Top 20 Delicacies To Try In Bhuj, Kutch Before You Die

20 delicacies to try before you die1-100

Kem Cho? Majama! Gujaratis always welcome people with open arms and a platter full of food. You can satisfy your taste buds with authentic and delicious food from Gujarat. So, today we are going to look into one of the charming cities in Gujarat i.e, Bhuj. It is the main town of the Kutch district and the westernmost city in India. Let us now look at the delicacies that one should try in Bhuj:


Bhuj is famous for the Kutchi dabeli. The filling here is a bit different. The pav is filled with potatoes, fried masala peanuts, pomegranate, topped with sev, and served with chutney. You will find hundreds of shops that supply dabeli in Bhuj.Dabeli

2.Sev Khaman

Sev Khaman is a popular Gujarati snack. It is the solution to hunger at any time of the day. Dhoklas mashed and seasoned with chat masala and sev will make you want more. The strong twist in your mouth is sure to surprise you.Sev khemani

3.Moong Bhajiya

Those steaming bhajiyas directly from kadhai with sweet and sour chutney will make you feel happy. These mouth-watering moong bhajiyas have a spicy flavor and are worth a try.Moong Bhajiya


Complimentary snacks, pohas are popular at any time of the day. Poha in different cities has different variations. In Bhuj, it is a bit sweet and decorated with pomegranate and chaat masala; this is one of the best combinations you have tried.Poha

5.Vada Pav

Bhuj has the iconic Mumbai street food with a twist. Vada Pav is shallow fried with extra butter and masala, which brings an unusual taste. It turns out that this is a tempting delicacy for everyone outside.Vada pav


A typical dish with unusual flavors, pakoras, and their varieties have been well-known worldwide. However, Bhuj welcomes it with rich tomatoes, potatoes, and coriander. It is famous for its unique taste of garlic and okra. Do not miss this one when you are in Bhuj.Pakoras

7.Puri Saak

Puri bhaji or Puri saak is a dish suitable for a hearty brunch in the morning. In Bhuj, they serve you with five different varieties of puris, potato sabzi, chutney, and kimchi that provide us with an overall delicacy.puri saak


Adadiya is a famous dessert of Kachchh, only served in winter. People all over the world like this kind of sweet food. It also has health benefits. It is made with pure ghee. Yum! You will crave more.Adadiya

9.Jalebi and Fafda

Fafda and Jalebis are a combination that will ultimately appeal to you. The crispy and sweet jalebis found in Gujarat and its only companion, Fafda, take it seriously here. Just jump to any street stall and enjoy it at any time of the day. Do try it.Jalebi fafda


Odho is a Kutchi dish. It is similar to the famous Baingan Bharta. Try the typical Kachchhi meal that includes Bajre ka rotla, Odho, kadhi, garlic chutney, and goad aka jaggery. Do not forget to end your meal with a glass of chaas, which helps to cool the body during arid and hot seasons.Odho

11.Lilva Kachori

If you plan to travel to Gujarat in the winter, try the southern Gujarat delicacy, kachori made from plain flour balls stuffed with green beans and is deep-fried. Do not miss these delicious kachoris while enjoying a winter night in Kutch.Lilva kachori


Pakwan is the first choice for Kutch snack time prepared by flour and ajwain. It is an exquisite dish from Bhuj. It is crunchy & very suitable for tea time. You can also decorate it with various spices to add flavor. *yum*Pakwan

13.Gulab Pak

Gulab Pak is a traditional Gujarati dish. It is a sweet food with taste and health benefits. This natural acid reliever is effective when consumed after meals. It contains roses, dry fruits, and milk. Together, rose and milk provides soothing qualities, thereby freeing the stomach from the sourness. It is natural and very delicious to eat. Do not miss out on this sweet dish if you are in Kutch.Gulab pak

14.Kathiawadi Thali

Generally, Kathiawadi Thali includes Roti or Rotlas, curd, buttermilk, curry, vegetables, Papad, Kachumbar, Dry rotlis, and Theplas. It is fresh, hot, and of course unlimited; eat as much as you want. Kutchi people believe in simple living and noble ideas. Nothing can satiate your taste buds like the Kathiawadi Thali.Kathiawadi thali

15.Chai Khaari

If you are in Bhuj, you must not miss this cup of steaming aromatic tea with the crackling combinations of khaari in every corner of the city. People in Bhuj love the chai khaari. It is a must for them.Chai Khaari image

16.Lehsuni Aloo and Paratha

The Kutchi cuisine is a specialty of Bhuj. You must have guessed that garlic plays a central role in Kutchi food. Other local dishes include khaman dhokla, khakhra, lehsuni paratha, lehsun ki chutney, and thepla. You will find them in candy stores, grocery stores, and restaurants throughout the city.Lehsuni aloo paratha


Theplas are the round Rotis that have the goodness of methi. The staple food of most families in Gujarat, every bite is sweet, sour, and spicy. Tasting the authentic Thepla served with chilies and pickles and a bowl of curd is a must.Thepla


Chikki is a favorite item of Bhuj. It is a healthy and traditional Indian candy made from peanuts and jaggery. This natural sweet delicacy has excellent health benefits. It is the combination of essential vitamins and proteins of peanuts and iron of raw sugar. Must-try it when you are in Bhuj.Chikki


Mawa is one of the most famous delicacies of Banni, which is very popular among tourists- known as Banni no mawo. It has two varieties- plain and sweet mava. You can find the original mawa at confectionery shops in the adjacent Khavda and Bhuj, who use the same ingredients to prepare various types of candies. You will find this sweet mawa sold in multiple shops. Hop on over for this sweet delicacy!Mawa


Mesuk is a popular Gujarati delicacy from Kutch. It is the softest and fastest melting. You put it in your mouth, and it will melt in seconds without needing to be chewed. It contains Beshan, Ghee, Pistachios, and Sugar. Do try it; you will crave for more.Mesuk