Top 19 Restaurants Of Cyber Hub, Gurgaon

Top 19 Restaurants Of Cyber Hub, Gurgaon


Dhaba By Claridges

It has been established keeping in mind the young population. Most of us like to have the Desi Dhaba experience, but do not want to go to unhygienic places. So this place offers you that experience with good quality food and drinks.

Approx. the cost for two: 2,000


California Pizza Kitchen

It is ideal for people who crave authentic Italian food. The best thing about this restaurant is, of course, its Pizza. It offers you a thin crust; veggie loaded pizza, which few places offer. Also, they offer you good authentic Spaghetti. Once you visit it, you can see many foreign dinners which give you an idea about their authenticity.

Approx. the cost for two: 2,500



It was launched back in 2010. It became famous for its Peri-Peri chicken. It offers you a wide variety of spiced grilled food. It has its three branches in Delhi and eight in total. This place a must go for all non-vegetarians.

Approx. the cost for two: 1,200


Farzi Cafe

If you are a chef at heart and like to have things gourmet style, then this is the place for you. Farzi offers you gourmet styled cuisines with its own little fusion and innovation. You are being offered some illusion, which you are sure to enjoy.

Approx. the cost for two: 2,200


Soi 7 Pub And Brewery

This is an Asian themed restaurant. It offers you a great variety of Thai food as well. It has a microbrewery. Live band and buffets make it an ideal place to spend your Sunday. Money bags are a must try. A very attractive thing about this restaurant is that its food is low on fat. Don’t we all just want that?

Approx. the cost for two: 2,100


Cyber Hub Social

This place is full of youth and energy. They have mesmerizing ambience, courteous staff, and pleasant music. The food is really delicious. Its raw ambience gives you an exquisite experience. It looks like some Mumbai’s Chawl.

Approx. the cost for two: 1,600


Hard Rock Cafe

Any music lover will instantly connect with this place. From amazing food to ambience, from drinks to band, everything about this place is just so good. They have established a great name for themselves. Also, they let us buy their merchandise. They also host parties for you and let you have an amazing experience.

Approx. the cost for two: 2,500


Olive Bistro

Already present in Hyderabad and Pune, Olive Bistro has now come to Gurgaon. It has been designed and architecture beautifully and has friendly vibes to it. Pastel colours of the place, fantasy world like furniture and ambience, Mediterranean look-like floors, and just everything about this place invites you to it.

Approx. the cost for two: 2,000


Cafe Delhi Heights

It’s a very nice and cozy place with booths. Their presentation, food, service, drinks, everything, is excellent. Mr. Puneet, the interior designer, had done some really nice work to let us have a great ambience.

Approx. the cost for two: 2,000



Looking out for Mediterranean food? Want to enjoy some Mediterranean style? This is a perfect place for all this. Apart from this, you get lively music and quintessential ambience. It has its other branch in Hauz Khas Village as well.

Approx. the cost for two: 1,800



Smaaash got its popularity from virtual-reality gaming. It’s a perfect combination of fun, food, drinks, and games. It is a perfect place for all the gaming lovers, especially children. You can definitely go there if you want to have a nice family time.

Approx. the cost for two: 1,400


Not Just Paranthas

As the name suggest, this place is more than only Paranthas. Are you a Parantha lover? Do you crave good quality Paranthas that you just couldn’t resist? I thought so. The Paranthas that they offer are unlike normal ones and they have crunchier and tastier ones. You just cannot stop at one. Apart from it, the rest of the food is also lip smacking amazing.

Approx. the cost for two: 1,100


Yum Yum Cha

Sea food lover? You cannot miss this place. Their Matcha ice cream is to crave for. Service is amazing, food is delicious, and ambience is undoubtedly great, what else are you waiting for? Get your reservations done already.

Approx. the cost for two: 1,850


Johnny Rockets Express

This is not new to the world. It’s a very famous American chain, mostly famous for their exquisite and delicious burgers. Their ambience is like the one we see in American movies and series. So for any Hollywood junkie, this place is totally awesome!

Approx. the cost for two: 800


Made In Punjab

Want to endeavor and relish the rich culture and history of Punjab? You will totally fall in for this place at the first look. Because the name Punjab means land of five rivers, their food is from the surrounding rivers of all those five rivers. You will have a lifetime of experience of fine dining.

Approx. the cost for two: 1,500


Chai Point

It’s a place to just grab your Maggie and Chai after office and enjoy it in the late evening. This place will never disappoint you. They offer you a variety of little snacks. It is easy on the pocket and is placed at an amazing area. Approx. the cost for two: 200


Soda Bottle Opener Wala

This place has full on Parsi feeling to it. Berry Pulao and Pav are to die for. Interiors are also Parsi styled. You are sure to have a lifetime of an experience and also the whole concept just makes it uniquely beautiful.

Approx. the cost for two:1,300


Burma Burma

It’s a go to place for all vegetarians. They offer you veg styled, Burmese dishes. They offer you all kind of spice level: low, medium, and high. The interiors of the wall, in Burmese style are quite an attraction.

Approx. the cost for two: 1,500



Although it has other outlets as well, but this one offer you some new additions to the menu. They offer you some great music, food in cutlery, and amazing experience.

Approx. the cost for two: 400