Top 20 Sweets Stores In Mango, Jamshedpur

top 20 sweets stores in mango jamshedpur 1

Once a less populated little town in the Dhalbhum subdivision of East Singhbhum district, Mango is now a prominent residential city in the neighborhood of Jamshedpur, situated across the Subarnarekha river. Mango has a large population, and the people are fond of sweets. Hence, Mango ends up having a wide range of sweets shops. The ghee jalebi from New Gangour sweets is very famous. The tasty ras malai of Brijwasi Misthan Bhandar will make you visit the shop, again and again, craving the delicious sweets.

1.Brijwasi Misthan Bhandar

Famous for its ras malai and sweet curd, Brijwasi is in the Gaur Basti, Mango chowk. The shop is hygienic and air-conditioned. The sweets have a perfect essence, and the taste will remind you of the pure sweets made with love in your villages. Sweets are made in desi ghee which you can feel with the first bite. They offer famous samosa, kachori, and other salty snacks too. One must try at least once.

Brijwasi Misthan Bhandar

2.New Gangour Sweets

Situated on the Purulia road, Ramakrishna colony of Mango, this is a very famous sweet shop that offers good quality mithai to the customer at a very reasonable price. Its favorite sweets include ghee jalebi, ras malai, gulab jamun, rabri, and many others. All sweets are made in good quality ghee. The store also serves vada, raj kachori, samosa, etc.

New Gangour sweets

3.Shaligram Sweets

The authentic Bengali sweet shop is located in Mango, Jamshedpur. It comes under the best sweets shops in Jamshedpur. The quality of the sweets is genuinely wholesome. They source the milk for making sweets from their farm, and the pricing is also reasonable as they don’t go for premium packaging. The sweets are fresh and taste delicious. They offer a variety of good quality snacks too.

Shaligram sweets

4.Maa Sadhana Sweets

It is the most popular and old sweet shop in Dimna, Mango. It has been there since about 2002. It’s a Bengali sweets shop, and the sweets here have a major Bengali taste. The lassi is the best thing to relax in the thrilling summers. Other best servings include Patali Gud Rosogulla, Chena Poda, Chena Pais, Rajbhog, and many more. Must visit here when you’re in or around Dimna.

Maa Sadhana sweets

5.Girish Chanachur

Girish Chanachur is near Mango Bridge, filled with varieties of sweets and snacks. Freshly prepared mithai, namkeens, chocolates, beverages, and many more. They also have gift baskets if you’re thinking of a sweet gift for your friends and relatives. The place is clean, and the employees are super friendly. The price goes a bit high, but the taste is worth it. Its famous jhala Chanachur is the best under the roof.

Girish Chanachur

6.Shreshtham Sweets And Namkeens

Shreshtham by the brand is known for its best quality snacks and sweets. It has two branches in Jamshedpur, one at Sakchi and another at Mango. Both the stores serve various kinds of sweets, snacks, and ready-to-eat foods. Its famous sweets include gulab jamun and sweet rosogulla.

Shreshtham sweets and namkeens

7.Anand Ji Sweets

You’ll find this shop on the Dimna chowk of Mango. Known for its barfi and peda, this is a small-looking shop with a vast taste in sweets. The place is ideal for your small sugar cravings and salty bites. They offer pure ghee mithai and traditional snacks such as gathiya, nimki, Chanachur, etc. The price is affordable, and the packaging is decent.

Anand Ji sweets

8.Ksheer Sindhu

A combination of sweet and Chinese cuisine is seen in this store at NH33 Dimna in Mango. This shop serves sweets and fast food, caterers, etc. Located in the NH, the restaurant is a regular craving place for many customers. They have home delivery too.

Ksheer Sindhu

9.Marjan Sweets

If you’re searching for a place for snacks, sweets, chaat, and bakery, then Marjan Sweets near Azad Nagar thana; Mango is the perfect location. The area is very well maintained and has mouthwatering sweet varieties. They also have packaged snacks and food items. Baked cookies, syrup-dipped Rosogulla, and milk peda are some of the best things in the shop.

Marjan sweets

10.Ashoka Misthan Bhandar

This local sweet shop is near UCO bank in Mango. They provide a wide range of items to the customers. It is famous in the local areas as the one-stop destination for all snacks and sweet things.

Ashoka Misthan Bhandar

11.Maa Laxmi Sweets

This Bengali sweet shop is located on post office road in Subhash colony, Mango. It is an old shop having many common customers. It is a local shop for the regular sweet demands of many buyers in and around. They also offer delicious samosas and namkeens.

Maa Laxmi sweets

12.Panchawati Sweets

In the Pardih Basti, Mango, Panchawati sweets serve mithai. A delight for the local sweet-toothed local citizens in mango. The store also serves ice-creams, cold beverages, and some packed foodstuffs. The store is ideal for a sudden sweet craving for the people living around.

Panchawati sweets

13.Hotel Suman

Hotel Suman on Dimna road, Subhash Colony in Mango. It is a small but a well-maintained place to dine in. It has a small variety, but the sweets and food are tasty. It was initially a sweet shop, but with time, it started to serve veg and non-veg food items.

Hotel Suman

14.Mom’s Food Factory

Mom’s food factory is an entrepreneurial business startup by a lady in mango, Jamshedpur. It serves its delicious food via Zomato and other online services. It includes desserts, north Indian dishes, street foods, etc. The dhakuni makuti and sevai phirni are worth trying.

Moms food factory

15.Delhi Darbar

Delhi Darbar is at Azad Nagar, Mango. It is famous for its non-veg food and kababs but also serves tasty sweet items such as milkshakes, tea, sweets, etc. The dining place is quite well cleaned and can accommodate a small bunch of people.

Delhi Darbar

16.Puja Sweets

Located at Purulia road, Puja sweets is a growing name in the Mango area. Location facing the main road is a daily go-to place for many buyers. It has decent sweet items, and the taste is mouth-filling. The shop is still in its growing phase but will soon have a pace.

Puja sweets

17.Hotel LN International

It is a 2-star hotel at hill view colony in Mango. It offers rooms to stay in and a restaurant where you can feed on various items. It is on our list as the sweets served here are delicious and will make you visit there again.

Hotel LN International

18.Choco Dream

Situated in Mango, this place does not offer dine-in but only delivery options. They serve desserts and bake. The truffles, chocolates, and cakes are super yummy. They also sell gift packets with cute messages. If you wish to gift something sweet to your loved ones, visit this shop.

Choco Dream

19.Red Oven Bakery

As we are talking about sweets, cakes are the most discussed thing, so here’s this bakery on Dimna road near Blue Bells School in Mango. The cakes are well designed, and the taste is unique. They also serve pastries, pizzas, snack items, etc. Try ordering a custom cake from them, and you’ll not be disappointed.

Red Oven Bakery

20.CRÈMS Bakery

Professionally decorated and crafted, the cakes of CRÈMS bakery are among the bests in town. Affordable prices and the friendly behavior of the staff make it more engaging and full of customers. They have flavors like Vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, butterscotch, black forest, and whatnot. Do give it a try.

CREMS bakery