Top 20 Teas Good for Health

top 20 teas good for health 1
top 20 teas good for health 1

We drink tea in the morning and evening for a refreshing day. Therefore, we must drink organic tea as much as possible. Nowadays, most of us have taken to drinking green tea, which helps in weight management, improves our metabolism rate, and gives us skin benefits. Don’t overconsume tea, as it can harm your health. There are medicinal properties present in the leaves of varieties of teas that gives us relief from inflammations, pain, and stress. Sometimes when we skip our daily dose of tea, we suffer from a stubborn headache. Let’s look into some healthier options of teas available.

1. Jasmine Green Tea

Green teas benefit our health, and we should consume them regularly to reap the benefits. Jasmine green tea has a mild flavor which helps in soothing our senses. This tea helps in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Jasmine has low calories and helps in the prevention of cancer.

Jasmine Green Tea

2. Moroccan Mint Green Tea

Moroccan mint green tea has a mild mint flavor, which helps show our minds and stomachs. This tea provides us relief from congestion and headache. The calming properties of this tea help in indigestion. Drink healthy for the betterment of your body. A cup of this tea regularly can help to solve your health problems.

Moroccan Mint Green Tea

3. Dragonwell Green Tea

It is one of the most beneficial green teas available on the market. Consumption of tea regularly helps in weight management, reducing blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Add honey to your cup of green tea to get relief from cough and cold. Choose a refreshing and healthy drink to stay away from regular stress and headaches.

Dragonwell Green Tea

4. Gyukuro Green Tea

This is such an exciting name. It’s primarily grown in Japan and has tiny leaves. It prevents cancer, lowers the risk of heart disease, and reduces the chances of diabetes. Avoid this tea if you’re pregnant because of its caffeine content. A cup of gyukuro tea can give you fantastic health benefits.

Gyukuro Green Tea

5. Genmaicha Green Tea

Genmaicha green tea is low in calories and contains antioxidants that help our bodies fight free radicals. This tea lowers the risks of cardiovascular diseases and reduces high blood pressure. Drink this tea regularly to gain health benefits and make your body stronger by consuming better.

Genmaicha Green Tea

6. Kukicha Green Tea

It is necessary to loom after what we eat and drink because that helps us directly by making our bodies healthy, and sometimes one wrong step can harm our bodies beyond repair. Kukicha green tea reduces insomnia, acidity, and anxiety. Have a cup regularly to notice the difference.

Kukicha Green Tea

7. Sencha Green Tea

Sencha green tea has an authentic quality and flavor through minimal processing and is primarily found in Japan. The antioxidants present in this tea reduce blood sugar levels and fight against heart diseases. This tea protects the cells and tissues of our bodies and gives us a healthy problem-free life.

Sencha Green Tea

8. Matcha Green Tea

Prepare matcha tea by grinding the tea leaves into fine powder. This tea regulates the rate of metabolism and detoxifies our bodies from harmful compounds. The amino acid present in this tea helps in soothing our senses. Try to drink this tea daily to reap its benefits.

Matcha Green Tea

9. Houjicha Green Tea

Many now opt for good quality green tea to detoxify our bodies and regulate weight management. This tea reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and helps us to sleep well. Drinking this tea lets us calm our minds and stay refreshing for an extended period.

9 Houjicha Green Tea

10. Bancha Green Tea

Don’t miss your regular cup of green tea to gain the health benefits you lack in your daily diet. This tea helps in reducing oral cavities and gives us mental alertness. Whenever you get tired, or your mind gets blank, drink a cup of bancha green tea, and you’ll feel rejuvenated. Don’t overconsume tea, as it may harm your body.

Bancha Green Tea

11. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is soothing for our bodies and minds with its mild flavor. Don’t skip your daily dose of chamomile tea for better health. This tea calms our senses and gives us relief from premenstrual symptoms, insulin levels, blood sugar, and high blood lipid. A cup of chamomile tea can provide us with many nutrients.

Chamomile Tea

12. Peppermint Tea

This is a refreshing drink that calms our minds and bodies. It protects us from unwanted viruses and bacteria and regulates our digestive system. Drink a cup of peppermint tea to cure nausea and stomach aches. Don’t think much, drink a cup of this tea and relax. Drink healthy to lead a peaceful life.

Peppermint Tea

13. Ginger Tea

Ginger is known for its medicinal properties for curing colds and coughs. The antioxidants present in this drink boost our immunity system and reduces inflammation. Consume it early in the morning to regulate your metabolism rate. Don’t skip your regular cup, as it benefits your body and mind.

Ginger Tea

14. Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is widely available in the market. Hibiscus flowers are readily available at home, and you can’t deny their medicinal properties. Its distinct taste and color will allure a relaxing drink. It helps oxidative stress and fights against high blood pressure. Drink a cup of hibiscus tea daily to notice the differences yourself.

Hibiscus Tea

15. Echinacea Tea

Tea is a regular part of our diet, and we shouldn’t overcome them as it may lead to harmful effects on our bodies. Try a cup of echinacea tea to prevent the common cold. A cup of mild aromatic tea can help your mind relax, regulate metabolism, and detoxify your body. Echinacea tea is a suitable option consisting of low calories.

Echinacea Tea

16. Rooibos Tea

Teas help us reduce stress, headaches, and inflammation and boost our immunity system. Therefore, having a healthy cup of tea daily is necessary to prevent unnecessary infections caused by viruses and bacteria. Drinking this tea reduces the risk of heart disease and improves bone health.

Rooibos Tea

17. Sage Tea

Sage tea has medicinal properties that help our brain health. Drink a cup daily to notice the health benefits it provides. This tea benefits heart and colon health. Sage tea helps in improving our memory and cognitive function. Drink healthy to keep your mind and body functioning well.

Sage Tea

18. Lemon Balm Tea

Herbal teas help us get relief from stubborn stress and headaches. They are also known for improving our skin quality by detoxifying our bodies. Drink a cup of lemon balm tea to get relief from anxiety. This tea helps in improving our heart and skin health. Lemon balm tea has a high content of antioxidants suitable for our health.

Lemon Balm Tea

19. Rose Hip Tea

Rose hip tea has a mild flavor that attracts us. This tea contains beneficial plant compounds and vitamin C. Drink a cup of rose hip tea daily to reduce inflammation and weight management. Taking care of our eating and drinking habits is necessary for leading a healthy and joyous life.

Rose Hip Tea

20. Passionflower Tea

Passionflower tea helps us get good sleep and reduces anxiety levels. Drink a cup of tea daily to calm your mind and refresh your body. Stay healthy by opting for healthy drinks. Consume healthy beverages to lead a happy life. Add a cup of tea to your daily meals for peaceful living.

Passionflower Tea