Top 20 Sweet Dishes of India

top 20 sweet dishes of india
top 20 sweet dishes of india

1. Jaggery Payasam

This sweet dish of Tamil Nadu is simply yummy. It is made with milk, rice, jaggery, cashew, dates, and bay leaves. This sweet dish is simply scrumptious. It is well garnished with saffron. The taste is similar to that of rabdi. The specialty of this dish is the addition of dates. They give this dish an amazing touch and taste as well. You must taste this dish in order to get the amazing feeling of Tamil Nadu cuisine.


2. Rice Payasam with Coconut Milk

The recipe of this payasam is very easy, and the taste is very yummy. The specialty of this payasam is the use of brown rice for making it. This sweet dish is quite heavy as loads of sugar, ghee, and dry fruits are added. It is well garnished with the cardamom seeds. You can also use saffron to garnish it. One thing that must be noted while making this scrumptious sweet dish is the flame of the gas. This sweet dish is made on low flame.  


3. Coconut Pitha

The recipe of this sweet dish is very easy, and the taste is simply out of the world. The specialty of this dish is the addition of coconut. What you have to do is just take half cup of flour add the roasted coconut and sugar into it. Make soft dough, after that make small chapatti. Deep fry the chapattis. Serve hot and get the yummy feeling.


4. Sticky Rice Payasam

This sweet dish is made with sticky rice. I know it is strange to know that there are different sweet dishes with different rice. The recipe is almost same as that of other payasam recipes. The specialty of this dish is sticky rice. Here are two choices for you; one is to make this payasam with sugar, and other is to make with jaggery. Both the dishes have a scrumptious taste.


5. Coconut Laddoo

You will be glad after knowing the recipe of this amazing laddoo. What you need is just a grated coconut and sugar. Cook the coconut and sugar together and when it’s cool down make small laddoos. The taste of this laddoo is simply amazing. It’s totally similar to that of coconut candy.


6. Pitha with Rice Flour

Pithas have a very yummy taste, but this is very disappointing to see that pitha is almost extinct from the pitha menu. Several other pithas are there, but the original one is never bothered. The taste of this pitha is best among all the pithas. You must taste this if you are a sweet dish lover.


7. Pumpkin Oatmeal with Coconut Milk

This sweet dish has the taste which can’t be explained in words. Pumpkin sounds boring always. This dish has changed the whole boring criteria of pumpkin.  Just taste it and see whether you are able to judge that pumpkin is added or not?


8. Orange Pulp Payasam

This sweet dish tastes something like “hatt ke.” This dish has the recipe similar to that of kheer, but the addition of the orange pulp makes it extra special. You can use orange pulp for garnishing also. Just taste it as it is one among the typical dishes of India.  


9. Shahi Tukda with Coconut

Shahi Tukda is one of the famous desserts in Mughlai cuisine. As the name suggesting it “Shahi”, the dish really gives a royal touch to our taste buds in every single bite we take. It’s prepared by bread slices, where crunchy bread toasts are dipped in yummy condensed milk or you can say rabdi. This dish is well garnished with grated coconut, aromatic saffron and cardamom along with nuts.


10. Nankhatai with Whole Wheat (Atta Nankhatai)

Yummy butter cookies commonly known as Nankhatai is the best snack to have anytime. This is amazing to serve to your guests. The recipe of Nankhatai is very easy and the taste is simply amazing.


11. Bottle Gourd Halwa

Tasty bottle gourd halwa is made with boiled bottle gourd mixed with condensed milk. This sweet dish is well garnished with dry fruits and nuts. This dish is simply scrumptious in taste.


12. Akkaravadisal 

Akkaravadisal is also known as Akkara Adisil. You will be glad to know that this dish is a traditional Iyengar dish. This recipe is of Tamilian Style which uses jaggery. It has its own unique flavour and taste. Its texture is also different. This sweet dish is simply tasty and yummy.


13. Corn Kheer with Jaggery

Corn is very yummy in taste. We all have eaten roasted corn rubbed with lemon juice and salt. We all are aware of its one part which is simply amazing. But now you need to know its other part which is somehow tastier than the previous one, and that is corn kheer. Yes, you can make a very delicious dessert with corn. Boiled corn is mixed with sweetened condensed milk, jaggery and garnished with finely chopped dry fruits. This kheer is very delicious.


14. Dehrori 

Dehrori is a very famous dessert of Chhattisgarh. Chhattisgarh is also known as “Rice Bowl of Central India” and this delicious and mouth-watering dessert is made up of rice and curd. The best part of this dessert is the addition of cardamom powder along with coconut which gives it a very fantastic aroma and yummy taste as well. Dehrori is well garnished with chopped dry fruits. No doubt, it’s an amazing dessert.


15. Milk Rice with Coconut Milk

Milk rice comes under sweet dishes. It’s also known as “kheer”. They are made especially on the festival occasions, but one can have it anytime as the recipe is very easy. It is well garnished with berries, cherries. It totally looks like a mix fruit ice-cream. The taste is just amazing. The specialty of this sweet dish is the addition of coconut milk which enhances its taste.


16. Mishri Mawa

Never underestimate the power of sweets. This mishri mawa is something you must try if you are a sweet-lover. It’s made with solidified milk (mawa), cheese, misery and chocolate, which give it a pleasant taste making it even more delicious. Don’t even dare to miss the extraordinary taste of this sweet.


17. Mawa Kachauri

Mawa kachauri is a delicious sweet in the form of kachori. Its relishing flavor is all you need to taste. The short description of this amazing dessert is “Stuffed and deep fried bread with reduced milk solids and nuts”. It has an amazing luscious taste. This is one among the mouth-watering sweets.


18. Malpua with Atta

Malpua is very famous in Jaipur. It’s a traditional North Indian sweet. This dish is made with whole wheat (atta) instead of maida. A very soft, fluffy, little bit crisp as well, dipped in hot sugar syrup and garnished with thickened sweetened milk also known as Rabri. Malpua is best to have instead of other sweets.


19. Balushahi (Badusha)

Fried crunchy dough balls soaked in sugar syrup is all you need to have. It has an amazing sweet taste. This is one of the best desserts ever. Life is very short, eat dessert first. The speciality of this dish is the addition of coconut which gives it a special taste.


20. Sohan Halwa 

This is an awesome traditional Indian sweet. This scrumptious dish is full of dry fruits and loads of ghee, sugar and again garnished with dry fruits. You can serve it as a best sweet dish to your guests. Addition of coconut oil gives it a special taste.