Top 20 Theme Restaurants In Palakkad, Kerala

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We all know that Kerala is God’s own country. Besides that title, it has an exceptional line of dishes and a wide variety of flavours. Several theme restaurants are a must-try. Their ambience is well known as well.


Cafe Restos

A go-to place for small hangouts with friends, Cafe Restos is located near 38/498 Subix park (Subix Merryland) Chakkanthara, Palakkad. Additionally, the restaurant is said to be child-friendly. It has a rating of 4.8

Cafe Restos 1


Situated near the best stop, Kopparam, Vinayaka colony, Palakkad, Emarathi is a restaurant that gives a new meaning to rooftop dining. With a rating of 4.6 Emarathi restaurants have proved to be a spot for dates.


3.Burger Tree

Located near 18/80 SM complex, college road, Tharekkad, Vinayaka colony, Palakkad, Burger Tree is a classic spot for burger evenings. They have the best burgers in Palakkad town and are a must-try place. It has a rating of 4.4.

Burger Tree

4.Rock Land

Location near Soorya City, Kandath Complex, Sultanpet, Palakkad, Rock Land is a spacious restaurant with an ambience well-liked by its customers. Reasonable and affordable rates make this restaurant stand out from the rest. It has a rating of 4.4.

Rock Land

5.Oh My Hunger- Resto Cafe

Located near Kendriya Vidyalaya, Hemambika Nagar, Olavakkode, Dhoni Road, Palakkad, Oh My Hunger – Resto Cafe is considered one of the best shawarma corners of Palakkad. It has a rating of 4.4

Oh My Hunger Resto Cafe 1


Situated near Sundar Tower, ground floor, opposite Nissan Pinnacle, Palakkad, Juzu is known for its fresh juices, sandwiches and so on. Again, reasonable and affordable prices make the restaurant more appealing.


7.Vox Sky Lounge & Fine Dine

Location near Vox Junction, Calicut Bypass Road, Puthur Link Road, Palakkad, Vox Sky Lounge & Fine Dine is said to have heart-warming dishes and welcoming customer service. Their ambience is pretty satisfying and has a rating of 4.3

Vox Sky Lounge Fine Dine



Situated near Jaihind Street, near Big Bazar Higher Secondary school, Palakkad, Menma is a seafood-themed restaurant known for its seafood dishes, especially fish curry. Though the meals are of average quality the seafood dishes transcend the other food varieties in the hotel. It has a rating of 4.3

Menma 1

9.N M R’S Uptown

Situated near Coimbatore road, BharathMatha HSS, Sahyadri Colony, Chandranagar Colony, and Palakkad, N M R’S UPTOWN is a go-to place for people who would like to have a prodigious ambience while having their favourite dishes. They are said to have exquisite dishes. It is “the best” theme restaurant so far in Palakkad that sets the score, and has a rating of 4.2.

N M RS Uptown

10.Oho Chill-N-Dine

Located near Stadium Bypass Road, Selvapalayam, Palakkad, Oho Chill-N-Dine is known for its continental food, customer service and ambience. Though a bit overpriced according to the customers; the food is delicious. It has a rating of 4.2

Oho Chill N Dine

11.Kattans Thinnanum Kudikkanum

Located near NH966, Koppam, Palakkad, Kattan’s is an incredible small restaurant that serves awe-inspiring dishes. The ravishing lights make the evenings I’m this location appealing. It has a rating of 4.1

Kattans Thinnanum Kudikkanum

12.N M R Biriyani House

Located near the Stadium bus stand, N M R Biriyani house is a must-try place for people who love biryani and its classic varieties. Their biriyani is worth the price paid and is worth the hype. It has a rating of 4.0.

N M R Biriyani House

13.Pops Heavenly Blends Vol 2

Pops diner heavenly blender is located near Victoria College, Dharsh Arcade, Palakkad, Pops Heavenly Blends is one of the finest places for momos. Though the place is small the foodies are yummy and worth trying. It has a rating of 4.1.

Pops Heavenly Blends Vol 2

14.London Bakes N’ Grills

Located near ACM Aboobacker road, near KSRTC, Palakkad, Palakkad, London Bakes N’ Grills is known for its well-furnished and generous space for family dinners. Their areas of regional Indian dishes are well known. It has a rating of 4.0.

London Bakes N Grills

15.Smokey’s Restaurent

Located near Calicut Bypass, Manali, Palakkad, Smokey’s Restaurant is known for its budget-friendly menu. Especially its grills, peri-peri shawarma and BBQ kuzhimanthi are the top picks for the customers.

Smokeys Restaurent

16.Hasi’s Kitchen

Location near 10/243, PC Tower, College Road, Tharekkad, Palakkad, Hasi’s Kitchen is a family restaurant with a contemporary touch to it. They are well known for their authentic Kerala food that makes your heart full. All of their dishes are said to be top-notch by the customers. It has a rating of 4.0.

Hasis Kitchen


Location near QMG5+M34M34, Palakkad Head Post Office Road, Sultanpet, Palakkad, Nalanda is known for their excellent authentic Kerala food that anybody would drool over. Though a bit overpriced according to its customers, the food is worth the price and about the quality; it’s the best. It has a rating of 4.0.


18.Muscat Burger

Location near QMG5+28W, Pathiripala Road, Sheshadri Nagar, Koppam, Palakkad, Muscat Burger, is well known for its burger varieties and other combos. It has a rating of 4.0

Muscat Burger

19.Kadal Multi-Cuisine Family Restaurant

Located near Coimbatore road, Manali, Palakkad is a fantastic choice for family dinners. With a rating of 3.9, Kadal has filled people’s hearts with heart-warming dishes and their dishes are reviewed to have the best qualities and quantity.

Kadal Multi Cuisine Family Restaurant 1


Location near SS Towers, near KSRTC Bus Stand, Pudupalli Theruvu, Nurani, Palakkad, Kapilavasthu is very much known for their vegetarian food and welcoming service. They serve one of the best vegetarian foods in Palakkad town. It has a rating of 3.9.

Kapilavasthu 1