Top 20 Most Expensive Pizzas In The World

Top 20 Most Expensive Pizzas In The World 1
Top 20 Most Expensive Pizzas In The World 1

Rarely, one can fully resist the aroma of a well-baked pizza. It is one of the few fast foods that are surprisingly healthy and easily accessible to most people in the world. Despite its elegant Neapolitan origins, pizza is about as proletarian as cuisine can get. On one end of the scale exists the humble frozen pizza that a college student can afford for less than $5 and only needs some heat and an overworked mind to enjoy fully. In the other extreme, however, there exists the finest of pies made by the most eminent chefs for the uber-rich. Even though one might feel their mouth water at the prospect of these pies, the price range would make your throat and your wallet feel dry.

1.Pierchic Pizza- $180,000

The Pierchic Pizza is easily the most insanely priced pie in the history of humankind at $180,000 is only found at the restaurant Pierchic in Dubai. With enough prior notice —and enough money to make you raise the tax department’s eyebrows towards your bank account— you can munch on the Italian white Alba truffles, Perigordian black truffles, red saffron from Kashmir, imported French foie gras, champagne-soaked Almas, and beluga caviar, Matsutake mushrooms, and edible gold leaves.


2. $70,000 Golden pizza

Jimmy ‘Mr. Beast’ Donaldson is one of YouTube’s biggest stars, with over 31 million subscribers due to his mind-blowing cash giveaways and ridiculous challenges for his Youtuber friend group. The $70,000 golden pizza got air-time in one of his expensive food challenge videos. A private chef, who usually only cooks for the cream of the elite, prepared the pie. The pizza is highly-priced because the base is covered with an ounce of gold, followed by a ten-year-old parmesan bechamel. The garnishing includes Japanese beef drenched in $10,000 grape juice and Hudson Valley foie gras scorched with a $6,000 bottle of apple juice. The chef finished the impressive pizza with $4,000 worth of white truffle shavings, flown in from Italy, and $16,000 costing albino caviar — the rarest caviar in the world and sealed it off with more gold leaf and smoked sea salt.


3. Louis XIII – Salerno, Italy – $12,000

This authentic and delicious pie is the creation of master chef Renato Viola, who makes it for the most affluent crowd in a café situated in Salerno, Italy. With a diameter of 20cm, the unique taste of the pie is in the dough prepared from organic Arabian flour and sprinkled with Murray River pink salt. The dough is rested for 72 hours for it to acquire the authentic flavor. The toppings include three variants of caviar, seven types of cheese, and Norwegian lobster. The pizza is prepared and served in the house with a few choice alcoholic beverages that include Champagne Krug Clos du Mesnil 1995, Carta Real Sanches Romate Finos brandy, and Louis XIII cognac.


4. Favitta’s Pizza For Lovers- $8180

Stupendously costed at $8,180, Pizza for Lovers was once one of the most eminent pizzas globally for being ridiculously expensive. It was available at Favitta’s Family Pizzeria in Henrietta, New York. Pizza for Lovers was, as the name suggests, a pie prepared especially for affluent lovers. With the shape of a heart, it was sprinkled with diamonds, and was served with a diamond ring and also a bottle of expensive Dom Perignon.


5. The Miss Verdun Pizza- $4,250

Miss Verdun stands fifth in the list with a whopping cost of $4,250. Mizzou Pizza in Verdun, Montreal is the home of this not-so-humble pie. The restaurant provides the service of a personal chef cooking the pizza in your kitchen. The service charges for the chef are one factor that rocket the prices for this pizza. The key ingredients in this pie are white truffles, caviar, lobster, and 24-karat gold flakes. If you want to eat a healthy pizza that can severely dent your savings balance, then opt for this one.

56. Pizza Royale 007 – Domenico Crolla, Haggis, Glasgow – $4,200

The Pizza Royale 007 was instrumental in raising funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation (an organization working towards preventing curable blindness in developing countries). However, buying this pizza will have you wishing for a charity as well, as the pizza was valued at a whopping £2150 (about $2830 in 2019) at a charity auction by Maurizio Morelli as Valentine’s Day present for his beloved. Award-winning restaurateur Domenico Crolla flew in from Glasgow to Rome to prepare the pizza and garnished it with edible gold, cognac-marinated lobster, venison medallions, Scottish smoked salmon, and champagne-soaked caviar.


7. ‘Not-So-Poor Man’s Pizza’ – Margo’s Mistra Bay, Malta- $2400

The sardonically named pizza sells for a whopping $2,400. It was unveiled to this world in 2010 and found a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for a long time. 24-karat gold leaf garnishing, of course, fresh organic water buffalo mozzarella, and Italian white truffles that have been brought in daily from Alba in Piemonte within 8 hours of harvesting constitute the exotic ingredients of this pie. A bottle of Farsons lager helps this pie feel more enjoyable. The preparation of the pie requires a week’s notice due to the daily acquisition of the fresh ingredients. The majority of the sales of this pizza go towards charity.

78. The 24K Pizza- $2000

Industry Kitchen, home of the 24K Pizza, is one of the most popular places in New York City, United States, because of its exuberantly priced pie worth $2000.The item is a part of their menu and is the cherry of the pie (pun intended). The scrumptious pizza has a black squid-ink base, and the ingredients used by the chef include an edible gold leaf, foie grass, Stilton cheese, Osetra caviar, and truffles.

89. Nino Bellissima – Gino’s Restaurant, New York City – $1,000

Breaking into our top 10 is the Nino Bellissima pizza sold at Gino’s restaurant in New York City, priced at around $1000.Unveiled back in 2012, this pie earned its price tag because of the $820 worth of caviar garnish. Large blobs of beluga with black Russian Royal Sevruga roe constitute the garnish spread over the base, with sliced lobster and crème fraîche to top it off. “People who know about their caviar love this pizza, ”according to owner Nino Selimaj. Politicians, Wall Street Traders, and wealthy love-struck couples constitute their well-off customers. The pizza is a subject of conversation itself as the exuberant price intrigues new customers all the time.


10. The C6 – Stevestson Pizza, Richmond, BC, Canada – $450

The C6 has gained entry into our list for the most expensive pizzas in the world with a price of $450. Steveston Pizza in Richmond, Canada is the home of this exorbitant pizza. The C6 is a seafood-based pie, as Richmond is famous for fresh and quality marine delicacies. The ingredients used in its preparation include black Alaskan cod, Russian Osetra Caviar, tiger prawns, smoked salmon, and lobster Thermidor.


11. Gordon Ramsay’s Pizza – Maze, London – $250

With such a price one might expect Mr. Ramsey himself would be the one serving it to you at the Maze restaurant located in London (however considering his temperament, it is probably not the best idea). The pizza was also a part of the Guinness Book of World Records to honor the most expensive pizza in the world. The pizza is priced at $250 because of the ingredients and toppings used by the chef, for instance, truffles, fresh herbs, pancetta, cep mushrooms, fontina cheese, buffalo mozzarella, white truffle pasta, and Italian onion puree.


12. Triple Mille-Feuille Pizza- $140

With the second entry in our list, Domino’s is pushing its luck for you to try one of its exuberantly priced pies. At a price tag of $140, Triple Mille-Feuille Pizza is very popular in Japan. You can go frugal and not order it with all its toppings, but if you want to taste it fully, you will have to spend a lofty $140. The Triple Mille-Feuille Pizza comes with a triple-layered stuffed crust that includes cheese in between every layer.


13. The Astice E Tartufo- $127

Priced at $127, The Astice E Tartufo Pizza has comfortably gained entry to our list of the most expensive pizza in the world. The pizza might seem a little out of range for home delivery due to the distance and the price range as its home is the Third Avenue Cafe in Dubai. The Astice E Tartufo Pizza has a great flavor as the chef uses imported ingredients that include truffles and lobsters in its preparation.


14. The Magic Gold Pizza- $108

“The magic Gold” pizza should be a part of your diet if you prefer healthy food and are filthy rich, as it may not slim you down, but it’ll help your wallet lose inches. This pizza is the brainchild of the Magic Oven Restaurant, a popular restaurant in Toronto, Canada. Priced at $108, it has managed to gain entry into our picks of the most expensive pizza in the world. The Magic Gold pizza is gluten-free made with organic ingredients; which helps with its vegan audience. If you choose to enjoy it with an edible garnish 24-karat gold leaf, you will have to sprinkle a few more bucks for that reasonable request


15. Kobe Beef Pizza- $66

Domino’s Japan probably inspired the numerous mukbang-style content creators of the world when they unveiled the Kobe Beef Steak Pizza in January 2013. Even though this pie is not named after the legendary basketball player, it sells for 5,800 yen or $66 US. Not to be disappointed, because this pie is topped with the high-quality beef from Kobe in Japan’s Hyōgo Prefecture. Kobe beef is taken from wagyu cattle and is known for its flavor, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture. If it seems odd that such a treat would end up as a garnish on one of the prime pizza-making joints of the world, Domino’s has made sure the rest of the toppings are of a higher grade than usual, with steak sauce and, of course, cheese rounding out the rest of the pizza.


16. Jet’s Specialty Pizza, XL- $56

This franchise from Michigan, Detroit holds no prisoners when boasting of one of the most expensive pies from fast-food joints. Jet’s pizzas are substantial, especially when looking at the Detroit-style offering and its hefty, bread-like crust. It comes as no surprise that a few of their Specialty Pizzas, which include an amazing 15 slices, priced around $31. But wait there’s more! The XL is on the second tier of sizes in this joint. The menu also includes a Party Tray size with 30 square slices costing $56.


17. Mountain Mike’s Specialty Pizza, Mountain size (XL)- $40

Mountain Mike’s appropriately named signature dish, the Mountain-sized pizza comes at number 17 on our list. At a staggering 20 inches, it’s the biggest fast-food pizza out there— enough to feed a family of four; or you, if you’re on a mission to clog your arteries. In its giant size, the Specialty Pizzas named suitably after some of the largest mountains like The Everest, Mt. Veggiemore, and Snowy Alps, will set you back a cool $40.


18. Round Table’s Premium Pizza, XL- $27

This eminent Fast-food chain with over 450 units all over the US, is primarily found across the West Coast, but it’s headquartered in Atlanta. The Premium pastries are right up there with some of the most pocket-burrowing fast-food pizzas in the country. The most extravagant pie on their menu- The King Arthur’s Supreme and Chicken & Garlic Gourmet, will have you dishing out $27 to fulfill your nutritional pleasures.


19. Mellow Mushroom Specialty Pizza, L- $25

Mellow Mushroom may not have a fanbase similar to other fast-food chains in terms of size, but this 177-location regional chain still has a mammoth market. Customers appraised the pizza as the second most crave-able in the US. And you’ll surely pay more for its scrumptious crust and garnishing, all of which can be found on their pizza-stone baked Specialty Pizzas. The chain’s enormous pizza is 16-inches in size, which relates to extra-large sizes at most other chains, and goes for $25.


20 Hungry Howie’s Works Pizza, XL – $21

One of the top five biggest national pizza chains, this specialty pie from Hungry Howie’s is also moderately expensive. The XL Works Pizza is a 16-inch pie that is garnished with pepperoni, ham, mushroom, green pepper, onion, Italian sausage, beef, black olive, and extra mozzarella. At $21, the layered pizza is the most expensive specialty pizza on the chain’s menu.