20 Best Romantic Restaurants In Kolkata


The City of Pleasure has a lot to offer in terms of courtship. Elderly-world beauty, neighbourhoods immersed in history and nostalgia, and a slower speed of life provide the ideal setting for young and elderly couples. And here are a few eateries that take full advantage of the city’s cultural background to set the tone for your day of love.

1.Fly Kouzina

Location: Salt City Lake I f you’re searching for the finest restaurants in Kolkata for couples, Fly Kouzina is one of your best bets. Dinner at Fly Kouzina allows you to sample some of the finest dishes from around the world.

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2.The Bridge, Park Street

Location: The Park, 17, Park St, Taltala The Park Hotel in Kolkata is ideal for late-night meetings over drinks and Kathi rolls. The soft cascade, hidden illumination, and late-night food make this the ideal spot for a romantic date distant from the Park Street party throngs.

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3.The Palms

Location: Southern Avenue This 5-star luxury eatery is one of the finest places for couples, serving the best cuisines. It serves the finest location to get biryanis and kebabs. You get tender seafood and beef.

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4.Roastery Coffee House

Location: 70 B, Calcutta South India Club, Hindustan Park, Gariahat Chequered tiles, antique rattan furnishings, and comfortable tables for two give this an ideal location for sweet nothings. Choose a seat outside, where the trees along with candlelight make it simple to pass the time.

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5.Someplace Else – The Park

Location: 17, Park St, Taltala, Kolkata The elegant theme envelops you like a comforter, and what could make those nights more enjoyable than a live musical performance? You and your companion will be spoiled for choice with so many platters.

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Location: Park Street Area The atmosphere is very soothing, and the décor is very regal, making it an ideal location for an intimate night with the person you love.

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7.Mocambo, Park Street

Location: Ground Floor, 25B, Mirza Ghalib St, Taltala For more than fifty years, Mocambo has welcomed new and old partners, from adolescents to septuagenarians. Some come for the tales they’ve heard. Some simply come to repeat their parents’ love tales.

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8.The Bikers Café

Location: 31, Platinum mall, Elgin Rd, Elgin The lighting in this eatery is provided by headlights, and the food is beautifully designed to entice the motorcyclist in you. Playing their board games can always be a good option if you want to have some additional fun with your partner.

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9.Monkey Bar

Location: 01 A – 901 A, Fort Knox Building 6, Abindranath Thakur Sarani, Ward 63, Camac Street Area Although this pub can get quite noisy at night, it is ideal for a sundowner. Its unrivalled perspective on the city skyline, complete with famous sites, is ideal for toasting your love. Grab a seat outside while the weather is still mild and choose from a stellar drink menu.

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10.Oudh 1590

Location: Multiple Locations If you want to eat in regal grandeur, this is one of the best restaurants in Kolkata. With its luxurious décor, the ambience of this spot will transport you to the Mughal period.

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Location: New Town The dim interiors, candle-lit tables, regal-looking décor, and touching atmosphere make this a highly coveted location for an intimate date. You can eat in the seclusion of the dimly lit interiors while also enjoying the view of the outdoors.

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Location: Plot no. 11, City Center, 5, Biswa Bangla Sarani, Action Area II, Action Area IID, Newtown This is one of the finest outdoor romantic eateries in Kolkata with a cabana atmosphere that makes it all the more appealing. If you’re searching for private dinner places in Kolkata, this is an excellent choice. Enjoy an intimate supper beneath the gazebos.

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13.Corner Courtyard

Location: 92B, Sarat Bose Rd, Hazra, Bhowanipore The first thing that draws customers in is the carefully done furnishings with a dash of bright pastel hues all over. It is Kolkata’s most intimate eatery.

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Location: 4th Floor, Forum Mall, 10/3, Elgin Road, Elgin This glitzy informal eating restaurant’s regal extravaganza and variety of delectable foods are highly praiseworthy. The sparkling atmosphere and welcoming staff make it of Kolkata’s finest intimate eateries.

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15.Spice Kraft

Location: 54/1/2A, Hazra Road, Ballygunge The eatery has already gained popularity and has been named one of the best romantic eateries in Kolkata. The dim lighting, gentle background music, and excellent cuisine presented most luxuriously will melt your heart.

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16.Blue And Beyond

Location: The Lindsay, 8A 8B, Lindsay Street, New Market Area Blue and Beyond are one of Kolkata’s finest romantic eateries, the ambience is ideal for an intimate dinner date, and the best part is that the restaurant is situated right in the heart of the city, providing diners with stunning views of Kolkata’s cityscape.

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17.Afraa Restaurant And Lounge

Location: 6th 7th Floor, City Centre Mall, G-Block, Sector-1, Salt Lake City Afraa tries to make your experience at this opulent eatery unforgettable. It is, without a doubt, one of the most charming eateries in Salt Lake Kolkata.

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18.La Cucina

Location: Hyatt Regency, JA-1, Next to Stadium, Sector III, Salt Lake City It is one of the best intimate eateries in Kolkata, serving a wide variety of genuine Italian meals to its guests in an eye-catching setting with verdant views of the town.

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19.Waterside Café

Location: Hyatt Regency, JA-1, Sector III, Salt Lake City It is one of the best intimate eateries in Kolkata, serving a wide variety of genuine Italian meals to its guests in an eye-catching setting with verdant views of the town.

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20.Dum Pukht

Location: ITC Sonar Bangla Sheraton Tower, Em Bypass, 1, Haldane Avenue Dum Pukht is a popular eating destination for all foodie couples, earning it a place on the list of the finest intimate eateries in Kolkata. Indulge in an opulent dinner date in the ideal setting of the big restaurant, and you’ll remember it.

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