Top 20 Tasty And Affordable Street Food In Matunga Mumbai

Top 20 Tasty And Affordable Street Food In Matunga Mumbai
Top 20 Tasty And Affordable Street Food In Matunga Mumbai

Matunga is a locality in the core of Mumbai City towards downtown Mumbai. Matunga was derived from the Sanskrit word for an elephant that is ‘Matanga’. Matunga is a place in Mumbai that has many popular food outlets. It is a very busy area as it has many schools and colleges around. Today’s generation loves to eat new things every day and this place offers a variety of such outlets of food. Most importantly this place has every variety to eat from breakfast, lunch to dinner at a very affordable price with amazing taste and quality. The specialty of Matunga is known for its south Indian restaurants and probable has the most authentic south Indian fare in Mumbai. One can enjoy lots of different types of street food here

Let’s see the top 20 tasty and affordable street food outlets in Matunga Mumbai that one can eat when they visit this place

1. Paneer Schezwan Masala Dosa

Paneer Schezwan Masala Dosa is one of the prominent and favorite food in south India and is popular for the best street food in Matunga. This Dosa had a perfect amount of paneer and the flavors of the chutneys were very prominent and amazing. They have unlimited quantities of chutney and sambhar. Sambhar’s taste was too good, the quality and quantity were quite satisfactory and filling. A better part of this dish is that they have very crispy Dosa. When you visit this place try this amazing street food only for Rs.85.


2. Paneer Platter

panner platter is everyone’s mouth-watering favorite street food near Matunga railway station. This amazing dish is filled with soft paneer cubes with mixed masalas and sauces served with green and red chutney and tart taste lemon. They also served different vegetables with panner cubes like capsicum. Soft panner cubes roasted with mixed masala give so much satisfaction especially when you are hungry. Try this Rs 100 flavorsome dish when you visit Matunga.


 3 Veg Chilli Cheese Frankie

Frankie is the only street food that fills our stomach full of healthy ingredients like vegetables. Veg chili cheese Frankie is one of the popular street food and student’s favorite place to visit. They served their Frankie with vegetables, different spicy sauces, chili with mayonnaise, and lots of cheese. You will get so many different types of Frankie near colleges which tastes so good.

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4. Chocolate Ice-cream Sandwich

Chocolate Ice-cream sandwich is the most famous sandwich in Matunga located near Ruia Podar College. It is named Mumbai’s iconic Subhash chocolate sandwich. The chocolate ice-cream sandwich is every chocolate lover’s dream. This sandwich makes with 2 pieces of bread and butter and a then generous amount of chocolate shavings are added, this is topped with chocolate sauce covered with another layer of bread and finally grilled. But it doesn’t get over there. The grilled sandwich is then topped with another level of chocolate shavings and a dollop of ice cream and finally ended with chocolate sauce. Worth trying this amazing sandwich only for Rs130.


5. Butter Dabeli

The Dabeli is a pav or a bun with really delicious aloo and Pologrande and peanuts stuffing inside and Dabeli masala is what makes it tasty. They also put sweet and spicy Emli chutney in that. They put the generous type of butter. This butter Dabeli is only for Rs25 located outside the Matunga railway station.

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6. Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji is the most famous fast food and street food in Mumbai. In Matunga, the place called DP’s pav bhaji is the popular place to eat pav bhaji. The specialty of this spiced mixed with mashed vegetables in a thick gravy served with butter pav, it tastes like buttery, yummy and several adulteration and variation to the street style pav bhaji recipe. They also served this with spicy onions mixed with red chili powder and salt with lemon. This tasty Good Quantity pav bhaji is only for Rs120. They also have verities of pav bhaji on their menu.

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7. Tandoori Frankie

Tandoori Frankie is well known and most popular Frankie near Ruia college named Mamaji’s Frankie. This tandoori Frankie is made up of all vegetables with mixed spices and sauces. The specialty of this Frankie is they give wafers along with Frankie that give most satisfactory taste to mouth and fill full our stomach. They have so many verities in their menu with affordable prices starting with Rs30.

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8. Panipuri

Panipuri is the most popular and famous street food in India. In Matunga outside of Guru Nanak Khalsa college, you will see a small panipuri stall. Their panipuri tastes so amazing, they served spiced cucumber and potato after eating panipuri. They have so many verities in panipuri that will flavorsome your mouth. This panipuri is so affordable starting with Rs15.


9. Samosa Chaat

Samosa chat is a dish that includes stuffed potato samosa serving with chopped onion, tomato, cucumber, sev, with lemon on it. Specialty in this dish is that they add their own spicy and sweet spices with chat masala added on it, they have made their masalas that tastes so good in samosa chat. This dish is so amazing and at an affordable price starting with Rs10. They also give cucumber and potato after eating samosa chat for free Of charge. This place is located outside the Guru Nanak Khalsa College of Matunga.


10. Wafer Frankie

Wafer Frankie is the most stunning street food ever. This Place is located near the king circle in Matunga. This Wafer Frankie includes mixed vegetables with their own spicy and sweet masalas with different sauces. The specialty of this food is we can choose what flavor we want in our Frankie. They have their different packets of lays with different flavors, they crush wafers and add them to your Frankie. This is the amazing combination of Frankie that tastes so good and satisfactory. The price of this Frankie starts with a very affordable price that is Rs50.


11. Filter Coffee

Coffee is the only thing that will keep you awake every time. Matunga’s famous filter coffee is located near Matunga railway station. The restaurant name is Ramashray, it is a famous south Indian restaurant which will give you amazing filter coffee. Definitely try this filter coffee when you visit Matunga, this coffee cost is Rs28.


12. Vada Pav

Vada Pav is the heart of Mumbai. In Matunga, the place called Shree Sundar has an amazing taste of Vada pav. This place is located in Matunga Railway station. They served their Vada pav with 3 types of chutneys that are green spicy chutney, red sweet taste chutney and one of the famous Nariyal chutney with green deeply fried chilli. The covering of Vada is so thin and crispy which adds more good taste to their special Vada pav. This Vada pav cost is Rs 10 which is more affordable.


13. Pineapple Sheera

Pineapple sheera is the best dish for breakfast. It is the healthiest dish to eat. In Matunga near king circle, there is a place called Mysore café. It is the south Indian café famous for breakfast and all other specialties of South Indian food. This Pineapple sheera having nuts in their sheera made up in ghee that’s taste so good while eating. It is a good dessert to eat and try. The quality of food is too good. Must try this place when you visit Matunga.


14. Appam

When you are bored to eat the usual idli, dosa in south Indian dishes, then you must try this dish called Appam. In Matunga, the place called Arya Bhavan having a good quality of food. They have this amazing dish called Appam. Appam is a healthy food thicker in the middle and served with fresh coconut stew. They served this with 2 types of chutney that are tomato chutney and coconut chutney. Do try this awesome dish that will cost you Rs80.


15. Cheese Punjabi Bhel

If you want the best street food at an affordable price do visit Gupta Chat Centre in Matunga. This cheese Punjabi Bhel includes Sev, cheese, fresh coriander and grated raw mangos. The specialty of this dish is that they have their own made Punjabi masala which gives a good taste. It is a very affordable cost for eating something tasty that is Rs70.


16. Jackfruit Idli

If you are bored eating those white plain idli you must try this jackfruit idli. This Idli includes Rava batter which made it crispy and a generous amount of jackfruit with an amazing shade of yellow. It is the most famous dish situated in A. Rama Nayak Idli House in Matunga. This will cost you Rs90.


17. Kachori

Kachori is one of the famous Indian snacks, that will available in most street food. In Matunga, there is a small stall near Matunga Railway Station that is famous for kachori. They have an amazing taste of kachori. In this kachori they include a mixture of their own spicy, sour, sweet chutneys consist of yellow moong dal, besan flour, pepper, chilli powder with a mixture of Dahi with other spices. Definitely try this food, it will cost you   Rs 30.


18. Lemon Soda

If you want to drink something which will refresh you, then you must try this lemon soda located outside the Guru Nanak Khalsa College in Matunga.

They give this soda with an amazing chat mixture of masalas which you like the most. They filled the glass with ice and water. In summer this is the best drink for an affordable price that is Rs10.


19. Hakka Noodles

If you are too hungry and want something to eat on your budget with a good quantity of food then go straight to the Gulshan Irani Café which is outside the Ruia college. The speciality of their Hakka noodles is that they put fresh and many vegetables in their perfectly cooked noodles. It is the best place to do your lunch also and it is so affordable price that is Rs180.


20. White Sauce Pasta

When you are craving some Italian street food with good Quantity and at a minimum price, then you should visit this stall located in king circle Matunga. This pasta was so creamy, yummy with fresh vegetables in it. They have so many varieties and shapes of pasta at an affordable price of Rs200.