Top 20 Sweet Dishes Of Kerala

Top 20 Sweet Dishes Of Kerala

1. Coconut Jaggery Payasam

Coconut is amazing in taste we all know. Also, jaggery is full of calcium content. The specialty of this dish is the addition of two yummy and healthy contents. This payasam is amazing in taste.   


2. Rice Payasam with Jaggery

Rice payasam has amazing taste and rice payasam with jaggery has even more yummy taste. The recipe of this yummy payasam is very easy. Just, boil rice and then add jaggery into it along with sugar and lots of dry fruits. This dish is yummy and special as well.


3. Coconut Pitha with Mawa

Mawa is very special as in any sweet dish in which we add mawa it becomes yummy. Coconut pitha with mawa is also very yummy. The stuffing is just out of the world.


4. Bamboo Rice Payasam

Bamboo rice is very famous for making sweet dishes. They are special as they enhance the taste of the dish. Payasam is very special dish in South as they are loved by all South Indians. They are well garnished with roasted cashew nuts.


5. Coconut laddoo with Mawa

Coconut laddoo are very famous among kids. They feel like having a coconut candy. The specialty of this laddoo is that it is made with mawa instead of sugar only. This laddoo is tastier than any other simple coconut laddoo.


6. Palada Payasam

Palada payasam have a very yummy in taste, you must taste this if you are a sweet dish lover. This dish is very common in Kerala. It is well garnished with chopped dry fruits. The sweet dish is simply scrumptious in taste.


7. Pumpkin Payasam

Pumpkin is very famous for its spicy, tangy, gravy dishes. But yes, there are a number of dishes possible with pumpkin. One of them is pumpkin payasam. The taste of pumpkin payasam is simply out of the world. It is well garnished with roasted cashew nuts and almonds.


8. Orange Payasam in Kerala Style

The Kerala style of cooking is very special as it gives special touch to the dish by adding coconut oil in it. In Kerala, coconut milk is also used to make all dishes special. This orange payasam is very special as the orange pulp is added in coconut oil along with boiled rice paste, which makes this dish yummier.


9. Shahi Tukda with Coconut Oil

Mughlai dish with South Indian touch is all you need to taste. This Kerala dish is very famous and very yummy as well. Shahi tukda is made with bread or rusk according to your choice.


10. Nankhatai with Egg

Nankhatai, yummy cookies are made with lots of butter. This dish is more special than the normal nankhatai dishes as the addition of egg enhances its taste and also makes it softer.


11. Bottle Gourd Payasam

Bottle gourd halwa is very famous everywhere. But in South, people generally don’t make halwa, they prefer payasam instead of halwa. The bottle gourd payasam is very yummy as it is made with grated bottle gourd deep fried in lots of ghee. This dish is simply scrumptious in taste. It is well garnished with chopped dry fruits.


12. Akkaravadisal in Kerala Style

Akkaravadisal is also known as Akkara Adisil. This dish is very yummy and it has mouth-watering quality. This dish is well garnished with roasted cashew nuts. You can also add jiggery in this dish. It is a traditional Iyengar specialty.


13. Corn Payasam

There are a number of payasam recipes and the taste of all payasam recipes is simply yummy. The specialty of corn payasam is that the special taste of corn enhances the taste of this sweet dish. It is well garnished with saffron and finely chopped dry fruits.  


14. Dehrori in Kerala Style

The people of Kerala are very talented; they give their touch in every dish. In the Dehrori also, they give their special touch by adding coconut and peanut. The sweet dish is well garnished with chopped dry fruits. The taste is simply amazing. You are going to be crazy for its scrumptious taste.


15. Milk Rice with Green Gram

Milk rice is sweet and yummy in taste, no doubt. The specialty of this Milk Rice with Green Gram is that the green gram added in this sweet dish enhances its taste and make it tastier. The dish is finely cut into small cubes. The dish is simply scrumptious. There is no replacement of this dish.


16. Kerala Mishri Mawa

Mishri mawa is very yummy, we all know this fact. The Kerala touch given to this dish by adding coconut oil along with loads of ghee is simply amazing. The speciality of this dish is that it is well garnished with finely chopped pistachios. The pistachios add amazing taste to this sweet dish.


17. Kerala Mawa Kachauri

Kerala mawa kachauri is a delicious sweet. It is basically in the form of kachori. The taste of this sweet dish is simply scrumptious. It has relishing flavor. The specialty of this dish is that it is well garnished with chopped dry fruits dipped in sugar syrup. They enhance the taste of the sweet dish.  


18. Malpua with Rabri

We all know Malpua is very tasty and also, we are well aware of the fact that rabri is very yummy. There is no doubt in the speciality and taste of these two amazing dishes. Just imagine, what if we add these two amazing sweet dishes to make a single dish? yes, the resultant will be tastier. Malpua with rabri is simply mouthwatering. You can’t afford to miss this amazing dish.   


19. Balushahi in Kerala Style

The specialty of balushahi is it’s sweetness and softness. The Kerala  style balushahi has lots of coconut in it which enhances its taste. After having a single bite of this sweet dish, you will get the feeling of two sweet dishes; one is balushahi and other is coconut burfi. The taste is simply yummy.


20. Sohan Halwa in Kerala Style

This is an awesome traditional Kerala sweet. The specialty of this sohan halwa is the addition of grated coconut and coconut milk as well. The Kerala style of cooking makes it even more special. It simply enhances its taste and add flavor to the sweet dish, making it even tastier.