tikki Wala 

RUPA TIKKI WALA offers affordable delicacies such as Samosa, Pakora, Chaat, Tikki, and more. But the most famous is tikki, which is served with chole and sone sliced onion and has a distinct flavour. Quantity will never be an issue because it offers a lot of food for the money.

Rupa Tikki Wala

6. Baljee Restaurants 

This is one of the tastiest chole bhature you’ll find in town. Baljee’s food is of the highest quality, and the flavour is so delicious that you’ll want to eat it all. It’s a clean environment. They have Chana Bhatura, Chole Bhatura, Samosa, and Lassi that you must try.

Baljee Restaurants

7. Romi Da Dhaba 

A well-known dhaba that serves North Indian, Mughlai, and Chinese cuisine. The cuisine is wonderful and amazing. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options available.

Romi Da Dhaba

8. Man Singh Chole Kulche Centre 

A family restaurant with an extensive menu featuring street food. The cuisine is of exceptional quality, and there are no complaints about the taste. The flavour is excellent and irresistible.

Man Singh Chole Kulche Centre

9. Manish Special French Omelette 

Serving omelettes in a variety of flavours, all cooked from scratch with fresh eggs and toast. You can’t go wrong with their omelette, and they have dining as well as take-out options.

Manish Special French Omelette

10. Aggarwal Sweets 

Aggarwal Sweets was founded in 2008. This well-known restaurant serves as a one-stop shop for both local and out-of-town consumers. Aggarwal Sweets offers a diverse range of products and/or services to meet the needs of its clients.

Aggarwal Sweets

11. Kk Chaap Express 

Rolls, Fast Food, North Indian, and Pure Vegetarian are among the cuisines available. When dining here, you must get the afghani chaap, achari chaap, and other chaaps because they are of the highest quality.

Kk Chaap Express

12.  Breakfast 7 To 11 

This is where you’ll find the greatest breakfast in town. Their menu includes fast food, snacks, tea, coffee, sandwiches, and parathas. The staff is courteous and efficient. They feature a relaxing seating area.

Breakfast 7 To 11

13. Bikaner Sweets And Snacks 

Desserts and Fast Food are among the cuisines available at this establishment. The firm provides delivery service to your home. Everything is available, including tea snacks, namkeens, biscuits, cakes, and other items. They have locations throughout Gurgaon.

Bikaner Sweets And Snacks

14.  Swaad-A-Banaras 

This local restaurant, which serves distinctive Banaras flavours, features excellent meals as well as the famed Banarasi paan, which you should not miss. The restaurant specialises in North Indian and Street Food cuisines.

Swaad A Banaras

15. 56 Amritsari Kulchas 

This restaurant delivers the best chole kulche in the neighbourhood, bringing the flavour of Amritsar to the area. Chole curry is one of those dishes that one will never forget. Pure Vegetarian is one of the restaurant’s specialties.

56 Amritsari Kulchas

16.  Surya Street Food 

Surya street food is paving the way for a full dinner. This restaurant, which opened in 2014, is known for its wonderful food that can satisfy any appetite. It is home to some of the world’s most popular cuisines.

Surya Street Food

17. Paratha Junction 

They have a vast menu with a variety of parathas to choose from. You can order any type of paratha you want, whether it’s onion, potato, or a variety of vegetables. The parathas are fresh and have a wonderful flavour. It’s served with pickles and curd, as well as tea.

Paratha Junction

18. Samrat Bakery 

Providing an excellent range of baked goods to the city’s sweet toothed residents. This bakery/patisserie first opened its doors in 2005, and it quickly became known for its delectable baked goods. Cakes, pastries, cookies, nibbles, puddings, mousse, cheesecakes, and muffins are among the pure-vegetarian goodies available at this bakery.

Samrat Bakery

19. The Samosa Factory 

For a fast bite of samosa, vadapav, and frankie, this is the place to go. Samosa Factory sells a selection of popular Indian snacks and sweets that are ready to eat. Only high-quality spices and fresh produce are used at Samosa Factory, and everything is made in-house.

The Samosa Factory

20. Cafe Coffee Day 

The classic milk coffee with bitter overtones of single origin coffee, ‘Cappuccino,’ is an all-time favourite. They feature a variety of cold coffees, such as ‘Cafe Frappe,’ ‘Kaapi Nirvana,’ and ‘Tropical Iceberg,’ that are great for beating the summer heat. The CCD owns thousands of acres of land and has its own plantations. Kudregundi estate grows their famed Arabica and Robusta single origin coffee beans.

Cafe Coffee Day 2