Top 20 Themed Cafes In Lucknow


The metropolis of Lucknow has seen a rise in the number of fantastic cafés. The city of Nawabs is formally on the café map of India, thanks to the increasing appeal of the various cafes here. These cafes have everything you could want for a fun night out with pals or a romantic evening with your special someone. While playing on, you can fill the tummy with tasty food and the pockets with credits you earn. These charming local cafés provide delectable delicacies, a perfect atmosphere, unique décor, an accommodating sitting area, and much more.

1.Home Sweet Home

This rooftop eatery in Hazratganj is one of the gorgeous locations to dine in Lucknow, with old records in the background, black and white pictures of Hollywood stars on grey walls, and a pink floral ceiling. City residents adore their Italian goods, mainly the pizzas.

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2.The Coffee Palette

The brightly colored soft couches and beautifully adorned walls make this café appealing. It’s one of the most elegant dining establishments in town, and it offers delicious cuisine. Their humble employees and fast service only contribute to its overall value for money.

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3.The Brewmers

If viewing live football matches while savoring freshly brewed coffee sounds like a fun night out with your pals, look no further instead of The Brewers. This vibrant café in Gomti Nagar has a unique football-themed area. The walls are covered in soccer icon cutouts, and the bean bags have a football design. Even the roof is covered in white and black hexagonal shapes.

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4.Free Spirit

This café, true to its title, is a tribute to the energy of the youthful and restless. This is reflected in their interior design, which features images of famous rock bands, singers, performers, and films. The proprietors appear to have a particular passion for vehicles, as evidenced by the metal cut-outs of geeps and cycles.

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5.Garden Bakery

This wildly famous patisserie will give you a new lovely appetite. No, seriously, the location is nothing short of a wonderland for those with an everlasting passion for all things sweet. Their ras malai dessert is a distinctive fusion of contemporary and traditional flavors that should be tried at least twice.

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6.Vintage Machine

The Vintage Machine is a local institution and one of the finest Italian cafes in Lucknow. Their menu includes old black-and-white and sepia-toned English newspaper ads, which helps to validate the café’s moniker. Opt for the Kashmiri Coffee and Algerian Iced Latte, two of their signature drinks.

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7.Capoor And Sons

This intriguingly titled café is a joy to visit. With the scent of coffee in the air, the cozy café will overwhelm you with choice. There’s a café, an eatery, a banquet hall, and a bakery store all under one roof.

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8.Sugar Bake

Whenever life gives you lemons, treat yourself to a lemon tart from Sugar Bake. They make sure of the most beautiful and elaborately designed desserts in the city. Their rosy interiors with green timber windows complement their delectable choices.

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9.Butter Story

This oh-so-dreamy bakery in Kapoorthala, one of Lucknow’s favorite hangout spots, will satisfy your dessert cravings. On a Saturday night, Mexican and Spanish music establishes the tone perfectly, making it a wonderful place to unwind with your main course.

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10.Macaron Patisserie

This quaint little café is ideal for those romantic dates with your special one. Macaron, located in the vibrant Hazratganj district of Lucknow, is a local favourite. The bohemian interiors of this Victorian-inspired patisserie captivate everyone. Their pastries and cakes are delicious, particularly their floral cakes.

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11.Café Repertwahr

Simply raise your hand if you are a bibliophile. This one is just for you. A café with a designated study area and a library. This café’s redbrick walls, adorned with imposing relics and stained-glass windows, make it immediately appealing. The gorgeous exhibition of an extensive collection of plants and abundant lights dangling from the ceiling adds to its allure.

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12.Unplugged Courtyard

If you like laid-back and easygoing atmospheres, you’ll enjoy the place’s urban chic ambiance. Their terrace eating space is incredibly decadent while maintaining the feel of a lively bar. Although they serve various foods, their Chicken Tikka is a must-order.

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13.The Fresh Factory

The Fresh Factory attracts mindful eaters throughout the day with its red brick European-style exteriors and farm-to-table strategy. In a hydroponic setup directly next to the café, they produce their greens. Their soups, toasts, and pies are all delicious.

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14.The Hazelnut Factory

THF, is the finest option for people with a sugary appetite. In terms of design, the café has traditional blue furnishings. The nicely decorated tan walls and green ceilings instantly brighten the atmosphere. The opulent café has interior and external seating, making it suitable for any time of year.

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15.Cappuccino Blast

Coffee enthusiasts cannot afford to skip out on this vintage-themed café. The entrance is so beautifully adorned with greenery and decorations that you’d think you were entering a posh wedding. The floral wall décor is ideal for a photo area.

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16.Turquoise Cottage

Turquoise Cottage, a new entry in the Café culture, has become a popular option among Lucknowites. The rural appeal of this place, with uncovered brick walls, wooden furnishings, integrated mirrors on the wall, and hookahs on the premises, provides the ideal atmosphere for those looking to relax after a long day or week.

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17.Castle Black

It is difficult to overlook the theme of this café, which was inspired by the famous television series Game of Thrones. Or even the walls, which feature an incredible exhibit of artwork related to the Game of Thrones motif.

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18.Café Unplugged

The Café arranges a variety of musical and creative events and programs for the enjoyment of art. As a result, it is a sanctuary for art lovers. This Café has a magical atmosphere with open-mic sessions, Karaoke evenings, poems and micro-tale workshops.

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Indira Nagar residents now have a nice spot to hang out thanks to Asante. The artistic approach and cheerful ambiance around this location are a delight for those looking for some serenity and delicious food. Asante is a delicacy of a café that offers the ideal mix of delectable cuisine and a lovely atmosphere.

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20.Buttercup Bungalow

When you first walk in, it appears to be a scenario from Disney World, with the delightful décor as if an individual with an enchanted wand waved all various colors under one roof. The pure elegance and enormous selection of desserts at this establishment will make you overlook any deliberate efforts you had in mind to cut back on sweet delights.

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