Top 20 Sweet Shops In Bangalore


Sweets are a sign of happiness, may it be festivals, birthdays or any auspicious occasion, without a sweet swallowed in, it is incomplete! They embark celebrations and positivity all around! Nobody ever denies those boxes of joy!

So before Mr.diabetes hits you, go relish them and activate your sweet tooth! This article here is to guide you to the top 20 shops which offer you the best sweets in Bangalore.


Kanti Sweets

This place offers you with lots of varieties ranging from Bengali Sweets to Delhi Sweets, Rajasthani Sweets and of course Karnataka Sweets. During festivals, particular sweets are made to enhance the importance of the occasion! The cost of the sweets is reasonable.



Gundappa Sweets

This place is as old as Namma Bengaluru! If you visit the locality, everyone just has praises about this shop and nothing else! They believe in retaining originality because of which no fancy is added to the décor, just plain glass shelves covering those immensely tasty sweets! The Mysore Pak is very famous, due to its unique firm, creamy-brown, grainy texture (Yum!). Different types of Burfis, Pedas and a few Bengali sweets are made. The cost is very reasonable & their age-old service, no complaints!



G.pulla Reddy Sweets

The founder, G.Pulla Reddy, started off his career by selling sweets in a small cart in a place called Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh in 1948. Later on in 1957, he moved to Hyderabad trying to establish his name in this field. The success that he then achieved knew no limits! Presently the stores are there in the famous cities of the USA, namely, New York, California and Charlotte. Only pure ghee and lots of natural ingredients are used in regard to health & hygiene, which makes their sweets a must try! They had even prepared some of the famous Tirupati Laddus!


Kc Das

Tracing back to history, Nobin Chandra Das (1845-1925) started a small sweet shop in 1866. Craving for new inventions in delicacies, he made compact balls of Cottage Cheese, boiled them in hot Sugar Syrup and then was born the very famous ‘Rosogolla’. His son, Krishna Chandra Das (K.C.Das) continued the legacy and expanded this place; became a very much talked person about, in the 1930s. He went on to invent the ‘Rossomalai’. They are very well known for their ‘Canned Rosogollas’ and a huge range of sweet savouries.


Blue Bell Sweets

Personified by the name, the soothing blue colour and the rhythm of a chime combined, calls you loud, to help those taste buds feel some sweetness! They offer you many sweets which you definitely cannot keep a count of. Special among all of them are their Turkish sweets. Be rest assured that your pockets are not going to get empty when you get out of here, as rates are very reasonable. An extra point for their service!



Ram Vilas Sweets

H.Gundanna, the founder, stepped into this field by selling Idlis, Dosas and Sweets. Due to labour issues, he limited his service only to sweets and strived hard to stabilise his store.And yes he did succeed in this; now the place is 63 years old! The localities there fondly call this place as ‘Gundappa Hotel’. The must-try sweets are, Mysore Pak, Badam Halwa, Carrot Halwa and Kashi Halwa with Chow-chow, which carry the same taste since ages! Over the years, Bengali sweets have also been included. Cost is no issue here.


Bansuri Sweets

Bansuri in Hindi Language means, ‘flute’. Just like you feel lost with the melody of the flute, you are sure going to experience the same with the sweets offered here! They offer a range of Traditional Rajasthani and Bengali sweets. Bansuri Sweets was started in the year 1995. The chefs here have nativities from different places, which results in the diverse nature of sweets, their flavours and hence various cultures.


Sri Mahalakshmi Sweets

This is a very famous name among the people of Mysore city and has now become well-known among Bangaloreans too! It was started by Mr. Shivkumar in 1989, in Mysore. They have extra concern towards hygiene and ensure that all what they serve are processed in the most sterile manner. About 400 sweets are presented and still many more are being invented. A special mention to their Cashew sweets, a must try!


Asha Sweets

It was founded by Late Shri Kantha Prasadji Garg in 1951 in Malleswaram, Bangalore. The word ‘Asha’ In Hindi means “Hope’; Yes you can definitely hope for the best if you come here because it is a household name of all localities! The laurels achieved by them are spoken through their work! Any sweet of any type you name, they have it and the taste, oh! You will tend to come here over and over again! They prepare festival-special delicacies, to suit the occasion and reduce the burden on you. Go taste them once and you will definitely not return back without having a few boxes in your bag!


Sangam Sweets

This sweet stall was established in 1964 in Gandhinagar, Bangalore. They make you meet sweets, you have never met before and you are definitely going to enjoy their company! A wide range of sweets are prepared and if the numbers of sweets offered are going to be counted, you will need a Mathematician to help you out! For festive atmospheres, they provide unique Gift wrapping with Crafted Chunri Caskets and Bandani Cartons which is their USP!



Sri Venkateshwara Sweetmeat Stall

It was started by Venkatachala Shetty in 1954 in Ranganatha Street, Bangalore. He initially started off by selling sweets and mixtures in fairs and Temple fests in Chikballapur. Later on, with a determined mind he opened up the sweet stall and in 1972 moved to the present location from where he collected a lot of praises, goodwill and success! The immensely famous sweet is the Mysore Pak which is the favourite of many people here! Butter used is brought from villages where it is made naturally. It is said that, Telugu star Chiranjeevi is a die-hard fan of the Mysore-Pak made here! On an average, 20-30 kgs of the sweet is sold in a day.


Gajanand Sweets

This store was established in 2004 by Shantilal Ji. If you want to relish some typical Rajasthani sweets without heading north, this is the place where you have to rush to! The sweets are a royal treat for the eyes as well as to the tongue. Many families who are regular visitors vouch the store’s quality and service. Their Rajasthani pickle is also very famous here.


Benaka Sweets

It is a 12 year old shop specialized in making Bengali sweets. If you want to nourish your taste buds with some fresh taste of sweets, this is the place where you have to be! They make different types of them and are commendable in their service. The simple décor and elegant looks of the sweets speak loads about their quality!

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Anand Sweets And Savouries

This is one of those shops where a huge crowd always throngs around especially during festivals! So if you want to grab your box of sweets, you have to be on your toes and rush in there quickly. All type of North Indian sweets, from A-Z are available. You name it, You have it! The interiors will take you straight to the streets of Purani Dilli (Old Delhi). The ambience is very radiating! Cost is a bit high but worth the taste.

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Aditya Sweets

A must visit place to fill your bag with some famous traditional Rajasthani sweets. The people of the area in which the shop is, give you the right reviews of this place and to sum up all their views, it can be told that it is a delightful place! Everyday fresh ingredients are used to make the sweets which imply their quality. Cost is reasonable.



Dharwad Famous Mishra Pedha

Every street of Dharwad, will offer you those famous Mishra Pedhas anytime of the year you visit there! This place was founded by Sri Ganesh Mishra in 1936 in Indiranagar, Bangalore. As you just enter in, the fresh homemade ghee aroma sneaks inside you and grabs your attention towards the displayed sweets. The Pedhas are transported from Dharwad to maintain the quality and originality of taste. The sweets enclosed in glass-shelves look like small pieces of art displayed royally!


Bikaner Sweets

From the sands of Bikaner City, Rajasthan, two people walked out to reach the capital city, New Delhi in 1950 to start off their venture into this industry. Their aim was to serve people with traditional recipes prepared from homemade ingredients . They began with a small shop initially and now they are spread with branches all over the country speaking volumes about their success! The hot Jalebis made out of pure ghee gives you ultimate satisfaction and a habit shall build inside you to visit here regularly! Umpteen amounts of other sweets and snacks are also available.


Sri Krishna Sweets

It was initially started by N.K. Mahadeva Iyer in 1948 in Coimbatore. His aim was to serve people, sweets with a blend of both Household delicacies with innovation within! Victory was by his side. In 1996 he spread his branches to the cities in South India. Now they have over 60 locations across the country and 3 branches in the UAE. The quality and taste factor is signified in their success.


Adyar Anand Bhavan

It was started by Late K.S.Tirupathi Raja in Chennai as a small shop. Eventually, the store bloomed to over 95 branches across the country signifying their victory in this industry. Almost all sweets from Top North to down South, Straight East till West are served here. Quality here is above the mark and so is the service. Now the franchise is led by the two sons of the founder.




This sweet shop is a very famous one, from the city of Kolkata. They take pride in telling that they are one of the very few stores in the city to offer varieties of Sandesh. They also have unique delicacies like Jibe Gojaa, Jol Bhara and Mishti Doi, among which all of them are a must try! The service and cost both are commendable.