Top 20 Theme Restaurants To Visit With Your Family When You Are In Bhubaneswar

top 20 theme restaurants to vist with your family whean you are in bhubaneswar
top 20 theme restaurants to vist with your family whean you are in bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is a city with tradition. Following the rituals, Bhubaneswar took place as the dream city of every Odisha citizen. The city where dream comes true. Because it is the education and corporate hub of Odisha the population is more and due to the beautifully sculpted temples, tourism is also at a peak. When in Bhubaneswar chasing your dreams, why not take a break on the weekend and have some family time in some of these beautiful theme restaurants

1. Nakli Dhaba

Nakli  Dhaba of Mayfair Lagoon is famous for its Biriyani, Kabab& North Indian Staples in a rustic Dhaba ambiance with both dine-in and outdoor sitting facilities. This place is in Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar. Spending some quality time with your family with such good ambiance and mouth-licking foods is not at all a bad idea.

1 Nakli Dhaba

2. Moody Blues

If you belong to a modern family or want to take your parents to a cocktail party, you should not miss this place. A trendy locale with a moody, contemporary décor offering international dishes & cocktails will be a perfect match for a gloomy night. This is located in Gajapati Nagar Bhubaneswar. 

2 Moody Blues

3. The Klove

This restaurant is famous for its Chinese cuisine. A clean and white ambiance restaurant that provides mouth-watering Chinese dishes, mostly known for chilly chicken. Who will not recommend a Chinese restaurant for dinner and spend time with family here in THE KLOVE which is near Jagamara Bhubaneswar?

3 The Klove

4. Mungeri Dhaba

Most visitors say that the best Biriyani is served here. It will be a fantastic place to go with family. Here you will get A little Bit of a Mughal Theme from the outside and a cozy dine-in inside. This Restaurant is near Kiit Square, Bhubaneswar.

4 Mungeri Dhaba

5. Kake Da Minar

This is a Punjabi Theme restaurant having all the testy Punjabi dishes. If you and your family are north Indian food lovers then you must visit this place near Chandrasekhar Pur. Kake Da Minar is famous for its Punjabi Large Thalis. It would be an excellent lunch point. 

5 Kake Da Minar

6. Jungle View

Jungle view provides the love of cooking with Natural Ingredients. If you are a person who enjoys spending time outside the home and falls for nature then you will love this place. Jungle view is famous for its bamboo items like “ Bamboo chicken, Bamboo Biriyani, Bamboo Mutton, etc. If you and your family want to spend some time with nature and enjoy naturally prepared food then you must visit this place.

6 Jungle View

7. Dawat

Dawat is a Special family Restaurant providing a cozy ambiance and great food taste with a pocket-friendly prize. Dawat is Popularly Known for its great taste in Biriyani and the quick service. After a great Shopping in Sahid Nagar, Bhubaneswar Dawat suits the best as a Lunch Place with Family.

7 Dawat

8. Angan Horizon

Angan always stands in the top 5 when celebrating any particular day with family. The great ambiance and friendly staff never failed to impress you. Angan is popularly known for Its most delicious starters. The atmosphere is perfect for Capturing memories with your family. This is located near Patia square Bhubaneswar.

8 Angan Horizon

9. Zaika Palace 

The Zaika Palace stands out because of its fantastic ambiance. The food was also fantastic here. As its name refer Zaika in every food is lovable. This is in Gajapati Nagar , Bhuabaneswar. Mouth-watering food and the fantastic atmosphere can make your visit memorable here.

9 Zaika Palace

10. Curry Leaf

Curry leaf is one of the most beautiful family restaurants in Bhubaneswar. The atmosphere, Food, Service everything is impressive here. When in Bhubaneswar and don’t understand what to eat, you should visit curry leaf with your family for a peaceful lunch.

10 Curry Leaf

11. Vivanta By Taj

For celebrating your success with family none another restaurant can take the place of Vivanta by Taj. The luxurious atmosphere and great food are the perfect combinations of celebrations. Great place for a lavish party with family. 

11 Vivanta by Taj

12. Zingiber

Zingiber is an authentic South Indian Restaurant. It also serves amazing bread, desserts, bakery items, etc. The place is near a cozy residential area of IRC Village. The drinks are outstanding and every food has its south Indian flavor. Great place to visit with family.

12 Zingiber

13. Golden Bird Restaurant 

Golden Bird Restaurant is the dine-in of Hotel pushpak near Khandagiri Hills. The golden ambiance makes it one of the most attractive places to have dinner with your family. This place is known for its special North Indian foods. 

13 Golden Bird Restaurant

14. Truptee Legacy

Truptee Legacy is the best veg restaurant in Bhubaneswar. If you and your family love vegan food then you must visit this place and taste South Indian dishes here. Overall the ambiance and services are good. 

14 Truptee Legacy

15. Swosti Premium 

Swosti premium suits you best if you and your family are buffet lovers. The ambiance and the service are impressive as its brand. It is an ideal place to get together with family and relatives. 

15 Swosti Premium

16. Dalma 

Dalma is an authentic Odia restaurant renowned for its “pakhala” and all other traditional Odia dishes. It is a perfect place for lunch in hot summers. The restaurant is famous for its tradition and way of service on a perfect “pakhala” platter. Great place to taste the tradition of Odisha. 

16 Dalma

17. Namah By Marigold 

Namah is the best place to spend some quality time with your family with enjoying the tasty and attractive food of it. The platting of food is outstanding here. The service and behavior of staff made you visit again and again. 

17 Namah by Marigold

18. The Crown Hotel 

When it comes to the buffets in town crown hotel fits in the shoes.  In addition to the traditional Indian, Chinese, continental, and Tandoor cuisine, they provide exquisite Odisha delicacies. One of the must-visit restaurants in Bhubaneswar.

18 The Crown Hotel

19. Lemon Grass 

Lemon grass provides a bright and inviting multi-cuisine restaurant and offers an all-day dining menu including Indian, European, western, and pan-Asian preparations. Indulge in the wholesome breakfast buffet served daily. A must-visit premium restaurant in Bhubaneswar.

19 Lemon Grass

20. Nimantran

OTDC’s Nimantrana was inaugurated by Odisha’s Chief Minister Naveen Pattnaik . on the occasion of the 42nd foundation day of the Odisha tourism development corporation. They serve traditional Odia food and show the culture of Odisha through their dishes. A first choice place to visit with your family if you come to Odisha for the first time.

20 Nimantran