Top 20 Substitutes of Chilies

top 20 substitutes of chilies 1
top 20 substitutes of chilies 1

Some of us love spicy foods, but consuming chilies more significantly isn’t good for our health; therefore, we need alternatives to spice up our daily meals. Chilies are nutritious, but overconsumption harms our digestive system and can lead to ulcers and stubborn stomach aches. Nowadays, people like to eat clean food and maintain a balanced diet to improve their health. Our regular meals won’t taste good without spices. Making foods for children without chilies is often a problem as they don’t prefer spicy food items. However, without chilies, dishes may seem bland. Let’s look at the Substitutes we can use instead of chilies to spice up our daily recipes.

1. Banana Pepper

Banana peppers can be the perfect substitute for green chilies adding a tangy flavor to your recipes. You can use them for less spicy flavor in your food. They have a bright green color which is quite alluring, and you’ll love how they taste. Use them to make pickles and salads.

Banana Pepper

2. Anaheim Peppers

Eat tem raw and use in various recipes. Roast, fry and grill them for their authentic flavors. They are less spicy than chilies. Use them in your salads or regular dishes for a fantastic taste. Don’t overthink before choosing your food items; decide what’s best for your health.

Anaheim Peppers

3. Poblano Pepper

Chilies give the food the spicy flavor we crave in different dishes to change our tastes, but sometimes inadequate consumption can harm our bodies. Therefore, substitute chilies with poblano pepper in your recipes for mild heat and good health. Use them in soups and stews and enjoy a relaxing meal.

Poblano Pepper

4. Bell Pepper

We are all aware of the taste of bell peppers. They give our foods a tangy flavor and can be quickly grilled and fried. Use them in your salads and rice preparations for an elevated taste. They don’t have heat to spice up your dishes. Readily available in the market and is suitable for health.

Bell Pepper

5. Green Fresno Pepper

What an exciting name! Use them to make fresh pickles and serve them with your regular meals. Their mild heat won’t disturb your digestive system, and you’ll love its flavor. Use them in soups, casseroles, and stews for a fantastic outcome. Less heat is good for our health; therefore, consume what gives you happiness.

Green Fresno Pepper

6. Jalapeno

They’re mildly hot and give our food a distinct flavor. Use them in casseroles, soups, and salsas to elevate their taste. Remove their ribs and seeds if you want to avoid their spiciness. They have a mild aroma and are suitable for our health. They’re a fantastic substitute for chilies.


7. Thai Chili Peppers

Peppers are needed to spice up our regular dishes. Too much heat in recipes can ruin the taste of the dish or can make us lose our appetite. Be careful of what you’re using in your recipes and the amounts of the ingredients. They contain too much heat and should be skipped when preparing children’s food.

Thai Chili Peppers

8. Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper is loaded with heat and is a good substitute for red chilies. They give our dishes a distinct flavor which will allure you to have more. However, please don’t use it more significantly when preparing food for children. Make sure to keep away from the reach of children and older family members.

Cayenne Pepper

9. Serrano

What a fascinating name! Serrano is way spicier than your imagination. Don’t overconsume it. Keep away from the reach of children. Use it in a minimal amount in your regular recipes to get its authentic flavors. Use it in your salads and fries for heat. Use them for a spicy recipe, and you’ll love the outcome.


10. Red Pepper Flakes

Red pepper flakes are a fantastic substitute for chili flakes. Use them in pizza, pasta, and burgers, and you won’t miss the regular chili flakes. They add heat to our recipes and water our eyes if over-consumed. Try to use it in minimal amounts to elevate the flavor of your recipes.

Red Pepper Flakes

11. Pequin Chili Pepper

They aren’t available readily in the market most of the time and are an uncommon substitute for chilies compared to the others. Their flavor comes out they’re smoked. Use them in smoked recipes for their authentic flavors. Use them carefully, as too many pequin chili peppers can ruin your recipes.

Pequin Chili Pepper

12. Calabrian Chili

It is primarily available in the Calabria region of Italy. Their red color is quite alluring. Use them over your pizzas to give them an attractive finish and taste. Use them in fresh pickles and regular curries. Their fiery flavor can make or ruin the taste of your recipes owing to the amounts used; therefore, be a little careful while using them.

Calabrian Chili

13. Cumin

Cumin seeds are not spicy, but they can easily make up for the lack of chilies in your recipes with their earthy flavors. It has a powerful aroma and taste that is quite recognizable while tasting the dishes. They’re nutritious for our bodies by keeping away digestion problems. Change your bad food habits for a better living.


14. Garlic

Garlic has a strong smell and mild heat. Use it in your regular curries for a spicy punch instead of chilies. Garlic can reduce inflammation in our bodies and gives us relief from pain. Use it readily for making pickles and pulses. Use it with various spices for its spiciness and heat in soups and meat preparation.


15. Onions

Onions alone can’t give you the spiciness you need in your recipes; therefore, use them with different spices for heat. Onions are nutritious, and children can consume them readily without much thought. Use them in your regular curries and fries for an authentic taste and flavor. Onion pickles taste excellent with regular meals.


16. Oregano

How often do we use it in our pizzas and pasta? However, oregano doesn’t give us the heat and spice we need for our recipes. It can elevate the flavors of various recipes. Use them in sauces and soups for an excellent outcome. Please don’t make your foods spicier than necessary as it may harm your health unnecessarily.


17. Hot Sauce

Hot sauce can be an excellent substitute for chilies. Use them to make Italian recipes, and you’ll go down the dishes in minutes. However, overconsumption of anything can harm our bodies beyond repair. Always be careful while using spices in your recipes, and know their health benefits before you use them.

Hot Sauce

18. Black Pepper

Black pepper is widely available in the market and has mild heat and a spicy flavor. Don’t neglect your food recipes by using more significant amounts of spices. Use them in soups and snacks to elevate their tastes. Use them in teas for a spicy, bitter-sweet flavor. Garnish pizzas and chow with black pepper powder.

Black Pepper

19. Cardamom

Use cardamom in our regular dishes for its bitter and spicy flavor. They’re pretty aromatic spices and give our teas a refreshing taste. They are known for their aroma and can be easily substituted with chilies. Use them in soups and desserts for a yummy outcome.


20. Mustard Seeds

Mustard is packed with mild heat and intense flavor. They’re pretty aromatic with a distinct color. Use them in your fish preparations for an elevated taste. Keep away from the reach of children. Use mustard oil in various recipes for their authentic taste. Use them for making fresh pickles.

Mustard Seeds