Top 20 Substitutes Of Unsalted Butter

Butter has always been a yummy product when it comes to being eaten with bread or used in baked goods. But diet concerning and healthy eating people mostly try to avoid it because of its fat content, hence giving it a significant no signal. Nowadays, people, therefore, try to substitute it with other items having low-calorie content to make the food items yummy and at the same time healthy. However, where the creamy, soft, and smooth texture of the butter is concerned, not every other thing can substitute it. Hence, it is necessary to check out the items that can be easily replaced.

1. Coconut Oil

It is dairy-free and vegan, so everyone can use it without thinking much, and it is one of the best substitutes for unsalted butter. Water or milk can be added to it to increase the moisture content. However, because of its original flavor and taste, it is recommended to use alone.

1 Coconut Oil

2. Vegetable Shortening

Made from vegetable oil, by adding hydrogen molecules to it at room temperature, the oil becomes solid. It is used in the exact measurements as butter for recipes. Moreover, it is frequently used in baking for impressive results without any hassle or thinking about a vegan product.

2 Vegetable Shortening

3. Lard

It is a shortening made from animal fat, and in this case, mostly pig’s fat is rendered and cooled, and the solid left over is lard. However, it is used in a lesser quantity than butter because of its more fat and moisture content. It can be used as frying oil or for the best pastry-making results.

3 Lard

4. Vegetable Oil

Vegetable oils can be used as a substitutes for butter, but not in all recipes due to its liquidness. If used in baking, it can make the mixtures runny, changing the taste and texture of the finished baked products. However, it can be used for making gravies and sauces when made in a pan for fantastic results.

4 Vegetable Oil

5. Olive Oil

With its excellent health benefits of lowering cholesterol and high cardiovascular diseases, it can be effectively used in making tasty Mediterranean Recipes. A little bit of olive oil is sufficient in this case instead of unsalted butter. However, it is not suitable for baking products, but pancakes can be easily made with it.

5 Olive Oil

6. Ghee

One of the most widely available substitutes of unsalted butter, with its aroma and nutty taste, can be used to bake goods. It is used in the exact quantities as butter to give foods a rich and smooth texture. However, as its moisture quantity is higher than butter, sometimes lesser amounts are used to achieve the same results as butter.

6 Ghee

7. Greek Yogurt

With its tangy taste, it is a high protein-based substitute for butter for baking goods. However, full-fat greek yogurt must be used to achieve smooth textured results; otherwise, it can turn out dry or crumbling. Finally, it should be used carefully, keeping in mind its original taste, so baked goods don’t turn out a little sour.

7 Greek Yogurt

8. Avocado

Though not widely available or a cheap product, it is highly nutritious as a substitute for the saturated and monosaturated fats of butter. It can be easily used in cooking or baking to get healthy and creamy finished goods. Moreover, it is used in the exact quantities as butter.

8 Avocado

9. Pumpkin Puree

It can replace butter in many recipes with its high content of vitamin A. However, it is more watery than the other substitutes mentioned in the list; therefore, three-quarters of the amount of butter should be used for it. It is cheap and widely available in the market for use.

9 Pumpkin Puree

10. Mashed Bananas

Bananas, with their high moisture content and creamy smooth texture, add highly to the nutritional value of the goods used without fat. However, its sweetness can affect the original taste of the foods made. Moreover, it is widely and cheaply available in markets.

10 Mashed Bananas

11. Applesauce

With its low calories and nutritional values, it is a popular substitute for unsalted butter for baking. However, it should be used in lesser quantities because of its sweetness for the products to remain unaffected by the taste, or it can be used in higher amounts to increase the sweetness as needed.

11 Applesauce

12. Nut Butter

Varieties of nut butter are available in the market, like almonds or peanuts. With its high nutritional value and healthy fat content, it adds creaminess to the finished goods. However, they can change the flavor and density of the baked goods. Moreover, keep in mind to use unsweetened nut butter for best results.

12 Nut Butter

13. Buttermilk

With its unique tang and tenderness, it adds rich flavor to baked goods. However, it doesn’t work well for pie crust. It is used in the half measurements of butter as its substitute. Moreover, it is essential to keep in mind its watery texture to stop ruining your dough for incredible results.

13 Buttermilk

14. Margarine

It can be used in exact quantities of butter in baked goods but should be used in lesser amounts in cooking because of its watery texture. It is made from animal fat or vegetable oils. However, its taste should be kept in mind before using it in recipes. 

14 Margarine

15. Pureed Black Beans

With the rich content of fibers, protein, vitamins, and minerals, it can substitute for unsalted butter in baking goods. It also cuts down the fat content. Coconut or vegetable oil can be mixed with it for a creamier texture. Readily available in the market at a cheaper rate, it is convenient.

15 Pureed Black Beans

16. Mayonnaise 

With its rich, creamy texture, it is widely available in wide varieties in the market at an affordable range. It is best for making sandwiches, frying scrambled eggs or grilled cheese, garlic bread, or mashed potatoes. However, with its different flavors, it can change the flavors and taste of the recipes.

16 Mayonnaise

17. Hummus

It is made from ground chickpeas and is very popular with vegetarian or vegan people. With its thick and creamy texture, it can be used as a spread over loaves of bread and sandwiches. It is highly nutritious and is a fantastic substitute for people suffering from allergies to dairy products.

17 Hummus

18. Prune Butter

It isn’t available at the market but can be homemade easily with a half cup of pitted prunes and one-fourth cup of water. With its unique taste, it can be used in chocolatey recipes instead of unsalted butter. However, it can’t be stored for a more extended period, but its nutritious values make it worth the effort.

18 Prune Butter

19. Grapeseed Oil

A terrific substitute for unsalted butter with a high smoke point is considered to make the heart healthy. It can be easily used for frying or cooking dishes keeping in mind its tangy or sweet taste. Moreover, with its high nutritious value, it is easy to use and can be found easily in the market. 

19 Grapeseed Oil

20. Freshly Whipped Cream

Keep in mind that we are not talking about the cream widely bought from the market; here, we’ll have to whip fresh cream at home for the best results in our recipes. Moreover, its creaminess makes the foods delicious, and its nutritious values add to our health.

20 Freshly Whipped Cream