Top 20 Sweet Shops At Chelidanga, Asansol

Top 20 Sweet Shops At Chelidanga Asansol
Top 20 Sweet Shops At Chelidanga Asansol

Exquisitely flaunting in the arms of river ‘Damodar’ and river ‘Ajay,’ the City of Brotherhood-Asansol is the galaxy of Bengali cuisines, specifically sweets. Chelidanga area, adjoining St. Patrick’s school, is the kernel of this sweetest galaxy, harboring plenty of shops with ample sweet varieties. The flavourful and dainty array of ‘Rasgullas’ is the hallmark of the sweets shops at Chelidanga. The shops are also a shelter to other prominent and mouth-watering sweets, including the creamiest ‘Rasmalai’ and the softest ‘Sandesh.’ Apart from the mesmerizing malls and viridescent parks, here are some of the enticing sweet stores the city has to offer:

1.Hazra Sweets

Popular among the customers for its unique ‘Horlicks barfi,’ Hazra Sweets is located on Chelidanga main road, Asansol. The store offers a good range of ‘Namkeen and sweets, including packed ‘Rasgulla’ and ‘Rajbhog.’ The quality and freshness of products are taken care of. Service options include in-store shopping and same-day delivery.


2.Avinandan Mistanna Bhandar

If you are a ‘Pantua’ freak, this is an apt location for you. Avinandan Mistanna Bhandar is a sweet shop based at new upper Chelidanga, Asansol. All traditional sweets are available here at an affordable price. Furthermore, the store accepts pre-booked orders for several functions. Payment may be made by cash only.


3.Kamdhenu Bengali Sweet Shop

Very predictable by the name, Kamdhenu Bengali sweet shop is the epicenter for sweets, exclusive to West Bengal. The shop is situated at new upper Chelidanga, Asansol and frequently visited by customers for good quality ‘Sandesh’ and diverse range of milk sweets. The store also facilitates same-day delivery.


4.Asansol Sweets

Dry Bengali Sweets is the identity of this shop, placed at ‘Apcar garden’ main road, Chelidanga. It is one of the oldest shops in Asansol. Sweets available in this store include Ras Malai, Kheer Kadam, Jol Bhora, and the very famous Malpoa. Overall it is a must-visit destination for sweet lovers.


5.Bijay Sweets

Renowned for its fresh, delicious ‘Kesar Kalakand,’ Bijay Sweets is another sweet store at upper Chelidanga, Asansol. India is a country of various festivals, and so is this place of sweets. Besides, customers of this store appreciate the appealing taste of evening snacks like singhara, kachori, etc. In-store shopping and same-day delivery are the service options available here.


6.Calcutta Sweets

Craving for the delectable flavors of Kolkata? Relish yourself by visiting this shop at Sen Raliegh Road. One of the most reputed shops of Asansol, it is known for South Indian cuisine too, apart from a variety of sweets and snacks. A specialty of this place is a ‘vanilla flavor sweet,’ which is indeed a blessing to our taste buds.


7.Sunny Sweets

The red cherries on white velvety ‘Sandesh’ will arrest your eyes and make your mouth go delectable simultaneously. Based on Chelidanga, sunny sweets offer only in-store shopping. The store offers different types of dry and wet sweets. They take certain measures to maintain a hygienic atmosphere while preparing and storing the sweets.


8.Anand Sweets

Situated at court more, Chelidanga, the store has an eye-catching aura fabricated by colorful sweets. It’s like exploring all the rainbow shades by actually tasting them. Quality delicacies with a reasonable price are available here. Several people are also fond of the ‘kachori’ offered as an evening snack. In-store shopping service is available.


9.Hindustan Sweets And Snacks

Honesty is reflected in the quality of sweets the shop offers. Located on ‘Bhagat Singh’ more, ‘Hindustan Sweets and Snacks’ have a great ambiance and staff. It offers a good variety of both typical and festival-specific sweets. Birthday cakes are available in this store too. Service options include delivery and in-store shopping.


10.Shree Vrindavan Sweets

Placed near the bus stand, Durga market, Shree Vrindavan Sweets had been inaugurated in the year 2013. It is one of the renowned sweet stores of the city in recent time. With a good assemblage of various sweets, the shop aids people to enjoy their favorite desserts at the lowest price. It offers in-store shopping.


11.New Dubey Sweets

‘New Dubey Sweets’ is another sweets and dessert buffet at chelidanga, Asansol. Every sweet of this shop emulates the authentic taste and aroma of west Bengal. The shop is altogether a pleasant vibe, with Barfi, Gulab Jamun, Peda, and other sweets, kept in a well organized and clean manner.


12.Radhika Sweets

‘Radhika Sweets’ is indeed a perfect store to buy sweets and snacks at a reasonable price. Located at ‘Dubey Para,’ Asansol, the store is known for its palatable ‘Samosa.’ It also sells several delicious sweets that include Toast, Mango Masti, Jalebi, etc. Quality maintenance is top-notch, which makes this shop a must-visit.

radhika sweets 1

13.Radha Gobindo Mistanna Bhandar

Hot ‘Rasgullas’ and ‘Bhapa Sandesh’ served at Radha Gobindo Mistanna Bhandar will not only soothe your mouth but your soul too. Hurry and have a try. Located in the court area, Chelidanga, it is one of the most visited shops by residents. Service options include both in-store shopping and same-day delivery.


14.Jalajog Sweets

Enjoying Sitabhog-the dessert of Bardhaman at Jalajog Sweets is such a glee. This sweet has pulao-like appearance, incubated with pieces of gulab jamun, will leave you in awe. This lovely store is located at Burnpur area and offers same-day delivery. Moreover, syrup-dipped Rasgullas’ at this shop are beyond delicious.


15.Mishti Mahal

Analogous to its name, Misti Mahal is a palace of sweets. Established in 1988, this store is a wholesale supplier of gulab jamun, Besan Laddu, and Kajukatli. Misti Mahal is a delight to look at. It offers a quirky collection of sweets and snacks. Located near the munshi bazaar, Chelidanga, it is a wholesome and appealing store for residents and tourists.

misti mahal

16.Maa Shanti Sweet Shop

The communicable location of this store, along with the broad spectrum of sweet it offers, is the reason for this store being a promising one. All items are packed and kept in the most standardized way. Furthermore, the taste of each sweet is up to the mark as per customers. Both in-store shopping and delivery service are available.

maa shanti

17.Thanda Garam Sweet And Snacks

Visit this store once, and you will be addicted to ‘Nalen Gurer Rasgulla,’ a sweet exclusive to this place. This shop is one of the most sanitary sweet shops at Chelidanga. Thanda Garam Sweet, and Snacks is an ultimate hub of luscious snacks and sweets like Laddu, Peda, Kala Jamun, etc. It also offers same-day delivery.

thanda garam

18.Parvati Sweets

Another popular sweet store at Chelidanga  Asansol, is Parvati Sweets. Over the years it has emerged as one of the hotspots for tourists seeking the legitimate taste of Bengali sweets. The store is home to an index of vivid and super tasty sweets, including the legendary dessert of west Bengal, Misti Doi. It offers only in-store shopping.


19.Roshalo Bites

Roshalo in English means ‘dipped in syrup.’  The name of this shop alone is enough to bring water in the mouth. You can well imagine how good the edibles would be. The store has different sweets, like Kaju Katli, Barfi, etc. Each variety is piled neatly in glass compartments. Quality is never compromised with taking care of the taste simultaneously.


20.Durga Mistanna Bhandar (Chachi Sweets)

Best known for its quality and variety, the sweets of Durga Mistana Bhandar are delicious, especially the ‘White Sandesh. It is a big and well organized store with a massive display of colorful, attractive sweets. It is one of those shops whose outlook well compliments the taste of every cuisine sold. Delivery service is available.