Top 20 Theme Eateries In Connaught Place, Delhi

top 20 theme eateries in connaught place delhi

While Delhi is India’s capital, it is also the country’s food capital. And where better to sample the city’s delicacies than Connaught Place (affectionately known as the CP), Delhi’s major hub. Sure, the street food is heavenly: buttery packed parathas, delicious chole, and feather-light bhature, as well as the timeless chaats, are to die for. CP, on the other hand, is brimming with cafés serving cuisines from all over the globe and an encounter unlike any other.

1. Desi Villagio

Desi Villagio is a restaurant in Connaught Place, Delhi, that offers a tasty twist to your tongue. This restaurant specialises on North Indian and Mughlai food, which is noted for its rich scent and spicy flavours. The numerous components and thick gravy preparation immediately provide guests with a soul-satisfying taste. Desi Villagio has established a reputation for serving high-quality, hygienic food. The menu has been created with the utmost care and deliberation to ensure that every item served retains the flavour and essence of traditional Indian food.

Desi Villagio

2. Junkyard Cafe

Junkyard Cafe is a popular cafe in Central Park with a totally unusual idea in terms of both menu and ambiance. It has a grungy vibe, with everything constructed of rubbish, tins, wooden logs, and tyres, including a Mona Lisa replica and a massive plane suspended from the ceiling.

Junkyard Cafe

3. Mamagoto

This restaurant’s amazing Pan-Asian menu will never fail to amaze you! So, are you ready for some delectable Japanese and Pan-Asian fare with a twist? When you walk in, their Manga-inspired communal area and modern decor will tell you everything you need to know. The food is not legitimate, but rather the result of some MAD scientist’s research, which result in their huge mind-blowing menu. Mamagoto has locations in Saket, Khan Market, and Vasant Kunj to meet the growing demand. It’s not too expensive, and the serving amounts are large enough to be enjoyed.

Mamagoto 1

4. Wok In The Clouds

With an entirely different mood and menu than its Khan Market counterpart, Wok In The Clouds is a unique concept. The first-floor inner circle space has a lounge-like feel with royal blue, gold, and lots of mirrors. A large bar and thumping music compliment a wide range of alcoholic beverages.

Wok In The Clouds

5. Teddy Boy

Take a trip back in time with Teddy Boy to 1950s British culture and the Edwardian era. What is the significance of the name? Teddy boy refers to a young man of a subculture typified by a style of dress based on Edwardian fashion (usually with drainpipe trousers, bootlace tie, and hair slicked up in a quiff) and a love of rock-and-roll music, if you didn’t already know. This explains the antique furnishings, tuxedoed folks, and retro music playing in the background. Although the ambience is British, the food is entirely Indian.

Teddy Boy

6. Soda Bottle Opener Wala

With a cuisine full of Parsi delicacies and a dash of Bombay street food, it has a quirky, fun, and current Irani Style character. Keema pav, Goan fish curry, Parsi kulfi, and other scrumptious meals are available in the cafe. The environment will transport you to the Parsi culture of the 1950s. If you’re looking for some Parsi delights that won’t break the bank, this is the place to go at Khan Market.

Soda Bottle Opener Wala

7. Jungle Jumboree

It’s all in the name! Jungle Jamboree is a jungle-themed restaurant in Delhi’s core. If you’re looking for an experience in the jungle, Jungle Jamboree is the closest thing you’ll get. Not only that, but they have a cave as well! They have a wide range of cuisines to choose from, and their appetisers are to die for. This themed restaurant in CP is undoubtedly one of the nicest places to eat in CP, with its unique interiors and delectable cuisine. Remember to pay this eatery a visit at least once!

Jungle Jumboree

8. Caffe Tonino

This eatery in the shape of a Tuscan villa is the best for couples in CP. One of its selling points is that it feels like you’re sitting in a small cafe in Central Park. You can’t go wrong with this location for a date because it serves superb Italian cuisine and has a warm atmosphere.

Caffe Tonino

9. Imly At Rajendra Place

Trains have attracted most of us since we were children. What do we see now, a parked train with food being served on the street? This vegan and vegetarian eatery is one of the few in Delhi that brings a great smile to the faces of street food fans. The railway-themed restaurant, which is in the shape of a train and serves great street food including chapatti chaat, Gol Gappas, and more, is located at Rajendra Place. Before you go, make sure to reserve a seat in the railway coach, and don’t forget to drink some Buntas.

Imly At Rajendra Place

10. The Big Chill Cafe

The Big Chill Cafe is a popular Italian themed restaurant noted for their delicious ‘Penne Vodka.’ Delicious pasta, scrumptious cheesecakes, and delightful milkshakes await you at this eatery. It’s one of Connaught Place’s most popular hangouts, drawing a sizable crowd on evenings.

The Big Chill Cafe

11. Garam Dharam

Garam Dharam is a foodie’s paradise for Dharmendra fans. Garam Dharam, known for its unusual rustic theme, Sholay-themed bike, and DJ truck, immediately catches you with its eccentric desi dhaba environment and innovative touch on food. Garam Dharam is unquestionably one of the best restaurants in Connaught Place, and one should surely take their friends and family there for a full supper. Only at Garam Dharam can you gorge on the greatest butter chicken, as their specialty is North Indian cuisine.

Garam Dharam

12. Vault Cafe

The Vault Cafe, one of the best eateries in CP, features five themed vaults that can hold anywhere from 8 to 22 people at a time. Aside from that, the cafe has outdoor seating with fresh lounge music rather as the commercial music played inside. There is a vast range of meals available.

Vault Cafe

13. Social Offline Cafe

Social is an urban hangout that combines a cafe and a workspace and has gained a following among Delhiites. Social, which is located in Hauz Khas Village and near to the Delhi Art Gallery, attracts individuals from all walks of life, making it one of Delhi’s most unusual eateries. Having said that, it is well-known for its delectable cocktails and live music.

Social Offline Cafe

14. The Biker’s Café

Biker’s Café features everything you need, including delicious cuisine and drinks. This location features interiors that could be another biker’s abode. Anyone can fall in love with the thought of riding bikes with a Harley parked in front and helmets hanging from the ceiling! So start your bike and go full throttle to Biker’s Den: The Biker’s Cafe to meet your fellow bikers.

The Bikers Cafe

15. Odeon Social

In CP, Odeon Social is a themed cafe. This restaurant is designed to look like a school, complete with blackboards and desks. Each table contains a typewriter and an old-fashioned phone. There are also trophies and books in a large display case, as well as various wooden boards with student names and marks. The kitchen is the Home Science department, and there is a quiet office in the back for individuals who wish to work alone. Lunch is served in lunchboxes.

Odeon Social

16. United Coffee House

United Coffee House has been serving guests for over 80 years and is one of Delhi’s most opulent and elegant restaurants. Its wonderful antique décor and friendly employees just add to the pleasant environment. They serve Asian, South Indian, North Indian, and Mediterranean cuisines. A must-try is the Dal Makhani, Risotto, and Chilli Chicken. They also have some delectable shakes and cocktails on the menu.

United Coffee House

17. Boombox Café

Boombox is a portable radio with loud sound that is primarily utilised by Hip-Hop Dancers. Boombox Cafe is the place to go if you want to get a feel for it! The hip-hop music motif is reflected in the décor of the music-themed restaurant. Metal shutters, wall graffiti, and a diversified menu provide diners with a number of options.

Boombox Cafe

18. Openhouse Cafe

Openhouse is one of the most popular cafés in CP, thanks to its diverse cuisine and Pan Asian motif. It is a traditional modern restaurant with leather chairs. The location is loaded with photos of ancient CP and has a great perspective of Central Delhi. The live sushi counter at Open House is well-known.

Openhouse Cafe

19. Lord Of The Drinks

Lord of the Drinks’ introduces a primitive motif to the affluent lanes of Delhi, bringing back ancient days in all their splendour. The pub is located on the outer circle of Connaught Place, with a first-floor view of the central area. They’ve taken the mediaeval motif and given it a fresh spin by incorporating some subtle modern elements. The walls are a coarse rocky like that of a castle, with battle shields and old swords mounted on them, while the ceiling is a network of thick wooden beams that span the space.

Lord Of The Drinks

20. Farzi Cafe

Farzi Cafe’s menu and ambiance are a blend of global and Indian cuisines, making it a very trendy and sophisticated cafe. Farzi Café combines a high-intensity molecular gourmet cuisine approach with a modern casual dining experience. Also, try the Chuski margarita and other Farzi-inspired beverages.

Farzi Cafe