Top 20 Street Foods In Dhanbad

top 20 street foods in dhanbad
top 20 street foods in dhanbad

Dhanbad, the coal capital of India, is popular for its mines and minerals, but wherever you go, you need food, which is a basic requirement for all. Along with healthy foods, we also want street foods. Your mouth is full of water after reading this. So many dishes are revolving around in your mind and you’ll be confused about that what kind of street foods are in Dhanbad. Which street foods should we give a try ? So, let’s make it easier for you guys. We are here to present the top 20 street foods in Dhanbad.

1. Litti Chokha

One of the best and the most popular street foods in Dhanbad is litti chokha. Wherever you go, at least you’ll find one stall for it. But if you want to have the best litti chokha ever, then you should checkout the litti chokha of one place, which is “Gaya Singh Litti Dukan”. It is extremely popular among the people of Dhanbad. You can find this place at Randhir Verma Chowk, beside Hanuman Mandir, Pandey Mohalla, Dhanbad. It is one of the most popular places for litti chokha in Dhanbad.

1. Litti Chokha

2. Tikki Chaat

It is one of the tastiest and mouth-watering food items in Dhanbad. Different restaurants also offer this, but the taste you’ll get from the streetside stalls, won’t be the same as from the fancy places. One additional thing about the chaat is that the sellers also give complimentary plates to their customers. It is so yummy and delicious that once you see it or smell it, you just can’t stop yourself from eating it. There are also varieties in it: simple chaat, masala chaat, papdi chaat, tikki chaat etc. You can find this food item anywhere, but people mostly like to eat chaat at Bank More, Citi Centre, and Hirapur.

2. Tikki Chaat

3. Gupchup

From its name, it is a mouth-watering food item. Eberyone enjoys it, from children to the elderly. It has several names like panipuri, fuchka, golgappa, but in Dhanbad, people call it “Gupchup.” You can find it anywhere and everywhere. It is not only in Dhanbad, it is one of the best street foods in all of india. It’s spicy makes most people fall in love with it, but some people also like to eat sweet gupchup. It also has varities in it like: papdi, double, chipti. There are some varieties which you can only find in Dhanbad.


4. Momo

It is one of the best street foods. It is very tasty and delicious. The best momo you can have in Dhanbad is from a place called the citi centre. It seems like the momo seller at that place has magic in their hands. There are also several varieties of momo, such as: fried momo, paneer momo, maggi momo, chicken momo, tandoori momo, steamed momo, and many more. It is both, vegetarian  well as non-vegetarian, so you can eat it according to your preference. Momo is served with spicy red chutney and green chilli chutney, and lastly, soup is served as a complementary thing. The soup is also tasty and yumm just like momos.

4. Momo

5. Samosa

It is one of the best street foods in Dhanbad. It is triangular in shape. It has potatoes inside. You can have it with chutney. It is a delicious food item. There’s a place called Choudhary Sweets in Bank More where you can get one of the best Samosas. It also has varieties like: maggi samosa, cheese samosa, chocolate samosa, and many more, but in Dhanbad, samosa chaat is very famous and it’s tasty too. Mostly, in the morning and in the evening, there are large numbers of people queuing up near the place where it is being sold.


6. Breadchop

It is one of the best, delicious and tastiest street foods in Dhanbad. It is a food item which is made up of bread and dipped in besan. It is spicy in taste and it is served with tomato sauce. Some people call it bread pakora, some call it bread bhaji, but in Dhanbad it is called bread chop. It is street food, but it is not light at all. Its a heavy food item, but it’s delicious too. You can also have it with chilli sauce or any other sauce. Many people think that it’s just like a sandwich but no, they are wrong. Sandwich and bredchop are completely different from each other.

6. Breadchop

7. Dahi vada

It is one of the most popular street foods in Dhanbad. It is tasty and delicious. The vada is generally made from urad dal, but some people like to eat vada of moong dal too for health reasons. You can find this food item in Bank More. There are people on the street selling dahi vada, and people actually love it. Mostly, you eat this on some festivals or occasions, but in the Bank More, you can have it anytime before it gets sold out. Many people get confused between dahi bhalle and dahi vada, they are both are the same dish. There is a slight difference in their names only.

7. Dahi vada

8. Lassi

It is one of the coldest and most refreshing street drinks. Its origin is from Punjab, but you can find this refreshing drink in Dhanbad too. The best lassi in Dhanbad is in Hirapur and Steel Gate. It is also a healthy drink. It is a buttermilk made from dahi. It has a sweet taste. Rabfi lassi is one of the famous lassis in Dhanbad. If you haven’t tried it yet, then It’s a must to try out this one.

8. Lassi

9. Bhelpuri

It is one of the common street foods in Dhanbad. It is made up of puffed rice with various ingredients. Puffed rice is its main ingredient. It is tasty and crunchy. You can find bhelpuri in Dhanbad in chowpaati. Actually, it’s the best place to have any street food. Bhelpuri comes in many varieties, including sukhi puri, batata puri, sevpuri, and many others. It is a light food item, and you can carry it anywhere. The crunchiness of the bhelpuri will make you fall in love with this food item.


10. Pav Bhaji

It is one of the best street foods in Dhanbad. The smell is enough to make you fall    for it. Everything about this food item is fantastic. It looks amazing, and its taste is also mouth-melting. You can have it in many big restaurants also, but the taste that you’ll get from the street vendors is mesmerising. The most famous pav bhaji stall in Dhanbad is the Ganpati pav bhaji stall. Apart from simple pav bhaji, there is burger pav bhaji also. Its taste is also delightful. So, if you are in Dhanbad, then you should definitely try this out.

10.Pav Bhaji

11. Chole Bhature

It is one of the most popular street foods in Dhanbad. Every time you see people near the stall, you’ll feel like they are dying for it. This, you can see in their eyes. People love it so much that they don’t even want to wait long for it to come. The best chole bhature you can have in Dhanbad none other than chowpati. It’s the best place to have chole bhature. In the evening, there is a queue of people for chole bhature. In Dhanbad, you don’t have to pay more if  you take chole extra.

11.Chole Bhature

12. Burger

You read it right, burger. It is one of the best street foods in Dhanbad. Of course, it will not be like a real burger, but the street burger is also tasty. There is no comparison between the real one and the street burger. Both are good at their own places. The burger on the street is not costly at all. It only costs Rs. 20. You can find this one also in the chowpati of Pani Tanki. it’s not a vada paw. Many people call it masala paw. It is a different street food that eveyone should have tasted once in their life.


13. Egg Roll

 It is also one of the street foods in Dhanbad. There are lots of stalls selling of egg rolls in Dhanbad. Some are in Bank More, some are in Citi Centre, some are in Golf Ground and, of course, Chowpaati. Generally, you can get egg rolls in the evening because most stalls are open in the evening. It’s very easy to find. The taste is also mind-blowing. It’s so delicious that once you eat it, you’ll want to come back every single evening, and no doubt its smell is so good.

13.Egg Roll

14. Idli  

You’ll be shocked, but yes, it’s true that in Dhanbad, Idli is one of the street foods. Its taste is so delicious, and it is served with coconut chutney. Yes, its taste is different from the restaurants, but it has its own taste. The best place where you can have idli in Dhanbad is Bank More, Chowpaati, near Pani Tanki. These places serve really tasty idli.


15. Kanji Vada

It is one of the street foods in Dhanbad. It tastes so good that once you take one bite, you want to have more. If you are in Dhanbad, then you should definitely give a try to this amazing food item. With this food item, you can only get into the streets. No restaurants in Dhanbad have this amazing item on their menu. To have a taste of it, you need to explore Dhanbad, and then only you can find this food item.

15.Kanji Vada

16. Dosa

It is one of the famous street foods. You can have this item in restaurants as well, but most people prefer the street side dosa. There is a reason behind this. As an Indian, we love things that are cheap and qualitative. Same thing is applicable in the case of dosa also. Dosa in restaurants is literally double in price as compared to street stalls. There is also no difference in taste, so, street stalls of dosa are the best to have. It’s cheap also, affordable also, and tasty also.


17. Chowmin

It is one of the best street foods. It is also served in different ways, like: chowmin with manchurian, non-veg chowmin, egg chowmin, paneer chowmin, cheese chowmin, and many more. You can have it according to your preference. There are various numbers of stalls in the street for chowmin. Chowmin has three parts in which you can eat it: quarter, half plate, and full plate. Some people even mix chowmin with pasta. If you are thinking it’s weird, then you must need to try this combination. You’ll definitely change your opinion after having it.


18. Rabdi Icecream

It is one of the famous street foods in Dhanbad. You can find this only at a few places in Dhanbad. The best rabdi icecream you can have at Gaya Pool. Rabdi Icecream is one of the most popular food items at this place. It’s a must recommendation to try this item. When it melts in your mouth, the feeling at that moment is awesome, and if you want to feel it, then you should definitely check this place out of Rabdi Icecream.

18.Rabdi Icecream

19. Chai And Pakora

If you are Indian, then you definitely know its importance and how much people are crazy about it. It’s one of the best street foods ever. In Dhanbad, tea is served in a cup that is handmade, i.e., Kulhad. Chai is special in itself, but it becomes tastier when it is served in kulhad. “Chai and Pakora” is the best combination ever. You should definitely check out this combo.

19.Chai and Pakora

20. Milkshake/Badamshake

It is one of the street foods in Dhanbad. It tastes too good. It is cheaper from the restaurants or cafes. It is qualitative as well. It is also presented in a very good way. Once you drink it, you’ll come back to have it. A small scoop of icecream is also in a milkshake or badamshake. It gets melted in your mouth. Every seller presents it in their own style. Overall, it is a delicious food item, which is highly recommended.