Top 20 Sweets Shop In Mahadevapura, Bangalore

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India is a food nation. From small Gali to extensive areas, all food destinations serve as a paradise for Indians. The variety of food and sweets one can find in India is difficult to find in any other part of the world. In India, sweets are the most essential part of any ritual. Whether it is a marriage ceremony, birthday party, or any critical event requiring guests, we Indians celebrate happiness by distributing sweets among our close relatives. It can be any sweet when earlier were the part of the royal kitchen are now liked by masses.
If you too have a sweet craving, do try sweets in Mahadevapura Bangalore. Here is a list of the top 20 sweets shops in Mahadevapura.

1. Kanti Sweets

If you love having dry fruit mithai, soaked in ghee, Kanti sweets are your destination. Located in Mahadevapura, this sweet shop has different varieties of sweets, be it Kaju-based sweet, Mysore Pak, and Gulab jamun.
The Mithai they serve is of the most delicate quality taste, and skilled bakers make it perfectly sweet.
They have various types of sweets available on their menu, which are fresh and pure.
If you are a lover of sweets, and you need the sweets for any occasion, then this is the right place for you.

Kanti sweets

2. Aishwarya Bakery and Sweets

Located in Mahadevpura, it serves sweets, cakes, and pastries. It is known as a mouthwatering delicious sweets shop. The sweet shop started in the year 2006. It has got great appreciation and demand from nearby locals. From basic simple cake to artisanal and bespoke cake. Their variety is Blueberry cheesecake, Melting Chocolate, Choco Hazelnut, to Trifle Mousse, numerous varieties of cakes are available here.


3. Sri Venkateshwara Sweet & Condiments

It is located in MTB Complex, Mahadevapura. This shop sells sweets of delicious quality. All mouthwatering sweets are served by this retailer. Gulab Jamun, Rasgulla, Sev and Farsan are selled in their shop. Do buy sweets for your family over here.


4. P.R. Bakery & Sweets

Located in Mahadevapura, this sweet shop sells fantastic sweets. This place has a good and fantastic bakery and lovely items to deal with at excellent prices. Buy some mouthwatering delicious sweets. You can order cakes, pastries, cookies, cheesecakes, and muffins. Buy some fantastic sweets from this shop to have a fantastic mood.

pr sweets

5. Vachus Chocolate

It is located near Mottappa Cross Layout, Mahadevapura. It sells sweets like Ladoo, Gulab Jamun, chocolates, and Toffees. They sell fantastic taste, delicious and mouthwatering sweets. Nuts and almonds are also part of their sweet items. They are a retailer of chocolates and sweets. Do buy sweets from their shop they are in variety and tasty.


6. Kota Kachori

Excellent packaging and delicious sweets by these vendors. This is located in Mahadevapura, Bangalore. Rated 4.4, they sell Mithai and other south Indian food.
Faluda, hing Kachori, Malai Ghevar, and Khaman Dhokla are some tastiest sweets in their shop. It is a cute little place located in a small area which sells some delicious sweets, do visit this place and buy sweets.


7. Anand Sweets And Savouries

Mithai shop located in 5th block Mahadevapura. Rated 4.4, it sells sweets like Motichoor, Kalakand, Rasmalai, and Rabdi. Do try Rabdi of this shop if you visit for 1st time. All sweets are great, tasty, and delicious. It is perfect place for buying sweets of all types.
No matter whichever age group you belong to, this lovely house has something for you.


8. Sangam Sweets

It is Located in the 3rd block of Mahadevapura. They sell different types of sweets and Gujarati sweets. Some common sweets are motichur ladoo, kaju katali and jamoon chaat. Kanti sweets are also the main attraction of this place.
Mysore Pak and Kalakand are also delicious here. You can order for home delivery from this shop.


9. Jai Jinendra

Located in the 6th block, Mahadevapura, rated as 4.0. This restaurant sells delicious sweets and tasty Mithai.
Their barfi are out of world taste, and you can swallow 4-5 in one go. Another tasty food item here is Malai Ghevar they, are so tasty that you will feel you are in Rajasthan. Good shop with delicious food items.


10. Uday Sweets

This place is similar to Kota kachori. They also sell Rajasthani sweets and mithai. They have moti chur ladoo and ghewar as one of the most sold sweet. They serve the best sweets. It is the perfect place for a small group of people or small gatherings.
A well-maintained place with decent sweets and snacks.


11. Oye Mithai

This place serves mithai and other sweet items. People buy sweets and Gajar Halwa from this shop. The quality of sweets are good, the price is affordable, and sweets are up to mark. Many people gather in this sweet shop to buy numerous sweets. During festivals, this shop is crowded with people buying sweets. Different varieties are served here and are people’s favorite.


12. Amrutha Sweets

Rated 3.6, this shop sells mithai, and other sweets. The sweets in their shop are tasty, fresh, and delicious. Champakali sweet is impressive in their shop. Milk sweets are in demand, like milk peda and badam peda. The family crowd is seen most of the time in this place. They serve customized sweets and desserts. Their service is excellent and has a clean ambiance.


13. Banchharam Sweets

This Bengali sweet shop is situated in Mahadevapura, and their specialty is in rasagulla, Sandesh, Rajbogh, and mouthwatering mishti doi. This lovely shop serves one of the best varieties of Bengali sweets in whole Bangalore. The Roshogulla and Rasmalai are served fresh and have a delicious flavor. During the festive season they sell out pretty quickly, so it’s better to be into line.


14. The Mithaas

This sweet shop serves high-quality sweets with good packaging. Their variety includes Raj Kachori, Gulab jamun, and Rasgulla. This lovely shop serves sweets that are tasty, delicious in eating. A variety of sweets are present in the shop. The quality of sweets served is excellent and up to mark. The packing system is also good. Great ambiance and lovely surroundings.


15. Mangala Sweets

This sweet shop is presented in Cross Road, Mahadevapura. This shop sells excellent and delicious sweets. The sweets include Mysore Pak, Laddu, Kaju Barfi, Rasgulla, and Gulab Jamun. The sweets are of good quality and excellent taste. Rasgulla is one of the delicious sweets of their shop. People buy different sweets from their shop and in the large amounts.


16. Saraswathi Sweets Centre

Located in Mahadevapura, 1st block, this place serves the best quality Rajasthani sweets like pedas, Mysore Pak and motichoor ladoo. Best place to get sweets of standard rate and fresh quality. Their sweets are new and of good quality. Also, sell north Indian sweets. Packaging is good and cost-adequate. Do visit this shop with your friends.


17. Om Sweets & Snacks

Located in KHB Block Mahadevapura, this place serves the best quality sweets for Odiya food lovers. The most popular sweets are Pahala Rasgulla and Mini Gulab Jamun.
Best Orissa sweet is Chena poda available in the shop. Chamcham, another Bengali sweet, is also available here. Also, Prasad, like Goja/Khaja, which are offered in Puri Jagannath temple also available here. Do visit this shop with family and friends.

om sweets

18. Sweet Charity

This place is situated in Basavannaa Temple Road, Mahadevapura. They Sell unique sweets and mithai. Do buy for your family and friends.


19. Sri Gayathri Sweets

Located in the 8th block, Mahadevapura. The shop sells all Gujarati sweets. They serve amazing Theplas, bakharwadi, petha, khakra, etc. at fresh and reasonable prices. Try their ‘boost barfi’, It tastes fantastic. Every single item is made by their family members, so it gives a homely taste. The sweets taste is good, and this place is hygienic, the ambiance is excellent.


20. Sai Sweets

It is located in Mahadevapura, one of the leading sweet shops. Some famous sweets are Blueberry Cheese Cake, Choco Doughnuts, and Choco Hazelnut, etc. They are treating the sweet tooth people with their unique mithai. They have pure vegetarian sweets and cakes. You can spot this retail spot very quickly nearby Mahadevapura.

sai sweets