Top 20 Themed Restaurants In Gurgaon


Average restaurants are so dull! So why go to one? Gurgaon has a few of the most amazing themed restaurants that are perfect for get-togethers, date nights, or even family nights. These themed restaurants are also excellent for having a unique birthday or any celebration. These restaurants provide a wide range of themes from cruise to jungle, from the beach to college, etc. These restaurants and cafes create an enjoyable atmosphere. To dine-in, is an excellent way to take a break from reality. All these restaurants and cafes are a must-visit for an enriching experience.

1. Jungle Jumboree

This restaurant, themed in two different halls, one is jungle themed, and one is ocean themed. The food is impressive, and it is reasonably priced. The restaurant has a separate bar, a wide selection of dishes, an option for a buffet, and a playing section for kids. At this site, everything is taken care. It is a fantastic place to dine out.

2. Lockup

This restaurant is prison themed, which is impressive. When here, you feel like you are locked up in jail. The food served here is north Indian and Mughlai. They serve delicious food, and it is pocket friendly. There is a wide variety of food and drinks. The ambiance is fantastic. It is a great place to explore.

3. 21 Gun Salute

The restaurant provides with a royal experience, and terrific selection for food. The site has various antiques and a vintage car for ambiance. The quality of food is fantastic, the staff is also very welcoming. The food presentation is excellent as well. This themed restaurant is a must-visit.

4. Gung The Palace

This is a Korean-themed restaurant. They provide authentic Korean experience wherein you have to remove your shoes and it in rooms with sliding doors. The food presentation is also typical Korean. The food is high priced, but given the setup of the restaurant, it is justifiable. It is overall a rich experience. The food is delicious.

5. Café Soul Garden 

This place is one of a kind. They have the option of BYOB. The site is garden themed, and it offers a pleasant environment. The food here is decently priced and delicious. There are no Indian dishes available. They have Chinese and Italian menus. It is a soulful experience, and It is a pet-friendly café.

6. Vagator Beach Shack

It is a beach-themed restaurant. It is an excellent choice for beach lovers. They have sand on the floor and a proper beach ambiance for the beach experience, and they also have a variety of sea food which is flavorsome. They have outdoor and indoor seating. However, there are fewer food choices available for vegetarians. It is a beautiful restaurant, a must-visit.

7. Prankster

It is a college-theme-based restaurant. The restaurant is divided into eight sections- canteen, dormitory, meeting place, library, lab, classroom, theatre, and parking lot. The food selection is excellent. The site is Instagram-worthy. A vast area for dancing is also present.

8. Café Wanderlust

This is a travel-themed café. The interior is excellent. Here the seating arrangement varies from bean bags to easy chairs, and the café is also full of travel books. They have food from all places in India. The café provides a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

9. Gravity Spacebar

It is a dark-themed restaurant; it feels like entering space. It is an excellent place to relax during the day and enjoy a night party. The food here is fantastic. This site creates a lively atmosphere. The staff is helpful too.

10. Takamaka

This is a cruise-themed lounge. It gives you the feeling of dining and sailing inside a ship. The lounge also provides with various drinks. It has wooden floors, iron rails, groovy music, sun booths, sun decks, and seafood. It is a complete dining in cruise experience, and the food here is delicious and exotic. This lounge provides a great nightclub experience as well.

11. Factory By Sutra

This is a microbrewery that has a factory theme. They have retro posters, spotlight table lamps, circulate metal plates, etc. that give the restaurant a factory setting. It has outdoor seating and indoor seating. The food here is reasonably priced and delicious. The site has a positive atmosphere and is a fantastic restaurant.

12. Threesixtyonedegree

It is a romantic-themed restaurant. It is said to be the most romantic and the best restaurant in Gurgaon. The food prices are high, but the experience is truly fantastic, and therefore, it cannot be compared. This is an aesthetic restaurant therefore; it is Instagram-worthy. It has a great vibe and comfortable seating.

13. The Forresta

This is a forest-themed restaurant. It is super elegant and a couples’ paradise. The interior has lanterns that brighten up the place and create a lively vibe. The food is fantastic. It also has live music. It is a north Indian multi-cuisine restaurant that serves excellent food.

14. Sodabottleopenerwala

It is a Parsi-themed café. The delicious food is served in a Parisian style. The ambiance of the place is terrific, whereas the vibe is very relaxed. All the staff is accommodating. A must-visit café. It gives you a rich and flavorful experience.

15. The Drunken Botanist

It is a nature-themed restaurant and bar that is attractive and provides excellent service. The ambiance here is fantastic, and the place lightens up the mood. The food presentation is excellent. They serve street foods from all over. The staff is helpful and leaves no stone unturned for the guests to feel comfortable.

16. Roots Café In The Park

This café provides the flavors of homemade food with the ambiance of nature in all its glory. It is a café built in a park; thus it has true nature feeling. The site has pebbled floors, and it has both inside and outside seating. This café has pure picnic vibes.

17. Green House- The Beer Garden

This is a greenhouse-themed restaurant. It feels as if you are sitting in a true greenhouse. They also have live entertainment sessions that are mood-changing. The atmosphere here is lively. The food is impressive, and they also have a wide selection of drinks. Here the walls and the roof are primarily transparent material.

18. The Clock Tower

This restaurant is colonial- themed. It was built in teakwood and stone. It has a feeling of the Victorian era. The food is fantastic, and this rooftop restaurant is a must-visit for a rich and royal kind of experience. The place is a bit high priced but, it is worth it. It has a calm atmosphere and impressive ambiance.

19. Fur Ball Story

This café is a heaven for pet lovers. This is a dog-themed café with real dogs. The dogs are raised near the café, and they roam around playing with the guests. The food here is fine. It is a great experience to play with friendly dogs while having food. The ambiance of the café is cute.

20. Dribble Café

This is a football-themed café. It is open all day and all night. It also has a fresh bakery. This café is coffee-centric but has the most flavorful dishes, and the vibe is cozy, and an excellent place to relax. The prices are also reasonable. They also have board games for guests.