Top 20 Thai Restaurants to Visit If You’re A Bangalorean

Bangalore, also referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley of India,’ is the Capital of Karnataka. The majestic buildings, beautiful architecture, exotic cuisines, and literature festivals attract tourists worldwide. The city is also known for its street food, South Indian cuisine, mouth-watering desserts, and different cuisines. Whether you love Thai cuisine or want to explore it, we have the perfect list!

1. Bo Tai

Bo Tai, located at Lavelle Road, Bangalore, is an excellent option if you want to try Thai cuisine. The place has various facilities like valet parking, a smoking area, and outdoor seating and is also wheelchair accessible. Some of its well-known dishes include ‘pork belly stuffed in lotus flour baos,’ ‘corn curd pepper and salt,’ and a gin cocktail called ‘full moon festival.’ Bo Tai offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian options and is affordable!

1.Bo Tai 1

2. Nevermind

Nevermind, in Indiranagar, East Bangalore is another famous restaurant with Asian and European cuisines, including Thai. It is wheelchair accessible and has a buffet, a bar, and a dance floor! This well-decorated restaurant will surely make you feel luxurious and fancy.

2.Nevermind 1

3. Shao

This fantastic restaurant is known for its Asian cuisine. Located in Bangalore, Shao is famous for its elegant and outstanding ambiance. The food is delectable and served by the well-trained and hospitable staff. The cuisines include Chinese, Japanese, Thai, and Pan Asian.

3.Shao 1

4. Rim Naam

Rim Naam is an extremely well-decorated hotel serving Thai cuisine. The place features a scenic garden and an alluring interior. Rim Naam is not only known for its beauty but also its wide range of dishes from pad thai, Thai curry, and jasmine rice. Rim Naam is the perfect place to enjoy your meal with friends and family.

4.Rim Naam 1

5. Thai Basil

Located in Indiranagar, Bangalore, Thai Basil is known for its elaborate menu and authentic Thai food. They have vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian items. Dishes like mixed herb chicken, papaya salad, and pad thai are liked by many.

5.Thai Basil 1

6. Thai House

Thai House, located in Brigade Road, Bangalore, is known for its hygiene and authentic food. The customers’ favorites include The Pad Thai noodles with beef and seafood dishes. Thai House has a hospitable staff and flexible timings.

6.Thai House 1

7. Lan Thai

Situated in Sanjayanagara, Bangalore, Lan Thai is a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing restaurant with delicious Thai foods. The restaurant has an in-house Thai chef. Some must-try dishes are chicken spicy noodle soup, papaya salad, and green bubble tea.

7.Lan Thai 1

8. Big Wong

Big Wong serves Thai along with other Asian cuisines. The restaurant is located in Indiranagar, Bangalore, and is known for its portions and timely service. A few famous dishes include tempura roll, fried rice, dim sum, etc. Big Wong has home delivery and takeaway options available.

8.Big Wong 1

9. Cantan – Chinese Bar House

Cantan, in Lavelle Road, Bangalore, has a fancy and alluring interior and themed décor. The place is famous for its good quality food and ambiance. Its popular dishes include General Tso Chicken, Spicy beef, udon, and many more.

9.Cantan – Chinese Bar House 1

10. Asia Kitchen by Mainland China

Located in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore is known for its Thai food and several other Asian cuisines. The place has indoor seating and delivery options available. The food portions are not only appropriate but also worth the money.

10.Asia Kitchen by Mainland China 1

11. Delicacy

Delicacy is a Thai, Chinese, and Sichuan restaurant located in Kalyan Nagar, Bangalore. The food is authentic and affordable. Delicacy’s famous dishes include soups, triple schezwan, momos, etc.

11.Delicacy 1

12. Tibetan Mother’s Kitchen

Tibetan Mother’s Kitchen serves Tibetan, Thai, Chinese, and Sichuan cuisines in Bangalore. It has a cozy and relaxing atmosphere, enabling its customers to enjoy their meals. The food is worth the price and pocket friendly.

12.Tibetan Mothers Kitchen 1

13. Mamagoto

Mamagoto is known for its Asian, Chinese and Thai food. The restaurant follows a themed décor and has a funky ambiance. Mamagoto provides excellent authentic Thai dishes that will never make you want to leave!

13.Mamagoto 1

14. Chinese Hot

Chinese Hot in Vasanth Nagar, Bangalore, serves Chinese, Thai, and Sichuan cuisines. The place is known for its hygiene and budget-friendly dishes. The authentic taste of food at Chinese Hot keeps the customers hooked till the end!

14.Chinese Hot 1

15. Ginger Tiger

Located at Lavelle Road, Bangalore, Ginger Tiger is renowned for its pocket-friendly and mouth-watering dishes. Although indoor seating options are unavailable, the place provides its customers with efficient delivery options.

15.Ginger Tiger 1

16. The Red Box

The Red Box in Indiranagar, Bangalore, is famous for its authentic Chinese, Thai, and Sichuan food. The dishes are flavorful and made of high-quality ingredients. The Red Box has takeaway and delivery options available so you can enjoy these delicious dishes from the comfort of your home.

16.The Red Box 1

17. The Wok Co

The Wok Co is a Thai, Chinese, and Sichuan restaurant located in Magrath Road, Bangalore. The budget-friendly dishes and friendly staff makes this place and must-try restaurant.

17.The Wok Co 1

18. Call Me Chow

Various Asian cuisines are available here at Call Me Chow, Bangalore. As per customer reviews, the place is known for its detailed food presentation, extensive menu, and budget-friendly food.

18.Call Me Chow 1

19. Misu

Korean, Japanese, Thai, Burmese, and other cuisines are a must-try at Misu, St. Marks Road, Bengaluru. Pad thai prawns, Teriyaki sushi, and kappa maki are among some of its famous dishes. Misu provides various facilities such as a bar, smoking area, and rooftop and is also wheelchair accessible.

19.Misu 1

20. The Fatty Bao

Last but not least Asian restaurant on our list is The Fatty Bao in Lavelle Road, Bangalore. The cuisines include Asian, Japanese, Chinese, and Thai. The food served here is known for its quality and presentation. The Fatty Bao has indoor seating and delivery options available. So don’t wait anymore and treat yourself to authentic Thai food!

20.The Fatty Bao 1