Top 20 Restaurants In Port Blair, Andaman Islands

Top 20 Restaurants In Port Blair Andaman Islands 1
Top 20 Restaurants In Port Blair Andaman Islands 1

Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a union territory of India in the Bay of Bengal. It is also called the “Tehsil” of the islands. Port Blair is famous for seafood, fish curry, macher jhol, coconut prawn curry, chili curry, Amritsari kulcha, grilled lobsters, etc.

1. Sea Food Delights

This is one of the most famous restaurants in Port Blair ,which serves top-class seafood. Some of their popular dishes are Lobster bisque, Chili garlic squid, Grilled tiger prawns and Tawa fish curry. The rooftop ambiance gives a pleasant vibe and is a must-visit.

Sea Food Delights

2. Anju Coco Resto

Anju Coco is a trendy restaurant in the Havelock Islands. It serves the best-grilled tuna on the island. You will be filled with absolutely delicious pizzas here made with a thin crust. Its location attracts lots of tourists. This is a must-visit place.

Anju Coco Resto

3. Full Moon Café

This is a famous café run by an Irish-Indian couple. The restaurant is located near a beach complimented by greenery from all sides that gives out a feeling of calmness and serenity. It serves seafood, Indian Food and American and Asian. The restaurant also serves alcohol and is a wonderland for beer lovers. A pint of beer along with your friends is all you need after a long day of exploring Havelock Island.

Full Moon Cafe

4. Chand Restaurant

It is one of the finest dining restaurants in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, known for Indian cuisine. They serve fantastic local as well as continental food at this charming restaurant. This is a must-visit for travelers staying near Neil Islands.

Chand Restaurant

5. Lighthouse Residency

This is the leading restaurant in Port Blair. Lighthouse Residency dishes out top-quality seafood in Port Blair. They serve a wide variety of seafood like snapper, crabs, squids, tiger prawns, etc. Now there is a new lighthouse restaurant which is like an open-air seafood place, further up the road in Aberdeen Bazar.

Lighthouse Residency

6. Excel Restaurant

It is yet another famous restaurant in Andaman where you can enjoy seafood, Israeli Food, Italian, Chinese and unique burgers. The main highlight of the restaurant is its bamboo rooftop which attracts many tourists.

Excel Restaurant

7. Something Different – Havelock

This place is famous for North Indian, South Indian, Italian, Continental, Chinese as well as fast Food. You absolutely cannot miss this place for its mind-blowing Food. It is located by the beach, which is pretty amazing and a wonderful place to visit with your mates.

Something Different – Havelock

8. Red Snapper

Red Snapper is considered to be the best seafood fine-dining restaurant in Havelock islands. They exhibit fresh and well-cooked seafood like fish, crab and lobster. Do try their Tiger prawns. The restaurant is connected to a rooftop bar which has spacious seating, dim lighting, and a breezy atmosphere.

Red Snapper

9. Dugong – Neil Islands

Dugong, which is located in Neil Islands, is the in-house restaurant of Seashell hotels. The restaurant is quite popular among tourists. Their main dishes include chicken Peshwari, Chicken Lababdar, Neil fish curry and saag chicken. It is surrounded by palm trees and has a pleasant atmosphere.

Dugong – Neil Islands

10. Mandalay 

Mandalay is the in-house restaurant of the Fortune Bay Resort in Port Blair. All the seafood lovers can jump into fresh fish, crabs, lobsters, and prawns. They have many dishes that range from Indian to Chinese Food. Its glorious sea view is what makes it so unique.


11. Fat Martin Café

Fat Martin Café is one of the most famous places to eat on Havelock Island. The interior ambiance is excellent and well complemented by the mat and wood interiors. They offer Asian and Indian cuisines. Some of their famous dishes include Chicken curry with rice along with seasoned pepper. They also offer a wide variety of desserts, one of their most notable being the “Hello to Queen” dessert.

Fat Martin cafe

12. Happy Belly

Happy Belly is a café located in Port Blair in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It is in the form of a food truck which attracts a lot of customers. They serve all kinds of fast Food, drinks, shakes, and much more. It’s definitely worth a shot!

Happy Belly

13. Café Down Under

It is located in Port Blair, Andaman, and Nicobar Islands. It is a small and cozy place with great Food. They serve sandwiches, rolls, shakes, and drinks. The ambiance here is excellent, and you should surely visit here at least once.

Cafe Down Under

14. Sea Dragon Restaurant

This is located on Havelock Island. This is a multi-cuisine restaurant that serves Indian, Coastal, and Continental cuisines with a variety of drinks. You can enjoy some delicious appetizers or a full course meal while savoring the heavenliness created by the beautiful island surroundings.

Sea Dragon Restaurant

15. The Nemo Café

Nemo café and beach bar is a “beachside bar” located at the private beach of Havelock Island beach resort, showcasing the natural view of the Indian ocean. The café is a fantastic attraction for the travelers. They offer various items such as hold and cold beverages, fresh juices, smoothies and other drinks. Often DJ Parties are arranged in this café during the weekends to make it a popular hangout spot.

The Nemo Cafe

16. Golden Spoon

Golden spoon is a small restaurant with wooden tables and benches. But the Food here is absolutely delicious and guaranteed fresh as it comes directly from the most popular markets of Andamans. Golden spoon is bliss for seafood cravers as it serves all kinds of fish, prawns, lobsters, crabs, etc. It also does some unique Israeli dishes.

Golden Spoon

17. Bonova Café And Pub

Bonova Café and Pub is a family restaurant that serves quality seafood and Oriental and Continental cuisine with a serene ambiance, and Live music. Their main dishes are roasted chicken in red wine, penne pasta, dragon chop suey, pesto grilled prawn, etc.

Bonova Cafe And Pub

18. Dakshin Restaurant

It is the best south Indian restaurant in Havelock Island. Located near the shore, the restaurant is built on a high ground that overlooks the sea, surrounded by palm trees. You can enjoy the breathtaking view while having traditional south Indian meals like south Indian fish thali and masala dose.

Dakshin Restaurant

19. Hungry Stone Restaurants

It is situated close to Tango resort and Seashell. This restaurant serves tasty seafood with Indian flavors and some international dishes. Garlic naan and pumpkin masala are delicious. They also offer special value meals alongside fruit juices and other non-alcoholic beverages.

Hungry Stone Restaurants

20. Amaya

This is the in-house rooftop bar of Seashell. The staff here is very polite. The food is delicious, and the view from the top of the property is beautiful. They mainly serve seafood. Amaya Seafood Platter and Signature Flaming Shooters are the eye-catchers.